Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Movie fanatic has superimposed himself into scenes from some of his favourite films

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDONESIA: This movie fanatic has superimposed himself into scenes from some of his favourite films - and the results are hilarious. Amusing images captured a man taking a ride on Spiderman's back and copping a selfie with the cast of Aladdin. Another photo showed the Instagrammer, who has 419,000 followers, carrying a cup of tea in a high-speed car chase with Derbyshire-born actor Jason Statham, of the Fast and Furious franchise. The mastermind behind the project is photographer and college student, Syahril Ramadan (22) from Batam, Indonesia. He takes a photo of himself with his Sony Alpha A6500, and then painstakingly photoshops himself into humorous shots with celebrities. The Indonesian estimated each image takes him three hours to make.


Rare conjoined twins, born locked in embrace, successfully separated in Michigan

Sarabeth and Amelia Irwin were locked in an embrace when they were born at 11:06 a.m. June 11, 2019. Doctors at the University of Michigan separated one-year-old conjoined twin sisters - born hugging each other - just 14 months after they were born. Sarabeth and Amelia Irwin of Petersburg, Michigan, each had their own arms and legs and heart, but their livers were connected, C.S. Mott Children's Hospital said Friday. The nearly 11-hour surgery to separate the identical twins was performed in August, about 14 months after their birth. The surgery started at 11.19am and, by 1.11pm, the twins were separated and moved to opposite ends of the operating room table so that the surgeons could start to reconstruct their chests and abdomens. More than two dozen doctors, nurses and specialists were involved in the procedures. They're now at home.

Auctioneers raise estimate on Chinese ‘teapot’ found during lockdown

A rare imperial Chinese 'teapot' which could fetch up to half a million pounds ahead of its auction at Hansons Auctioneers in Derbyshire on Thursday. The auction house has placed a revised £150,000 guide price on the teapot-like Chinese jug. Hansons Auctioneers had placed an estimate of between £20,000 and £40,000 on the “tiny” 15cm Qianlong period wine ewer. The 18th century item, which goes under the hammer on Thursday, was brought into Hansons’ Etwall office after spending almost a decade boxed up in a garage and a loft in Derbyshire. Auction house owner Charles Hanson described the piece, which has attracted interest from wealthy Chinese buyers, as “treasure of the highest regard”. The tiny pot - a Chinese wine ewer - which nearly ended up at a charity shop, is believed to be one of only four in existence and is attracting interest from bidders around the world.

Boy, 10, saves his six-year-old sister from choking on Lego brick by performing Heimlich manoeuvre after being taught how to do it at school

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 10-year-old boy has been hailed a hero after he saved his little sister’s life - after she choked on a LEGO. Quick-thinking Harrison Walsmley didn’t hesitate to perform the Heimlich maneuver when his sibling Eva barged into his room crying and struggling to breathe. He had learned first aid training the week before schools shut way back in March but said he knew what he needed to do to “make sure she was safe”. He managed to dislodge the Lego by hitting her back multiple times before doing the Heimlich maneuver - which are abdominal thrusts that expel air and any objects from the lungs. Harrison, from Blackburn, Lancs., said: “It was terrifying when I had to put the knowledge I’d learned into action but I’m happy I was able to do it all right. “I just wanted Eva to be alright and be safe.

Man looks like he's travelling through a magical dreamworld in these dramatic starry snaps

***EXCLUSIVE*** SPAIN: This man looks like he's travelling through a magical dreamworld in these dramatic starry snaps. Gorgeous images showcased the lone snapper as he reached out to the milky way, stood on a chair at the brow of a hill, and shone a light inside a cave. Another photo featured the photographer as he balanced on a rock and peered out towards the sea and the endless sky above. The enchanting pictures were taken by administrative worker Carlos M. Almagro (42) from Tenerife, Spain. He took the superb interstellar shots across the Canary Islands, Spain, using a Canon EOS 6D with a Sigma 14mm lens.

That's a deadly catch! Three brothers aged 14, five, and four find GUNS in canal during magnet fishing trips

***EXCLUSIVE*** Four-year-old Leo Nixon, five-year-old Riley Nixon and Reece Nixon, 14, have been magnet fishing over the course of the last year with their dad William Nixon, 49, and cousin Craig Parkinson, 28.Incredibly, the boys have each discovered a gun in the canals and rivers of Yorkshire. Reece was magnet fishing in Rotherham when he found a WW1 vickers machine gun. The machine gun typically required a six to eight-man team to operate during the war.

