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20-year-old with a 49-year-old fiance is a GRANDMA to his four grandkids

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: Meet the twenty-year-old woman who is already a grandma after getting engaged to a man TWENTY-NINE-YEARS her senior and admits his grandchildren even call her 'NANA'. Photographer, Hannah Ennis (20) from Cameron, Illinois, USA, met her now fiancé, Sam Pruett (49) in September 2019 when they started working together at the local sheriff's office as correctional officers. Believing Sam to be a „stubborn old man”, Hannah certainly didn’t ever expect romance to blossom but after spending an increasing amount of time together at work, as well as hanging out at games nights with friends, the pair realised that falling in love was out of their control. Sharing a passion for photography, travel, movies and games, the love birds started officially dating on Valentine’s Day 2020. Both of the couple’s families had reservations about their whirlwind romance, with Hannah’s thinking that Sam was only with her for her youthfulness and Sam’s believing that Hannah was with him for his money, despite Hannah earning more than him at the time. In July this year, the couple both decided to quit their jobs and move to Texas to start a new life together by the Gulf Sea. Then, on August 1, 2020, less than six months after first dating, Hannah proposed to Sam at their favourite spot by the ocean. Despite Sam already having four grown up children Kyle (30), Logan (28), Jessica (25) and Samantha (24) from his previous marriage, kids are most certainly still on Hannah’s radar. Whilst Sam’s children, who are all older than Hannah avoid calling her mum, she has become a step-grandma to Sam’s grandchildren Lonna (12), Peyton (11), William (1) and Ellie Rose (1) and loves it when they call her nana. The couple get odd looks when out together, with strangers often mistaking them for father and daughter - the pair have learnt to laugh this off.

Baby with brittle bones stands up for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Mya Honca was born with a rare condition called brittle bone disease, which means she’s “like a china doll” and could suffer a break at the slightest touch. Her parents Emma Honca, 38, and Louis, 34, have had to handle their little one with great care since she was born in order to prevent her from being injured. Mya, who is now 15 months, had to spend the first six months of her lying down and has faced a brutal battle to build up her muscles ever since. Incredible footage captured last month shows the brave baby reaching a major milestone – by standing up on her own two feet for the very first time. Emma says the moment was both “brilliant” and “terrifying” in equal measure, as even though Mya now has more independence, she is also at greater risk of injury. Emma said: “To see Mya stand on her own two feet for the first time was a really incredible moment. Mental health nurse Emma and husband Louis, who cares for Mya and also works as an illustrator, live in Hull, East Yorks., with their other children, Josh, 13, and four-year-old Marcus.

Drone Photography Contest finalists

***EXCLUSIVE*** WORLDWIDE: The finalists for the Drone Photo Awards 2020 have been revealed. One spectacular picture showed British beachgoers resting in-between massive waves on a Cornish beach. Another amazing image revealed a school of fish making the shape of a heart on Avoca Beach, Australia, where snapper Jim Picôt took the grand prize. The Drone Photo Awards 2020 is organised by the Siena International Photo Awards. An Italian organisation which has held photo competitions since 2014. The winners were announced ahead of the Siena Awards Festival, which will be held in Siena, Italy from October 24 to November 29.

The world’s largest sloop superyacht

A company have unveiled the world’s largest sloop superyacht. The APEX 850, featuring a towering 107m351ft air-draft rig, is described as the most ambitious and inspiring concept yet to be developed in an exclusive relationship between Royal Huisman and the renowned superyacht designer Malcolm McKeon. With a rig taller than the Statue of Liberty, Royal Huisman say their creation „will dominate the marine landscape wherever in the world she drops anchor.'' Designed to be built from aluminium, the sloop - a sailboat with a single mast - also boasts a sleek and powerful 85m79ft hull. Another feature is the stunning owners’ area, occupying some 250m22,690ft2 of real estate including a private beach clubcinema. The full-beam bedroom is encompassed by a private lounge, giant TV screen, sauna, walk-in wardrobe and spacious, beautifully-designed bathroom facilities.

Firefighter becomes first person in the UK to have a Bluetooth heart monitor fitted

***EXCLUSIVE*** A female firefighter today became the first person in the UK to have a Bluetooth heart monitor implanted in her chest which can be monitored remotely by doctors. Sian Jones was in a car crash as a teenager and has experienced unexplained blackouts ever since - but thanks to the new device she will hopefully be able to understand more about why they occur. During the life changing operation, a Bluetooth device just the size of a paperclip was injected under the 34 year old's skin. The incredible device, developed by tech firm Medtronic, allows doctors to monitor her heartbeat remotely and also allow Miss Jones to see the data on an app on her phone.

Some of the bottles in the world's largest private whisky collection of 9,000 bottles - which is expected to fetch £3.9m at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world's largest private whisky collection of 9,000 bottles bought by a novice who didn't even like the drink is expected to fetch £3.9m at auction. The collection includes tipples from all over the world and is so large it will be auctioned over eight months. Its owner - a Frenchman known as 'Pat' - spend 15 years building the hoard which includes bottles from 150 Scottish distilleries. The anonymous novice admits he didn't even like whisky when he started buying up the booze.

