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Meet the ex-policewoman who spent SEVEN years moonlighting as a dominatrix after being inspired by sex workers and prostitutes she met on the job

***EXCLUSIVE*** DUISBURG, GERMANY: Former police commissioner, Sarah Keller (32) from Duisburg, Germany, better known by her dominatrix name, Calea Toxic, had a successful career in the police force, rising to the senior rank of commissioner whilst still in her twenties. However, a visit to a fetish party in 2011 with a close friend led to her swapping her traditional police uniform for a latex one - but of course she made sure that she hung onto a pair of handcuffs. Having always been fascinated by BDSM, bondage and domination, for seven years Sarah led a double life, fighting crime during the day before transforming into a femme fatale at night. Investigating sex crimes and speaking regularly with prostitutes who would tell her about their lives and work only furthered the 32-year-old’s desire to pursue a sex-filled lifestyle. But her conflicting passions were difficult to keep secret and before long, pictures of Sarah donning a leather suit were circulating the station, with colleagues even creating WhatsApp groups to share her images. Her decision to upgrade from her natural D-cup breasts to a whopping 34F, paint her fingernails bright red and don heavy make-up, made her tenure in the police an increasingly difficult one, attracting a lot of attention from intrigued co-workers. In 2017, after 11 years in the police force, Sarah swapped her position of power as a commissioner for a very different type of authority figure as a dominatrix, despite the fact that she was on her way to the top of the force. Whilst the former police officer is naturally discreet when it comes to the services she offers to individual clients, she allows her clients to live out their most taboo desires, balancing divine pleasure with diabolical pain. Leashing and humiliation role-play are common requests from her clients. But she says that she is just as professional when dressed in rubber as she was as an officer.


This woman makes forty-six-thousand-pounds per year selling images of her FEET after fleeing her own country because she felt 'judged'

***EXCLUSIVE*** ROMANIA: Entrepreneur, Ruxandra Grigoriu (31), from Romania, developed an interest in the foot fetish community after she received a message which complimented her feet and requested a photo in exchange for money. Ruxandra soon after learnt that this kink made her feel safe and empowered, but it wasn’t something she felt she could openly express in Romania. Communist rule ended in Romania in 1989 but it’s taken much longer for societal attitudes to liberalise. Ruxandra felt suffocated by the lack of opportunity, the stigmatisation of kink sexual practises, and the belief that a woman wearing cat-eye eyeliner must be a „slut”. During high school, Ruxandra felt this shaming first hand when a picture of her was posted all across school walls with the fabricated caption, „Hi. I am Ruxandra and I suck d**k”, leaving her feeling extremely upset. Unable to withstand this societal shaming any longer, Ruxandra decided to move to New York, USA, with her husband, Sebastian (32), in 2015. A few years later, she began posting foot fetish content to Instagram. In just two years, Ruxandra has amassed over 100,000 fans on the app and earns up to £46,000 ($60,000) a year selling personalised images of her feet. Her content predominantly appeals to men aged between 25 and 34. Known by the name „Fallen Feet”, Ruxandra hopes to liberate anyone who’s ever felt like they’ve fallen short of society’s unfair standards – earning her a legion of dedicated clients. Whilst Ruxandra never discriminates against anyone’s kink, she has had some strange requests including someone who asked her to „pose like a corpse in a morgue”, and „walk across living insects” – a definite no for Ruxandra. Despite this, her husband Sebastian, who also shares a foot fetish, is nothing but supportive of his wife’s venture. Ruxandra makes it explicitly clear to her „foot boys” that she is married.

This self-confessed trophy hunter who kills exotic animals including ZEBRAS is slamming The Lion King for encouraging people to hate hunters - and says no animal should be exempt from his bow

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA: Entrepreneur, Nick Morton (27) from Newcastle, Australia, has always been drawn to the outdoors. When Nick was just eight years old, he would craft bows from sticks and shoot at self-made targets. No one in Nick’s family had an interest in hunting but to him, it felt „instinctual”. A few years later when Nick was 14, he went on his first bow-hunt guided simply by his own initiative - and he’s been hunting ever since. During Australia’s cooler months from April to August, he aims to hunt twice a week and also likes to fit in up to six international hunting trips. For Nick, hunting satisfies a natural „urge” and brings him closer to nature as he’s a keen conservationist too. He utilises all of the animal’s meat whilst using hides, bone, horn, and antlers as decorations or trophies – leaving little to waste. Nick’s company, Nexxus Bowhunting, also donates three per cent of their profits to conservation charities and through his hunts, he can cull animal populations to preserve the species. Despite this, Nick is all too aware of negative attitudes towards hunting – particularly from those unwillling to have impartial conversations. For Nick, all animals are equal but he’s since learnt that hunting a zebra causes more controversy than hunting a deer. Just like deer and boar, Nick explains that zebra populations need culling too at times. However, he says due to films like The Lion King, we’re brought up to unfairly place these kinds of „exotic” animals – often those from Africa - on a ppedestal. He’s keen to dispel myths surrounding hunting as many also view trophies as a kind of „bloodlust collection”. For Nick, these artefacts commemorate the animal’s life. They allow him to continue to pay his respects to that animal and highlight the sacrifice required when taking life.

