Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Married couple have found a way to spice up their sex lives by having „sex training days” and taking notes on each others performances!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has revealed her 'trick' for having multiple orgasms every time she has sex -- by running sexy 'training days' and MARKING her husbands performance. Blessing Platinum-Williams and husband, Michael, both 30, met 11 years ago in and at first 'couldn't keep their hands off each other'. They used to have sex around 13 times a week - but things took a downturn in the bedroom after the birth of Ivan in 2016. So to spice up their sex life, they introduced training days - where they write notes on each other's performance and share what they like and dislike.

A tiny baby born just days after the abortion limit has made a miracle recovery and now towers over the cherished cuddly teddy octopus which once dwarfed him

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Bailey Appleyard had to fight for his life when his mum Clair Felstead, 25, went into labour at 25 weeks and six days. Not only was he born more than three months early, the tiny tot had chronic lung disease and caught e-coli during his hospital battle. Doctors were forced to put the 2lbs 6oz tot on a ventilator to help his tiny lungs, and Clair and partner Jordan, 25, bought him a tiny cuddly octopus to put in his crib.

A bulldog that loves the Lion King and reacts the same adorable way every time has racked up almost a million Tik Tok views

***EXCLUSIVE*** One-year-old Bruce from Northampton barks at the TV and jumps around when Mustafa dies in his favourite film.  A clip of the pup reacting to the sad scene has 984,200 views on the video sharing app where Bruce has 7217 followers 112,100 likes. Owner Carly Pither, 33, an assistant nurse, first noticed her pooch‚Äôs interest in lions when he was transfixed by the big cats in a wildlife documentary. She was watching the Lion King when Bruce made his incredible response.

A superfit runner who had a stroke aged just 55 which left her paralysed is training for a marathon a year later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Carole Fortune, 56, suffered a terrifying stroke and was found on her bedroom floor unable to move, by her daughter, in October 2019. She knew immediately what was happening as she was paralysed down her left hand side, and terrified daughter Jade, 24, could see her mum's face had drooped. Jade dialled 999 and Carole was rushed to hospital and given a wonder drug - which could have either caused a fatal haemorrage or saved her life.

A quirky engineer is getting revved up to attempt to break a Guinness World Record this weekend - for the world's fastest WHEELIE BIN

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andy Jennings, 28, has transformed his green household waste bin into a racing machine - complete with a small motorbike engine, a gear box, ignition, a bike seat, and the steering from a mobility scooter. And the wacky design engineer, who lives in Swindon, Wilts., with fiancée Emma Christie, will hop inside the rigged-out bin this weekend, in an attempt to break the record for world's fastest wheelie bin.

The 'Goshiwon' and 'Goshitel' apartments in Seoul

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 'Goshiwon' and 'Goshitel' apartments are tiny, cramped, cheap housing units in the South Korean capital of Seoul - typically used by students, or those preparing for examinations such as the state bar. These powerful photos show the cramped conditions for poor students living in tiny rooms in a bustling capital city - with barely enough room to get out of bed or take a shower. The 'Goshiwon' and 'Goshitel' apartments are tiny, cramped, cheap housing units in the South Korean capital of Seoul - typically used by students, or those preparing for examinations such as the state bar. The rooms typically come with a bed, a desk, and a closet for clothes and other belongings.

The man responsible for Joe Exotic’s eccentric music videos, including Here Kitty Kitty, is suing Netflix

***EXCLUSIVE*** Videographer Timmy Sepi alleges that Netflix used his footage in Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness without his consent and without providing compensation or credit.  Sepi, 33, began working with Joe Exotic, real name Joseph Maldanado-Passage, at the Garold Wayne Zoological Park in March of 2015 and built a long-lasting relationship with him. In May of 2015, Sepi created Whyte Monkee Productions with the sole aim of producing videos of Exotic’s antics at the animal park.

A thrifty man whose home was ruined by floods at the height of the pandemic repaired the entire thing himself because he couldn't get tradespeople in -- and saved £20,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Derek and Valerie Lown, 58 and 62, were on holiday when heavy rain saw a foot of water run off fields and into their 3 bedroom house in a matter of hours. It was the fourth flood they have endured in 15 years leaving the garden decimated and two foot of water running through the bottom floor of the house. The cupboards were wide open with glasses, plates and photographs floating through the house, and when the water drained the furniture was caked in mud.

Gardens in America

***EXCLUSIVE*** Celebrity gardener Monty Don has teamed up with a world-renowned photographer to release a stunning new book - showcasing some of the most beautiful gardens in America. Following on from his popular, three-part BBC TV series, Monty Don's American Gardens, earlier this year, the presenter and horticulturalist has now produced a related coffee-table book, American Gardens. Don teamed up with distinguished celebrity photographer Derry Moore - who has photographed the likes of David Bowie, Helena Bonham-Carter, and the late Princess Diana - to create the book.