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Dramatic satellite photographs will showcase areas of the world that have been completely transformed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A new photobook featuring these dramatic satellite photographs will showcase areas of the world that have been completely transformed - by human interference. The book, titled 'Overview Timelapse: How We Change The Earth', will take a critical look at the way humans have completely altered the aerial landscape of the planet. Featuring photos from NASA, the European Space Agency, and Maxar Technologies, among others, the book will show the effects of urban development, climate change, and deforestation.

Adorable new Pikachu ‘Pokemon AIR’ toy that you can ride

***EXCLUSIVE*** JAM (joy around me) Corp has just made it possible to enjoy the presence of Pokémon‘s lovable Pikachu character at home. Part of its AIR series, the inflatable Pikachu measures at almost 20-inches in length and can support a weight of up to 220 pounds (99 kilos) The PVC mascot can be used in numerous ways, from home decoration, a playful seat, a bounce-toy for kids, and even a backrest. The AIR release comes with the Pikachu inflatable, a pump, and instructions. Priced at 71 Dollars, the JAM Corp Pokémon AIR Pikachu can be found at Jam Store.

McDonald's official food delivery box

***EXCLUSIVE*** You can now buy McDonald's official food delivery box. Due to the surging demand for McDonald's delivery in China, with many people left eating at home, the McDonald's shoulder box has become a staple sighting on the streets and on the back of scooters. Capitalizing on this piece of marketing goodness, McDonald's is now offering the delivery box for sale to the general public. The home-delivery box features both hot and cold partitions and comes with reflective branding and hi-vis straps. Making this a special release, each box will have a numbered and engraved golden plaque at the side of the box. Those interested can head over to Tmall where it sells for ¥1,917 RMB 283 Dollars.