Match made in heaven? Model-maker strikes millionth match in his bid to break a world record

***EXCLUSIVE*** A model-maker has struck his millionth match in his bid to break a world record. Barry King is undertaking a painstaking project to create a replica of Salisbury Cathedral out of matchsticks, but still has at least another four million to go. He started the epic build in 2013 and estimates it will still be another 14 years before he can complete the 21ft by 16ft model. Barry, a security supervisor for a shopping centre in Salisbury, Wilts, has worked full time throughout the pandemic so only has a few hours in the evenings and weekends to devote to his hobby. The work involves a huge amount of intricate detail and Barry uses tweezers and a craft knife to whittle the matchsticks into shape before gluing pieces together.

Meet baby Felix - a "miracle" and "lucky" son

***EXCLUSIVE*** Felix was born after the couple lost five pregnancies in three years. Beth said: "It was sixth time lucky. He is our little miracle and we could not have asked for more. He has completed our little family."  They chose the name Felix because it means lucky in Latin.  Beth, 36, who has a 15-year-old son, Joshua, from a previous relationship, said the couple never gave up hope after the ordeal of losing five pregnancies. Felix was born on June 23 at York Hospital weighing 6lbs 3oz.

Baby on top of the world as he tottered around mountain summit

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baby was on top of the world as he tottered around a mountain summit. Little Joel Russell, 18 months, was carried up the top of Beinn Dubh, near Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, by his dad, Kyle, 27. The tot, who has been walking since he was a year old, was given walking poles which Kyle made small enough for him to use. Dad-of-two Kyle said: "He was saying 'where are we going, where are we going?'.

A man has smashed the world record for eating the most amount of Oreo biscuits in five minutes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Max Stanford has smashed the world record for eating the most amount of Oreo biscuits in five minutes - after chowing down an impressive 141 of the cream filled biscuits. Max Stanford, 33, was crowned world champ after chowing down an impressive 141 of the cream filled biscuits.  Organiser Craig Harker, 33, was inspired to bring competitive eating to the UK by the American TV show Man v. Food. He hosts challenges at venues around the country, including his own pub, the George Pub and Grill in Stockton-on-Tees.

A schoolgirl with a food phobia which meant she only ate white TOAST her whole life has been cured after being hypnotised

***EXCLUSIVE*** Martha Davies, 10, would gag if she tried anything other than her bland diet of toast and occasional barbecue Pringles.  Even her Christmas dinner was a round Warburtons Blue toast washed down with a glass of water.  Martha’s mother Julie, was so desperate she contacted Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist David Kilmurry.  He hypnotised Martha and after the first two-hour session the youngster tucked into her first ever cooked meal.

A mum has told how she said goodbye to her miracle baby son after he suffered THREE cardiac arrests when a drop of MILK got into his lungs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bertie Spencer choked on his bottle and inhaled the liquid, but mum Tonicha, 23, thought nothing of it until he started to turn blue half an hour later. The 17-day-old boy was rushed to hospital where he had three cardiac arrests, and his mum and dad, David, 25, were told to say their goodbyes. The liquid on his lungs had stopped him breathing properly, starving him of oxygen, triggering his heart to stop pumping.

Heartbreaking moment a hungry polar bear chews on some plastic in Sweden as two others play tug-of-war with a trash bag

***EXCLUSIVE*** SVALBARD: Harrowing images have been captured of two baby polar bears EATING PLASTIC in the Arctic - highlighting the growing severity of plastic pollution. An unsettling photo showed a pair of two-year-old sibling polar bear cubs playing tug-of-war with a black plastic bag they had found in the snow. Another image captured one of the four-hundred-pound bears as it sat and ate the plastic like it was a meal. Arctic expedition leader, Jens Wikstrom (30), from Gothenberg, Sweden, captured the shocking scenes at Lifdefjorden, Svalbard, Norway.