Heartbroken mum reveals what it is like knowing she will OUTLIVE her only daughter after doctors gave her a ONE PER CENT chance of living past 2020

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIANA, USA: In December 2011, Izzy Mattocks (12) from Noblesville, Indiana, USA, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer that develops from specialised nerve cells left behind from a baby's development in the womb, almost exclusively affecting children under the age of five. With the symptoms of neuroblastoma resembling common childhood ailments such as stomach pain, fatigue and breathlessness, when mum Molly (41) took her daughter to the doctor, the symptoms were dismissed as constipation. It wasn’t until nine months after her first symptoms appeared on December 23, 2011, that a doctor decided to order a CT scan revealing a tumour in Izzy’s abdomen. Molly, husband Kendrick (43) and brother Carter (14) were heartbroken to hear this devastating news, however a biopsy of the tumour two weeks after the diagnosis revealed that Izzy’s prognosis was excellent. According to medical experts there was just a three per cent chance of her cancer returning in her lifetime after having the necessary surgery to remove the tumour. However, just six months after her first surgery, the cancer had returned, this time wrapping around Izzy’s left kidney and spreading to her bones. It was now classified as stage four cancer and meant that her chances of survival over the next five years dropped dramatically to just 30 per cent. Over the next nine years Izzy has relapsed six times, battling through hundreds of rounds of chemotherapy, 30 rounds of radiation and having a stem cell transplant in January 2013. With the cancer spreading to Izzy’s left femur, she has severe pain in her leg, making walking a challenge. In 2015, doctors gave Izzy just a one percent chance of surviving the next five years, odds that she is still fighting to overcome in 2020. In Spring 2018, Izzy’s condition began to deteriorate significantly, with her cancer spreading much more aggressively to her legs and hips. Molly and Kendrick have had to come to terms with the fact that they will outlive their daughter, since there is no cure for relapsed stage four neuroblastoma. This realisation was devastating for the Mattocks family. It has also changed the way the family looks at life, with a newfound desire to cherish every memory they share together as a family regardless of how little time Izzy has left.

Trio of British shorthair cats are blowing the whiskers off their followers with their adorable antics

***EXCLUSIVE*** GERMANY: This trio of British shorthair cats are blowing the whiskers off their followers with their adorable antics. Gorgeous photos showed Simba (3), Milo (2), and Amy (3) as they posed in sunglasses and snuggled up in bed. Another funny image captured the three cats with their heads stacked atop one another. Car dealership service assistant, Sina Pollok (22) from Kassel, Germany, is the proud owner of the trio. All three are British Shorthair cats, which are known for their stocky bodies and broad faces. While unrelated, these cute kitty pals are best friends furever and have over 282,000 followers on Instagram.

Man ended his marriage of NINETEEN YEARS after a TV SHOW inspired him to create a polyamorous triad -which he now plans to turn into a 'Love Tribe'

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEWTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: Entrepreneur, Shai Fishman (46) from Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA, is a passionate advocate of living an ethical non-monogamous lifestyle – more commonly known as polyamory. Distinnctly different from the „swinger” lifestyle, polyamory places an emphasis on having multiple committed, emotional relationships. Shai had been married to his previous wife Danielle (42) for 13 years when he came across two TV shows titled Big Love & Polyamory and Married and Dating. Having always struggled with the idea that he was only „permitted” to express romantic affection for one person, these resources prompted Shai to explore the idea of having an open relationship. He soon discovered that in his current monogamous relationship, he wasn’t meeting all of the six core human needs: to feel loved, safe, and significant, and to have variety, growth, and service. Shai felt the very nature of monogamy prevented him from achieving variety, growth, and service. After six years and several tense conversations, Shai and Danielle decided to give polyamory a go but after seven-months, Danielle struggled with the emotional demands of the relationship. Unlike Shai, Danielle did not want to share the nature of their relationship with the couple’s children – and the pair sepaarated in 2014. In 2016, Shai met his current partners Lea (40) and Krissy (41) on an online dating site. Surprisingly, both Lea and Krissy listed themselves as being monogamous and even indicated „polyamory not for me” on their profiles, but this hasn’t stopped Shai from exploring connections or opening the „monogamous eyes” of women he’s dated. Shai, Lea, and Krissy have an open relationship but for the most part, their core triad forms the basis of their commitment but each person has other „connection-ships” with external partners both emotionally and sexually. Lea also shares Shai’s passion to advocate for relationship freedom and together, they’ve created the online community, Leveled Up Love. This active Facebook group connects over 4400 poly-curious people from across the world. For Shai, sharing his relationship in public can be a form of advocacy. The triad have never received any rude comments but they do notice the odd stare if they publicly display affection. However, Shai believes that sprinkling awareness of polyamorous relationships in public is what will eventually earn ethical non-monogamy „a legitimised seat at the table.” Danielle has not re-entered a relationship with Shai since the divorce, but she does now live in a dwelling on Shai, Lea, and Krissy’s shared property along with her partner and three children. A personal aim of Shai’s is to continue to build upon this tribe mentality – inviting in more of both male and female partners.

