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Dad covered head to toe in tattoos was refused a job as teaching assistant because it was not a ‘good example’ to kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** SHEFFIELD, UK: This dad was told he couldn't work with children because the tattoos that cover his entire body including his HEAD, NIPPLES AND BUM were not a good example. Residential practitioner and dad of four, Karac Wilson (39) from Sheffield, UK, is tattooed from head to toe in various designs which include names and portraits of celebrities and sportspeople. Karac got his first tattoo, a quote on his chest which read „pain is love”, identical to that of rapper Ja Rule when he was 18. It wasn’t until 2014 that Karac decided to get heavily inked after being inspired by his favourite basketball player, Allen Iverson. Since then Karac has spent a whopping 150 hours under the needle and has had his debut inking covered over with a series of intricate custom designs. Karac doesn’t read too much into the meaning of the tattoos he has and simply just gets one done if he likes it. Karac has 17 portraits - which took between nine and 10 hours per sitting to complete - on his body of famous faces who include; Drake, Biggie Smalls, Stevie Wonder, Marilyn Monroe and Eazy-E. Surprisingly though, Karac didn’t find his portraits painful, but the Johnny Cash and Heddy Lamar tattoos he has had done on his bum and nipples did hurt. When out in public, Karac receives a lot of stares which he is used to, but his striking look has earned him modelling work for brands who love his uniqueness. His tattoos haven’t always benefitted him in the world of work, and he has faced discrimination in job interviews. At an interview for a teaching assistant role, Karac was told he could not work with kids because his tattoos didn’t set a good example for them but now Karac has had the last laugh as he works with children as part of his social care work. Karac’s own children, Soraya (17), Ameera (9), Marissa (5) and Dakota (1) all love his tattoos and take pride in telling their friends and teachers that their dad has his bottom tattooed.

Tiny 15cm Chinese 'teapot' found during a garage clear-out in lockdown sells for £468,000

A tiny Chinese 'tea pot' found during lockdown in a garage clear-out has sold for £390,000 at auction. The historic peony-patterned jug, believed to be one of four in existence, was destined for a charity shop after gathering dust in a Derbyshire home. Measuring just 15cm, the teapot-shaped wine ewer attracted an opening bid of £100,000 and took just 11 minutes to sell for almost 10 times its original guide price. Hansons Auctioneers had initially hoped the 18th century 'treasure' would fetch between £20,000 and £40,000, before upping its pre-sale estimate to £150,000.

Dog becomes Insta famous by balancing random items on his nose in adorable pics

***EXCLUSIVE*** GERMANY: This adorable pooch has been captured balancing all sorts on his nose - from a live snail to a Jelly Baby. Side-splitting images showed Buddy (2) the German Pinscher mix as he balanced everything from a praying mantis to a one-ounce snail on the end of his nose. Another snap featured the pooch patiently waiting with a three-inch chocolate doughnut sitting on his snoot. Pest control worker Jacqueline Funken (30), of Laubach, Germany, is the proud owner of Buddy (2). She uses an iPhone 11 to photograph and post to their 19,000 followers. The hound was born in December 2017, and was adopted by the German six months later, where she would discover his special talent in a chance encounter.

The mural on the walls of this house have made it a popular pilgrimage spot for Beatles fanatics - and it could be yours for just Ł250K

***EXCLUSIVE*** WALLASEY, UK: The property, located on Egerton Street, Wallasey, UK, has a stunning mural on its external wall which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Tower Ballroom, honours The Beatles and also marks the 100th anniversary of the dismantling of the New Brighton Tower. The Fab Four played at the venue 27 times making it the second most visited venue by The Beatles behind Liverpool’s Cavern Club. The mural is also a tribute to Tony Booth who did all the artwork behind the promotion of The Beatles’ performances at The Tower Ballroom. The artwork was created as part of a regeneration programme in New Brighton, Wallasey. The property is the perfect place to entertain and „Come Together” with friends and family. It comprises five bedrooms, kitchen, shower room, bathroom, dining room, living room, hallway and a paved garden. The price of the property might make you „Twist and Shout” as it is currently on the market with Hunters for just Ł250K.

Bears battle for fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Grizzly bears viciously attack each other as they battle over a fish. The two brown-haired bears became aggressive as they came to blows over their food, digging their paws and teeth into each other. Photographer Kevin Dooley spotted the female bear, thought to be about 16 years old, fighting with the younger five-year-old male bear in southwestern Alaska.

Burrowing Owls keep an eye on photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A quartet of young burrowing owlets stare directly at a photographer in the Grassland National Park, Canada. The inquisitive birds were captured by photographer Todd Mintz, 53, from Regina, Canada. Todd said, "The owlets use several burrows dug by black tailed prairie dogs as they get older and bigger, before migrating south. The burrows offer them protection from predators. They are endangered in this part of the world."