Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A dad cycled over 200 miles from Glasgow to Manchester for charity - while riding his eight-year-old daughter’s pink bike

***EXCLUSIVE*** Determined Wesley Hamnett, 37, couldn’t believe he reached the finish line after he pedalled for over 32 hours on the tiny £20 bike over six days. The dad-of-two had wanted to raise funds for various charities and hospitals which were close to his heart after he lost his granddad to cancer last year. He’d originally planned to cycle a mile for every £4 he raised - and if he’d hit his £5,000 target he’d cycle 1,250 miles from Russia to his home near Manchester, Lancs. But due to the Covid pandemic, he was forced to backpedal and turn to the drawing board. Finally, he decided he would cycle from Glasgow to Manchester while riding a comically small bike his two young daughters learned to ride on „as a laugh”. After a gruelling cycle which included a six-hour long stretch and eight busted tyres, he managed to drag the 12-inch wheels to home on Monday night (Sep 21). Wesley, from Wythenshawe, said: „I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it - hell, I wasn’t sure if the bike was going to make it all the way.”

A team of ghost hunters have captured chilling images at a former monastery believed to be the spirit of England's "Lost Queen" who was destined for the throne after Queen Elizabeth I.

***EXCLUSIVE*** Retford Ghost Hunters captured one of their members coming face-to-face with an apparition at historic Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire last week.  They believe they encountered the renowned White Lady of Rufford who, according to legend, is believed to be the spirit of ill-fated Arabella Stuart.  She died of starvation in the Tower of London in 1615, and was the great great granddaughter of Henry VII and Mary Queen of Scots' niece.  The 17th century noblewoman was tipped to take the throne before she found herself at the centre of political wranglings which saw her banished to the tower.  Ghost hunter Rachel Parsons said she was left spooked by the image showing her seemingly face-to-face with the apparition of a woman dressed in white. The disturbing picture was later compared to the horror films posters like Poltergeist and The Exorcist after the group uploaded their findings to social media.  It was only when she researched the history of the 12th century building the following day that she uncovered the story of the "White Lady of Rufford".

A fitness fanatic who used to get out of breath walking upstairs now works out at the gym five times a week after shedding an astonishing EIGHT stone

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tom McGuiness, 32, lost a third of his body weight in just 12 months after being told he would be "dead in ten years" if he did not do something to shed the pounds. He would scoff full English breakfasts, pizzas and McDonalds through the day and wash it down with 12 pints of beer while watching the rugby at the weekend. But when Tom struggled to walk up the steps of a castle while on holiday in Spain, pal Mike Brown intervened and encouraged him to ditch the fatty foods and exercise.

Bugatti Next-57 shows us what the Batmobile would look like as a vintage supercar

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bugatti is most known for its hypercars today, producing machines such as the Veyron, Chiron, and Divo, but now the automotive company has looked to its heritage for a new concept, dubbed the Next-57. As its name and styling suggest, the Next-57 is a modern interpretation of the Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupé, a car so rare there are only three left in existence from when it was created between 1936 and 1938. In its heyday, the Type 57 was an incredible car &x2014; it competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and won the championship trophy, which was probably due to its 150 km/h top speed (around 93 MPH). In honor of the classic sportscar, Bugatti has rendered its Next-57 concept. Swooping lines dominate the design, while the marque's signature horseshoe grille is front-and-center, creating an imposing presence. Either side of the grille is a single rounded bullet headlamp, which leads the eye to the wheel arches. A teardrop-shaped cabin spears off of the car's central structure. It is fitted with a glass roof that shows the hot pink suede interior in all its grandeur. At the rear, Bugatti envisions something beautifully classic and simple &x2014; swooping lines, rounded corners, and a slightly curved back end with a full-length running light round off the design.

TCCT taps Pininfarina and Zagato for a classic car driving simulator

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Classic Car Trust has employed the help of Italian car design firms and coachbuilders Pininfarina and Zagato to create a unique classic car driving simulator, allowing enthusiasts to relive a golden era in automotive history. Named the eClassic, the machine is built to imitate classic cars of the past, with slim and curved bodies, leather-wrapped interiors, vintage stick shifts, and period-correct steering wheels and pedals, all the while creating a truly immersive experience via three large displays wrapping around the cabin. All of this sits on top of a hydraulic system designed to re-create the motions of classic cars as they cruise down the tracks. No price, available in 2021.