Muggles can now experience the wizarding world for just £50 a night in this Harry Potter inspired cottage

***EXCLUSIVE*** HEREFORDSHIRE, UK: MUGGLES can now experience the wizarding world for just Ł50 a night in this Harry Potter inspired cottage. Hogworts Parvos, in Bredenbury, Herefordshire, UK, is a witches and wizards themed accommodation nestled in the magical countryside. The Harry Potter inspired cottage is connected to a Grade II listed water mill which dates back to the 16th century. Hogworts is a play on words of the school of magic, Hogwarts, and would be perfect for wizarding world fans. The holiday cottage sleeps two guests and comprises of a living area with seating that is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, Netflix and a Smart TV. There is also a kitchen with appliances, a dining room, a bedroom with a four-poster bed and a shower room. The dining room in the fairy-tale retreat was inspired by the Great Hall in the Hogwarts Castle which acted as the main gathering area in the school. The accommodation has rolling views of the Herefordshire countryside and is the perfect place to relax and perhaps even practice some spells. Hogworts Parvos is advertised by Host Unusual, a company dedicated to finding the world?s most extraordinary accommodation. Prices start at Ł100 a night, with a minimum two night stay and with a maximum of two guests, meaning the cost could be as little as Ł50 per person per night.

Artist creates art on hay bales to raise awareness of pandemic mental health issues

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom: An artist has created charming artworks on bales of hay in Angus, Scotland. Fleur Baxter, 49, has been painting the bale art on her farm since 2014, and this year hopes to raise awareness of mental health issues caused by the pandemic. This year, Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, Tigger and Eeyore, have been featured. Fleur, who has the nickname Balesy, explains: „The location tends to vary slightly due to crop rotation and this year the wee giggle of a display is situated on the road between Carnoustie and Forfar. The original plan was for something more Pandemic themed., bales with face masks and a virus or two, but the more I thought about it the more depressed I felt. Chatting it through with my amazingly talented 22-year-old daughter we decided that Winnie the Pooh and his friends could be the ideal antidote! I’m hoping that apart from giving passers by a wee smile I can raise some awareness of ongoing mental health issues during and after this „new normal” we all find ourselves enduring.”

Comic that features the first ever appearance of Spider Man is being tipped to sell for £15K

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare comic that features the first ever appearance of Spider Man is being tipped to sell for an eye-watering £15,000. The Amazing Fantasy magazine dates back to 1962 and marks the debut of a character that continues to delight fans all over the world. Amazing Fantasy was a struggling comic at the time and was desperate for something to change their fortunes. They had hoped that Spider Man could turn the ailing publication around after he was brought to them by a young Spike Lee. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and Spider Man's debut ended up coming in the 15th and final edition.

Burrowing owl takes a shower on a hot day

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young owl spreads its wings to cool off during a shower on a hot day, and even catches raindrops in its beak. The burrowing owl can be seen enjoying the rain falling on its feathers. The bird, thought to be two years old, opened its beak wide to catch droplets as it perched on a tree near Diessen, Holland.

Slowly sinking sundarbans

South East Asia: The sea is steadily eating into the Sundarbans, the world's largest delta and mangrove forest, threatening an ecological disaster for the Bengal basin region, home to over 235 million people. The roughly 6,000 square mile forest delta stretches across the lower reaches of the Bengal basin, 60% falling in Bangladesh and the rest in the Indian state of West Bengal. Due to climate change the Sundarbans faces several challenges. With rising sea levels, islands are disappearing and the increasing salinity in the water and soil has severely threatened the health of mangrove forests and the quality of soil and crops. Mangroves provide a slew of benefits in addition to storing carbon, reducing flooding and erosion from storms, acting as nurseries for fish, and filtering pollutants from water. Thousands of villages along the coastal habitat are losing their natural defenses against climate change just as it intensifies. The World Bank suggests that by 2050, more than 13 million Bangladeshis including most of those on the margins of the Sundarbans might migrate because of climate related crises. The forecast in West Bengal is similarly alarming.

17th century executioner's sword has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare 17th century executioner's sword has emerged for sale for £7,000. The macabre German 'sword of justice' is engraved with a headsman holding aloft a sword, a partial name which seems to spell 'Hans' and the year 1685. The 35ins steel blade has a two handed grip bound with bands of beaded and braided wire. It was designed to remove the guilty party's head with 'one swift blow' due to its razor-sharp edge. This sword is going under the hammer with auctioneers Woolley and Wallis, of Salisbury, Wilts.

Puppy saved after getting head stuck in drain cover

Pennsylvania, United States: Pennsylvania firefighters came to the rescue of a puppy that got her head stuck in the middle of a drain cover. The Palmer Municipal Fire Department said the young pet’s family called for help. Thankfully the curious pup was able to be removed without injuries thanks to liberal application of liquid hand soap. The fire department reported: „From fires to animal rescues today. When dispatched to an animal rescue today, PMFD had no idea they would be in store for such a delicate and prolonged extrication. We’re happy to report that after the family pet found its way into the back yard drain lid, she was extricated uninjured.''

The hand making of colourful cloth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers lay out brightly coloured squares of recently dyed cloth to dry in the hot sun. Each day the villagers dye at least a thousand pieces and over the course of a year they colour more than three million. The cloth covers around 10,000 square foot while drying and lies in the heat for up to four hours. The images were captured by photographer Azim Khan Ronnie, in Batik Village in Narayanganj, Bangladesh.