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Moschino sends puppets down the runway for Milan Fashion Week

***EXCLUSIVE*** The tiniest of runway shows was staged during Milan Fashion Week, and no models or guests were present. Instead, Moschino's newest styles are sported by Jim Henson creations. But this isn't a bizarre Fraggle Rock crossover -- Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott has enlisted the help of Jim Henson's Creature Shop to create his Spring-Summer 2021 show on a miniature set populated entirely by marionettes. As Fashion Month has continued in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, fashion designers have flexed their creative muscles through a mix of digital presentations and live, socially distanced shows in lieu of traditional runways. Scott opted for a -- literal -- scaled-down show with all models and attendees as puppets, with lookalikes of famous faces including Anna Wintour and British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful in the crowd.

Koala joeys are weighed during routine health check

Australia: The Australian Reptile Park performs the first of what will become routine health checks for this season’s koala joeys. Of the nine born throughout the successful breeding season, the eldest three joeys being Ash, Anna and Twiggy, now reside together with their mums in the mums and bubs koala yard. The koala joeys have now reached the curious age where they are starting to leave Mum’s side and explore on their own - which means Keepers need to ensure they are continuing to grow happy and healthy without being with their mum at every moment. The routine health checks include a weigh in on a special branch so that keepers are able to monitor any changes and signs of bad health. After the koala joeys are weighed, keepers will look them over for any cuts, sores or other issues. Now that the trio are exploring without their Mums, it is important to ensure the joeys are learning the essential skills a koala needs and are safely jumping between trees and climbing without hurting themselves.

Sand artist creates triangle-themed beach design as his 500th artwork

***EXCLUSIVE*** An artist who creates large-scale designs in sand and snow has produced his 500th work on Brean beach. Simon Beck, 62, used a rake and a magnetic compass to make his latest geometrical design next to Brean Down over the weekend. “It’s a major landmark,” he said. “I have a lifetime ambition of making 1,000 drawings by the time I reach the age of 80 so I feel a certain amount of achievement to be at 500.” Mr Beck, a former cartographer from Taunton, began creating large-scale land art in 2004 when he used snow shoes to realise a design in the Alps. His latest effort was in the style of a Sierpinski triangle – a triangle made up of smaller triangles.

A seal pup looks like its belly laughing

***EXCLUSIVE*** This fun-loving seal pup seems to be enjoying a side-splitting laugh as it frolicks on a beach of golden sand. The grey seal pup was captured on camera just a few days ago as it lounged on the beach at Horsey Gap in Norfolk. Amateur wildlife photographer Wayne Havenhand had travelled from his home in Northumberland to photograph a seal colony.