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After years of over plucking this woman has embraced her unibrow despite trolls telling her it looks like she has the McDonald’s logo on her forehead

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA: After years of over plucking this woman has embraced her unibrow despite trolls telling her it looks like she has the McDonald’s logo on her forehead and that she’d be „hotter” if she shaved it off. Model, Haylee Michalski (22) from Charleston, South Carolina, USA, started plucking the hair in between her eyebrows as a teenager as she was afraid what people would say if she let them grow into each other. Haylee would spend hours over plucking the area to make sure her two brows were as far apart as possible. The process was exhausting and time consuming and fed up with the constant maintenance, Haylee decided to let them gradually grow closer every month. It wasn’t until Haylee moved to New York City for a few months in summer 2019 that she decided to let her eyebrows meet and form a unibrow. Haylee found that people were always complimentary of her bold look in the big city but when she went back to her hometown months later, she received a different reaction entirely. As soon as she touched down at the airport, people stared at her. The majority of her family, whilst largely accepting of it now, initially couldn’t understand why she’d want to have a unibrow. Having a unibrow has not stopped Haylee from being able to find modelling jobs but it has made booking some jobs tougher - with some advising her to remove it. Despite this, she says that a lot of people in the beauty and fashion industry appreciate her unique look. On social media however, Haylee receives some hate for her look with people telling her that it looks like she has the McDonald’s logo on her forehead and that she would be prettier if she shaved it off. Haylee doesn’t let these comments get to her because she is proud to be different and she hopes to be able to inspire others to embrace what makes them unique - even if it goes against society’s perception of beauty.

The photographs that capture a troubled world: Powerful images of protests, the refugee crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement among winners of State of the World competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Do the winners of the PX3 State of the World 2020 photo competition prove 2020 has been the most socially divisive year in recent history? In „Hong Kong Protest”, photographer Wei Fu captured a protestor rallying against the proposed extradition bill as they were taken down by the Chinese riot police. In „Power”, Demayne Murphy featured Chicago’s masked police as they stood in a line holding their truncheons ready to respond to the US Black Lives Matter protests. The winning curated selection of the 2020 edition of the PX3 State of the World photo awards has been announced. This brand new competition, run by the PX3 Paris Photography Prize, seeks to uncover the truth of what is going on in the world. Photographers are challenged to provide „uncensored” insight into narratives which „may otherwise fail to reach us”. With no manipulation from outside sources, these photographs convey stories that are both authentic and important. „This year, like many previous years, has been an eventful year. Viewing nearly five-hundred submissions – haappy, sad, joyful, hopeful – brought tears to my eyes”, Hossein Farmanni, State of the World 2020 curator, said.

This is the thrilling moment a boyfriend took the plunge and proposed to his girlfriend while they skydived from 13,000ft

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jason Pack had planned ahead to create the ultimate romantic scene to top his girlfriend Katie Line’s first ever parachute jump.  He arranged for her family to hold up giant letters spelling out „Katie Marry Me?” which she saw while hurtling towards the ground. After landing first, Jason dashed over with an engagement ring before getting down on one knee in front of a gobsmacked Katie. Luckily, a stunned Katie said „yes”‚ before her family cheered and congratulated the couple. The adrenaline-pumping proposal was caught on film as Jason and Katie took part in a charity skydive at Sibson Aerodrome near Peterborough, Cambs., on September 5.

Hundreds of wildebeest crossing river

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of wildebeest make their annual crossing across the Mara River in Northern Tanzania. The incredible sight was captured by Nina Waffenschmidt. Nina said, "our patience paid off and after a long wait, the wildebeest decided to cross the river. The point they chose to cross was difficult due to large rocks and a lot of mud, so some of them got stuck but most of them made it safely across." "It was great to witness the build up and drama of the crossing."

Colourful aerial shots of Bay area, San Francisco

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial photographs show colourful salt evaporation ponds and winding natural streams. Many of the photos, taken of wetlands on the south side of the San Francisco, also feature power lines. Retired photographer Mitch Rouse, who took the photos from his helicopter, said: "The juxtaposition of the natural streams and waterways below the power lines really draws me into these images. "I love that contrast."

Icons of Darkness Exhibit

Hollywood, California, USA - Premiering at the Montalban on September 24 will be ''Icons of Darkness,'' an exhibit of Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy memorabilia amassed over decades of collecting by Richard ''Rich'' Correll. Consisting of more than 3,000 items and valued at over $13 million, Correll's holdings, 65% of which are in the exhibition, include screen-used artifacts, life-like replicas and props from films spanning nearly 100 years of Hollywood history. Hundreds of films are represented, including Frankenstein, The Exorcist, Star Wars, Iron Man, Jurassic Park, Spiderman, The Joker, and Harry Potter. The exhibit opens to the public in two days with appropriate social distancing guidelines in effect.

'Rouhaniyet' at Mausoleum of Sidi Amor Boukhtioua

Ariana, Tunis, Tunisia: The kharja (exit) of the Issaoui troupe of Sufi & Mystical Music: „Rouhaniyet” at the mausoleum of Sidi Amor Boukhtioua which is held every year at the beginning of winter. Sidi Amor Boukhtioua is a holy man originally from Marrakech, he settled and lived in Tunisia during the 14th century. The mausoleum where he rests today was erected at the top of the hill of Jebel Sidi Amor in Raoued Governorate Ariana (north of Tunis). Built in the traditional architectural style with its bare facade, earthenware and interior courtyard, the place bears witness to a very rich spiritual and cultural history. At the start of the 20th century, the place was still very popular with pilgrims and travelers.