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The Blue Village

***EXCLUSIVE*** The village of Chefchaouen near Tangier in Morroco is famed for being painted almost entirely in a cooling but vivid shade of blue. One of the world's most stunning and colourful villages has been captured in a series of breath-taking photographs. The village of Chefchaouen near Tangier in Morroco is famed for being painted almost entirely in a cooling but vivid shade of blue. Thousands of tourists flocked to the hill-top village - built in 1471 and site of an ancient kasbah or fortress - to see its evocative architecture. Entire streets of stone-built clay house and the narrow alleyways that connect them are all washed in a blue paint.

A little beach boy wowing crowds with his ability to surf standing up - at the age of just FOUR

***EXCLUSIVE*** Young prodigy Nate Clark took up the hobby a year ago following in the wake of his dad Lee.  But Nate has proved such a natural out on the water, he can already 'hang ten' and ride waves with the best of them. He honed his skills during lockdown with regular trips into the sea at his local beach.

LEGO Super Brick delivery van – which features 190,000 bricks and took a team of 23 technicians 800 hours to build

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nearly a quarter of adults admit they are ‘practically addicted’ to online shopping – and get more excited by a delivery than about clocking off work for the day. A study of 2,000 Brits found 82 per cent enjoy shopping for things on the internet, because it’s easier to find what you want and you can keep track of your spending. More than half (53 per cent) also admitted to getting excited on delivery day when the doorbell rings and their parcel arrives. Shoppers even look forward to their online purchases arriving more than video calls with friends and family or the end of the working day.

Hairdresser goes viral with incredible videos of bald men transformed by non-surgical hair replacements - which last up to six months

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hairdresser has gone viral on TikTok with his incredible videos of bald men transformed by non-surgical hair replacements - which give traditional toupees a run for their money. Hairstylist Zack The Barber, 28, from Worcester, MA has become an online sensation with his videos showing him giving bald men new hairpieces that look astonishingly realistic and last up to six months. Zack’s before-and-after clips on TikTok and Instagram (@zackthebarber) have amassed a whopping 15 million views since he started posting them in June and ZackÕs dramatic hair transformation on his clients have amazed social media users. Zack uses high-quality hair systems made in France hairpieces on his male clients. Unlike traditional toupees which have to be removed every day, Zack’s non-surgical replacements last between four to six months. The whole process takes just up to two hours Ð whilst invasive and painful hair transplant surgery can take between 12-18 months to heal and start showing full results. Zack charges £580 ($750) for the first hair-replacement service. Re-attachment and cleaning services afterwards cost a modest £140.00 ($180) Ð although some of his clients prefer to do their own maintenance at home. Zack believes that his videos have become so wildly popular because his clientsÕ hair makeovers are so dramatic as well as the fact that non-surgical hair-replacements are still relatively uncommon procedure for male hair loss.

A bed from Elton John’s London property is going under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Art Deco style figured satinwood veneered double bed is still standing at 161cm high, despite being moved around in recent years.  The bed was originally sold in a 2003 Sotheby’s auction entitled ‘Elton John and his London Lifestyle’, where the quintuple Grammy Award-winning musician sold off large quantities of his home to implement a more modern style.  The bed, featuring in Fellows’ Antiques, Silver & Collectables sale, still retains the label and lot number from the Sotheby’s auction 17-years ago.  It has an estimate of £300 - £500.

Hasbro releases premium 'The Mandalorian' imperial credit black series figures

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hasbro has unveiled an expansive array of collectible Star Wars figures, just in time for Pulse Con week as well as the second season of the popular live-action series The Mandalorian. Featured is the „Credit Collection” encompassing five figures of characters from the show. Part of the „The Black Series” the figures stand six inches tall with new card backs: The Mandalorian, Heavy Assault Mandalorian, Cara Dune, IG-11 and Imperial Death Trooper. Each one has been given a brand new deco, like blue palettes on The Mandalorian and Heavy Assault Mandalorian, a light green tint on the Cara Dune and weathered brown details on the IG-11. All five figures come with accessories, too, as depicted in the packages' card backs. Hasbro's „Credit Collection” will be available for pre-order as Amazon Exclusives, ranging from 25 to 35 Dollars.