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A Florida home has been dubbed the 'House of Budweiser' for its floor-to-ceiling beer cans that cover the interior

The brand Budweiser has named a Florida condo the "House of Budweiser" for its floor-to-ceiling beer cans that cover the interior of the home. The 815-square-foot condo in Lake Worth, Florida, was listed by Kearney & Associates Realty and went on the market for $100,000 on August 19. After a bidding war, the home went under contract on September 6. Details of the final purchase price remain confidential as the closing is still pending. The home's previous owner and decorator was US Navy veteran Michael Amelotte, who died in June at age 69 after battling cancer.Amelotte purchased the two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in 1986 and started putting beer cans on the wall around 1990. He spent 16 years decorating his home and completed it in 2006, Jesse Kearney, a listing broker at Kearney & Associates Realty, told Insider. Kearney said that he initially thought it was going to be a challenge to sell the unique home, but he soon started getting calls about it from around the world.

High-tech theatre seats will help us watch movies safely in post-Covid world

A London design studio has created a seat for cinemas that enables social distancing and is 3D knitted from antibacterial copper threads. LAYER has created a series of seating units to help soothe the COVID-19 anxieties of uneasy moviegoers. The Sequel Seat is a premium cinema seat that aims to encourage people to return to movie theatres after the coronavirus pandemic by integrating a series of hygiene features into its fabric and structure. The Sequel Seat design, which was in the works before COVID-19 even existed, is both a more modern take on the classic movie theatre aesthetic and a way to incorporate some safety features. The units are designed with safety as a priority, but they also hope to blend experiences relating to travel and comfort. The fully adjustable seats are placed further apart and include details optimal for sanitation. Future moviegoers could find themselves enticed by details such as removable frosted protective screens and a UV-C lamp that sterilises the seat itself, not to mention a small storage space that’s intended to hold personal belongings. The seat's fabric upholstery is hydrophobic and includes antibacterial copper threads that are woven in a way to deter dirt accumulation in crevices. A built-in UV light sterilises the belongings when they are placed inside using Ultraviolet Germicidal irradiation (UVGI), which the studio describes as ''lethal'' to microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. UV lights are also included on the rear of each seat to sterilise the seat behind it in-between film screenings.

A super-fit personal trainer has smashed the world record for most chin-ups done in 24 hours - managing a whopping 5,340

***EXCLUSIVE*** Idai Makaya, 46, took on the "intense" endurance challenge last week, hoisting himself up on the pull-up bar continuously throughout the day on Friday, and overnight into Saturday. The personal trainer, who owns fitness centre Bodystreet, in Milton Keynes, Bucks., survived the challenge by snacking on mini sausage rolls and biscuits throughout the 24-hour period.

A new mum was stunned to give birth to a baby boy after being told she was expecting a little girl – TWICE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Excited Hayley Sexton, 33, had painted the nursery pink, chosen the name Isabella and bought two pink Moses baskets, a pink cot blanket and babygrows covered in flowers for her unborn daughter. But she was left completely speechless when she was told her newborn was in fact a BOY - when she had him naturally at University Hospital of North Tees, Stockton-On-Tees, on Sunday 20th of September. Little Alfie Sexton arrived at 16:39pm, weighing a healthy 6lbs 6oz – much to Hayley’s shock.

A sex store is sending out FREE VIBRATORS to women who pledge to vote in the upcoming US election

***EXCLUSIVE*** Billy McWilliams, who owns Erotique in Bozeman, Montana, insisted that his Great American Orgasm drive does not favor either blue or red voters.  Billy, 60, said: “It’s not a Republican orgasm or a Democrat orgasm, it’s an American orgasm. “Someone has to help us come together.” The sex store owner is also dispatching “I came & I voted” stickers with each vibrator and plans to send out 2,200 of the red, white, or blue sex toys to women across the USA. 

A watch worn by Elvis Presley and later given as a gift to his valet who bought some of his most famous outfits for him is to go on sale - for up to £50k

***EXCLUSIVE*** The gold 18ct Corum Buckingham was sported by 'The King' at the peak of career and is said to have been one of his favourite timepieces. He was pictured with it several times while meeting his pal - British singer Tom Jones. Elvis later gave it to personal assistant Richard Davis, who began working for the star in the early 1960s.

