Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Hotels.com is on the hunt for a team of #CreatureCritics to review pet-friendly hotels

London: The cat is out the bag! Hotels.com launches the search for a team of Creature Critics to review the world’s best pet-friendly hotels’ pawsome right?! If you have a doggie diva, bad-ass bunny, fabulous feline or even a traveltastic toad, sign them up for a suite, suite time - plus you’ll of course go along for the ride with your pet BFF. After recruiting sass „kween” chihuahua, Dolly Pawton, as Canine Critic in 2019, Hotels.com has again enlisted her help to lead the recruitment hunt for the Creature Critics team, where she will be taking no BS during job interviews. The new Creature Critics will be responsible for reviewing pet-friendly hotels around the world, with the winning critics bagging 10 free nights at pet friendly hotels of their choosing. Pets of all species can apply to be a Creature Critic, as long as they meet three key criteria: have a taste for the #HotelLife, have bags of personality to keep up with the Kween and (most importantly) can fit in a hotel room. The announcement comes after months in lockdown, where humans and pets got plenty of one-on-one time, leading to the rise of Pet Separation Anxiety - pet owners’ fear that they are ditching their BFFs to travel again.

World's tallest white pagoda

Shangri-la Inner Harmony Stupa of Pagoda is the world's tallest and largest Buddhist white pagoda, in Shangri-la City, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Yunan Province. The Stupa of Pagoda consists of its inner stupa and outer stupa. The outer one is as tall as 108 meters and has a foundation base of up to 4900 square meters, while the inner is 33 meters high.

This moment a lion wandered into an Indian village - and started eating a cow

***EXCLUSIVE*** The animal is seen walking down a street in Surva in the Gir Somnath district in India on September 27. It sits in the middle of the road and begins feasting on a cow carcass.  Several people can be seen gathered to witness the scene. The lion is filmed getting up and taking a stroll - before sitting down for another bite.