A spritely spinster celebrates her 100th birthday in the house she has lived in her whole life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vera Bunting moved into the modest three-bed mid-terrace with her parents when she was just six-months-old - and she has no plans to move. Despite the property having two flights of stairs - with her bedroom on the first floor and the bathroom on the second - she is fit and agile enough to get around the place. Single Vera, who will have a low-key birthday party, puts her willingness to stay put down to the fact she lives in one of the most beautiful places in the world - Ambleside in the Lake District. She also never left home because she didn't marry - turning down four marriage proposals at the end of the war. So when her older sister, Mary, and younger brother, Richard, moved out when they met their spouses, Vera stayed behind and vowed to always be there for her parents, Bob and Rosemary Bunting. Vera said: "I had four proposals towards the end of the war but I didn't want to be tied down. I liked to travel." Vera's parents moved onto Wansfell Terrace in 1921, with babies Mary and Vera - paying just shillings in rent.

Mystery as 270 WHALES are found washed up on sandbar with 25 dead in biggest mass stranding in 10 years off Tasmania

A rescue mission is underway today after more than 270 pilot whales mysteriously washed up on the coast of Tasmania. Marine biologists said it was too late to save all of the giant pod as at least 25 had already died after becoming stuck on a sandbar. The marine giants are a species of oceanic dolphin which can grow up to 23ft in length and weigh in at three tonnes. Despite the phenomena becoming a fairly common occurrence no one really knows why it happens. One theory is that sloping beaches may not reflect the whales’ sonar back to them - making them think they are in deep water. Others believe panicking pods might be fleeing from predators like packs of killer whales.

This unassuming house comes kitted out with its own indoor SKATE PARK

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORFOLK, UK: This unassuming house comes kitted out with its own indoor SKATE PARK and could be yours for just Ł240K. St Clements Hall, in Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk, is an end of terrace property with a twist. The three-bedroom property looks like an average house from the outside but inside is a skate bowl and mini skate park. The house comes with a skate bowl, 13ft vert wall, mini skate park with three four-inch quarter pipes. The house also boasts three bedrooms, an open plan living area with kitchen, diner, family room, a shower room, a private courtyard garden and gated parking for several cars. The property was formerly a youth hall which has been renovated by its current owner into a „Bowl House”. The property’s unique room featured on the Netflix show Amazing Interiors in 2018. The extraordinary St Clements Hall is on the market with Attik Estate Agents for just Ł240,000.

Beatles album with messages from the Fab Four to George Harrison's sister

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Beatles promotional album with sweet messages from the Fab Four which was sent to George Harrison's sister has emerged for sale for £78,000. ($100,000) George arranged for John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to sign the cover of the 1963 Meet The Beatles album for his older sister Louise Harrison Caldwell who was living in America. She was so fond of her brother's band mates that she described her relationship with them as like having 'three more brothers'. George wrote in black ballpoint on the album 'To Lou with love from Brother, George Harrison', while Paul jokingly also put 'To Louise with love from your older brother!! Paul McCartney xxx'. John inscribed the message 'to Lou many love from John Lennon, x' with Ringo adding 'To Lou, Lots of love, Ringo Starr, xxx'. The album is expected to spark a bidding war when it goes under the hammer with US based RR Auction.

Amazing night sky photography on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, UK

Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, United Kingdom: John Baker captured these stunning night sky images taken around Colliford Lake, on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. John says: „They are interesting as they show petrified trees that are normally covered in water, the images are taken from three different parts of the site, each location is very different and they make for some interesting images. One features a meteor.”

Croc carnage

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH AFRICA: Gruesome shots of a one-thousand-pound crocodile thrashing an impala through the air like a rag doll before mercilessly gobbling it up have been revealed. One horrific image showed a twelve-foot-long male Nile crocodile as it grabbed a four-foot-tall impala by the right leg and smacked it against the water in an arcing motion. Other pictures captured the beast ripping the mammal limb from limb and the limp legs of the 160-pound impala as they hung from the hungry crocodile’s mouth. Scientist and researcher, Blair Cowie (28) from Johannesburg, South Africa, photographed the crocodilian carnage in the lower portion of the Sabie River, in Kruger National Park. He used a Canon EOS 80D with a 100-400mm lens to capture the male impala’s final moments.

A battle-torn Union flag carried onto the beaches of Normandy on D-Day has sold at auction for more than £16,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sub-Lieutenant Alan Dalton, of the Royal Navy - Commando - then just 21 - took the flag with him as he landed on both Juno and Sword beaches on June 6, 1944.  It accompanied him through two combat zones for several hours, where his troop were constantly shot at and shelled by German troops.  And after they reached their destination, the flag was flown at the - Commando beachhead headquarters, which was established there later in the day.  Alan kept the historic, but tattered flag, for more than five decades after returning home to Cornwall from the war.  He donated it to a friend in the 1990s, who displayed it for many years at his restaurant.  It was stored in an attic, when the venue closed, until being sold to a private collector in 2017.