Marriage ending triad

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEWTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: This man ended his marriage of NINETEEN YEARS after a TV SHOW inspired him to create a polyamorous triad - which he now plans to turn into a 'Love Tribe' after admitting he's lost track of how many monogamists he's converted. Entrepreneur, Shai Fishman (46) from Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA, is a passionate advocate of living an ethical non-monogamous lifestyle – more commonly known as polyamory. Distinnctly different from the „swinger” lifestyle, polyamory places an emphasis on having multiple committed, emotional relationships.Shai had been married to his previous wife Danielle (42) for 13 years when he came across two TV shows titled Big Love & Polyamory and Married and Dating. Having always struggled with the idea that he was only „permitted” to express romantic affection for one person, these resources prompted Shai to explore the idea of having an open relationship. He soon discovered that in his current monogamous relationship, he wasn’t meeting all of the six core human needs: to feel loved, safe, and significant, and to have variety, growth, and service. Shai felt the very nature of monogamy prevented him from achieving variety, growth, and service. After six years and several tense conversations, Shai and Danielle decided to give polyamory a go but after seven-months, Danielle struggled with the emotional demands of the relationship. Unlike Shai, Danielle did not want to share the nature of their relationship with the couple’s children – and the pair sepaarated in 2014. In 2016, Shai met his current partners Lea (40) and Krissy (41) on an online dating site. Surprisingly, both Lea and Krissy listed themselves as being monogamous and even indicated „polyamory not for me” on their profiles, but this hasn’t stopped Shai from exploring connections or opening the „monogamous eyes” of women he’s dated. Shai, Lea, and Krissy have an open relationship but for the most part, their core triad forms the basis of their commitment but each person has other „connection-ships” with external partners both emotionally and sexually. Lea also shares Shai’s passion to advocate for relationship freedom and together, they’ve created the online community, Leveled Up Love. This active Facebook group connects over 4400 poly-curious people from across the world. For Shai, sharing his relationship in public can be a form of advocacy. The triad have never received any rude comments but they do notice the odd stare if they publicly display affection. However, Shai believes that sprinkling awareness of polyamorous relationships in public is what will eventually earn ethical non-monogamy „a legitimised seat at the table.” Danielle has not re-entered a relationship with Shai since the divorce, but she does now live in a dwelling on Shai, Lea, and Krissy’s shared property along with her partner and three children. A personal aim of Shai’s is to continue to build upon this tribe mentality – inviting in more of both male and female partners.

Wuthering heights house

***EXCLUSIVE*** YORKSHIRE, UK: You could own the house that inspired Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights for just Ł1M. Ponden Hall, in West Yorkshire, UK, is a Grade II listed detached country house that dates back to the 17th century. The property is widely accepted to be the inspiration for the interiors of Thrushcross Grange in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and Wildfell Hall in Anne Bronte’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. In the old part of the house is an east gable window that fits the description of the one which Cathy’s ghost came through to get Mr Lockwood in Wuthering Heights.

Perfect Storm: Covid on Opioids

***EXCLUSIVE*** Award winning photographer Czech DAVID TESINSKY, 30, who specializes in sub-cultures, social topics and tells the stories that need to be told for ZUMA Wire Service. David's beautiful series of images, tackles the issues of what is is happening in British Columbia on the ongoing Opioid crisis during the COVID-19 Pandemic. While the pandemic is front and center in Canadian governance, there is another equal and growing crisis that has been killing people for years and appears to not be getting the attention it deserves and needs in British Columbia in 2020. Opioid overdoses, deaths and the addiction cases rising. Before the pandemic, drug use had already burned a deadly path across the country, with over 4,500 overdose deaths in B.C. since 2016, when it was declared a public health emergency. In 2020, 170 people died of drug overdose in the province, while COVID claimed 229 lives. BC has opened several temporary new overdose prevention sites. Drug users and advocates have been calling for community support instead of policing. Safe injection sites instead of prison sentences, and affordable housing instead of temporary shelters. The Pandemic is drawing a big spotlight on short comings of BC opioid governance. Without a long-term plan to address the opioid crisis issues, British Columbia could see escalating deaths, long after COIVID is hopefully a bad memory. As the opioid crisis remains mostly out of control, it's now colliding with the COVID Pandemic.

Covid-19 situation in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Brazil has 142,280 deaths due to coronavirus confirmed until 1 pm this Tuesday (29th), A Returned in families, hunger eats inside the bodies of those who have nothing to eat, in the Mangueira favela north of the city, the situation is the latter, unemployment and hunger, because only the hungry feel what is called the pit of the stomach. Currently, in the country, at least 10.3 million Brazilians have nothing to eat daily. And the situation is even more comprehensive in 36.7% of households, which suffer from another extreme condition: they do not have regular access to food in sufficient quantity and quality to nourish themselves. It is what is called food insecurity in economics and social sciences. Hunger is spread over three levels. Mere theory. Hunger without food reward is all the same: it is hunger! The study, released last week, is from IBGE and refers to 2017 and 2018 - just three years, therefore, after Brazil was removed by the UN from the „hunger map” in 2014. In 36 months, this sad map our sad tropics, as defined by the anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss, returned with 14.1% more misery.

Eagles picture with stunning mountain views

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eagle soars through the air against a stunning mountainous backdrop in Scotland. The majestic white tailed sea eagle has a wingspan of over two metres, and is known to follow fishing boats in the hopes of a free snack. It then displays its sharp talons as it swoops down to snatch a fish from the surface of the water. The impressive bird was photographed by Dani Connor on Loch Na Keal on the Isle of Mull, in Scotland.

Duck feeding

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of ducks actually form the shape of a giant duck as they mass on a lake. The birds swarm around a duck farmer as he stands in the shallow lake giving them their feed. Photographer Abdul Momin, 29, captured these aerial shots in Sonatola Upazila, Bangladesh.