Eczema sufferer who was unable to walk due to painful blisters that erupted when she stopped using prescribed steroid cream reveals her skin is finally clear after coming off all medication

***EXCLUSIVE*** MARLBOROUGH, UK: This woman's eczema became so serious that she had to use a wheelchair and couldn't leave the house for FOUR-MONTHS. Brand account manager, Thalia Daw (27), from Marlborough, UK, was diagnosed with eczema when she was five-years-old. Thalia would experience dry patches of skin around her elbows and knees. However, in 2018 the condition worsened. Shortly after moving into a thatched cottage, Thalia’s eczema flared up and she was prescribed some mild steroids. When these didn’t work, a dermatologist prescribed Thalia with the topical steroids, Betnovate and Dermovate, as well as an immunosuppressant called Protopic. Thalia’s skin rejected the steroids - causing a rash and burning sensation to spread across her body. After 18-months, Thalia quit using the steroids but was soon after left in a debilitating state of withdrawal. For four months, Thalia shut herself away from the world as topical steroid withdrawal left her unable to walk unassisted - requiring a walking stick to help her do so. Other symptoms included blistered skin, insomnia, nerve damage, hair loss, and depression. Spreading awareness online is important to Thalia who hopes to join others who have suffered from topical steroid withdrawal in raising the alarm on just how dangerous these widely prescribed medications can be.

2020 Fat Bear Week contenders

Alaska, United States: These are the contenders for 2020 Fat Bear Week. Katmai National Park, in southern Alaska, holds an annual competition to see which of their wild bears has gained the most weight in preparation for winter. The first official day of online voting begins on Wednesday, (30 Sep) and the winner will be picked on Tuesday (6 Oct). A Katmai National Park spokesperson explains: „No capes are needed for these furry superheroes. They may not be faster than a speeding bullet, but despite the weight they are carrying, these burly beasts can still run faster than most humans. These brown bears’ power of packing on the pounds gets them through the winter and able to live to compete another year. With or without the lasso of truth around us, our story remains the same: fat bears = healthy bears.”

Indian villagers are seen using electric wires as a bridge to cross a river

***EXCLUSIVE*** Residents in Birindapada in Odisha, have complained that the local administration have failed to hear their plight about constructing a bridge made from live wires that will enable them to cross. Usually the power is cut for days due to heavy rainfall, however if the power is restored, crossing the river could prove fatal.  Villagers including children, women and men are seen hanging on to the wires to cross the river that runs to a distance of more than 6 Kms. 

Modern humans and Neanderthals lived in Portuguese caves just THREE MILES apart for centuries and could have swapped technology, tools and mates, study suggests

***EXCLUSIVE*** Modern humans reached Europe's westernmost point in present day Portugal 5,000 years earlier than previously believed, according to new research. The latest findings from a major archaeological dig suggest humans and Neanderthals lived in the area at the same time. The international team conducting the study now believe that modern humans arrived in the westernmost part of Europe between 41,000 and 38,000 years ago, about 5,000 years earlier than previously known. They revealed the discovery of stone tools used by modern humans dated to the earlier time period in a report published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Victorian village life in 1840s Sussex is revealed in oldest ever photos of southern England that are set to fetch £70,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** An album of the oldest ever photos of southern England, dating back to 1850, could fetch up to £70,000 at auction. Images of nature, scenic buildings, and portraits of workers were all captured by a technique developed by the photographer in a "historically important" and "breath-taking" collection. One of the earliest is a scene of people standing next to cottage by a pond which captures their reflection, from 1850. And the following year there is a group of men and boys in a study just captioned 'Horsham Woodcutters'.

Lion cubs show their tender side

***EXCLUSIVE*** You're Roarsome!! Lion cubs show their tender side as they groom and cozy up to their siblings. The adorable images were captured by Nina Waffenschmidt when she visited Eastern Serengeti, Tanzania. Nina said, "I spent quite a lot of time with a pride of two male lions, six females and twenty cubs. These cubs are only a couple of months old. I loved watching them rest, play, annoy their parents, run around, be affectionate to each other and so many other things!" "This pride is called the Punda pride as they are usually found in the area around Punda Kopjes (Punda Rocks), in the Eastern Serengeti."

The Submariner 5512 Rolex, which was bought for £70 is to go on sale - for £200k

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Rolex bought for £70 as a 40th birthday present is to go on sale - for £200k. The Submariner 5512 includes an Explorer 3-6-9 dial, the type of which was only produced for a short time in the early 1960s. Only a few survive to this day as many of the watches had the uncommon dial replaced during servicing - making it a collector's item. The Rolex was first purchased by its original owner - a mining medical attendant from Mansfield, Notts. - for just £70 in 1964.

Charging horses create dust cloud

***EXCLUSIVE*** Horses kick up huge clouds of dust as they charge over grassy plains at sunset. The Mongolian breed are thought to outnumber people in the Asian country, and have remained largely unchanged since the times of Genghis Khan. These captivating action shots were taken in the hills of Wulanbutongxiang in neighbouring China, by property investor Jennifer Lu.

British engineers have transformed an electric car into an emergency response vehicle designed to provide a clean power supply to areas hit by natural disasters and extreme weather

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Nissan RE-LEAF is based on the Sunderland-built LEAF family hatchback. But instead of school-runs and motorway miles, the highly modified motor is better suited to navigating roads covered in debris on its way to the centre of a disaster zone. The prototype has been designed to support the three ‘REs’ of disaster preparedness – providing an emergency response, aiding the humanitarian recovery and improving community resilience for the future.

Salt marshes look like a makeup palette

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of acres of salt marshes look like vast make up palettes when viewed from above. The shallow waters and different stages of the evaporation process give each field a unique colour and appearance. The beautiful images were captured in the region of Dalmatia in Croatia by photographer Julien Duval.

BOMBER - The hungry osprey picks the trout with this winning dive

***EXCLUSIVE*** SCOTLAND: A British photographer has captured an epic shot of a three-pound osprey as it bombed into a Scottish lake to retrieve a fish. One action packed image revealed the watery explosion as the adult bird hit the water like a missile at a speed of 60mph. Another picture showed the 22-inch-tall osprey as it swiftly arose from the surface with a three-pound rainbow trout. The hunt pictures were taken by photographer, Sharon Watson (49), from Bedfordshire, UK. She took the shots at Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland, UK.