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Great-great-grandmother spends lockdown knitting model of Nightingale Hospital to raise funds for NHS

***EXCLUSIVE*** A great-great-grandmother has spent lockdown knitting a model of Nightingale hospital to raise funds for the NHS. Margaret Seaman, 91, used 34 balls of wool to make the masterpiece at the bungalow she shares with her 72-year-old daughter Tricia Wilson in Caister-on-Sea, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. The model has been dubbed “Knittingale Hospital” after the temporary hospitals which were established as part of the response to the coronavirus outbreak earlier this year. Seaman said she crafted the building as a personal tribute to the local NHS teams who worked during the pandemic. The three-metre-square creation features four wards, including an A&E department and separate areas for men, women and children, complete with miniature beds, blankets, chairs and cupboards, all of which are knitted. Seaman also knitted an X-ray unit, fracture clinic, cafe, helicopter landing pad, car park and flower beds. The set is finished with 58 tiny woollen figures, including doctors, nurses and patients, which were created by Seaman’s friend, Jan.

A Doctor Who superfan has laid claim to having the world’s largest collection of the show’s memorabilia - after spending over £100,000 on “at least a million” items

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brian Mattocks, 50, says he became “obsessed” with the hit BBC series after watching an episode in 1979 which ended on a cliffhanger - and he hasn’t missed an episode since. His loving parents bought the then nine-year-old boy a Dalek action figure which kickstarted his lifelong passion for collecting items from the show. Daleks are a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants which are found in the series which has been running on BBC One since 1963. A Welsh schoolgirl recently bagged a Guinness World Record after amassing 6,641 Doctor Who items - but Brian believes his “shrine” could easily beat it but it would “take months to count”. He has an entire room in his house which is filled from wall to wall with items ranging from every book and magazine ever published, to toys and board games.

A six-year-old girl dubbed a "real Wonder Girl" by DC Comics' star Gal Gadot for doing a charity walk has now completed her journey

***EXCLUSIVE*** Carmela Chillery-Watson, six, suffers from muscular dystrophy, and set herself the challenge of walking 2,000km to raise money for charity. The Wonder Woman superfan is walking the equivalent distance from her home in Devizes, Wiltshire, to Ravello, Italy - the filming location of the new film. And now the young Brit has finished her journey - and more than doubled her fundraising target of £6,000 by raising £12,257.

‘I told him to back off': 67-year-old hero confronts intruder by using martial arts

Fontana, California, USA: An intruder entered an apartment building for seniors Monday night and messed with the wrong woman in a takedown that has even impressed the Fontana Police Department. Eighty-two-year-old Elizabeth McRay, who was struck in the neck by the man, is home from the hospital after the attack at her residence. She was smiling as she embraced the friend who may have saved her life. "I think she is very brave," she said. Lorenza Marruja, a 67-year-old martial arts expert, first greeted an intruder in her apartment with a bat. The intruder left and headed to McRay's apartment and that's when Marruja decided to follow. Authorities said that when the intruder entered the apartment, he turned off the lights. Authorities say the intruder remains in custody and faces a charge of elder abuse.

An Eminem fan who has spent thousands of pounds getting inked with 16 portraits of the rapper says the tattoos have transformed her life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nikki Patterson, 35, first heard 'Stan' at the age of 14, and even has a dog named Marshall - as her husband wouldn't let her name their son after Marshall Mathers, 47. Nail technician Nikki has accumulated 16 portraits of the Detroit rapper who shot to fame in the 90s in the past three years, but has 28 in total inspired by him. And she has entered the Guinness World Records for having the most tattoos of the same musician for 15 tats - but has since added another one.

Meet the brave five-year-old whose spine has grown OUTSIDE her body - leaving her needing 21 operations - but she's beaten the odds to survive and head to school

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Kaidence Tate endured seven operations in the last year alone - but has defied medics predictions and returned to school this month. The little girl has battled extreme health complications since being born with the debilitating spine condition spina bifida in December 2014. The youngster was operated on at just one-hour-old after medics discovered a huge lesion where her 'withered' spine was - and found it growing outside her flesh.

A dad was stunned to discover a book he brought to help his children learn English more than 20 years ago was a ‘seriously scarce’ hardback Harry Potter first edition worth thousands of pounds

***EXCLUSIVE*** A newly-discovered copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J K Rowling, unearthed by Hansons Auctioneers books expert Jim Spencer, is set to be sold at Hansons’ Staffordshire Library Auction on October 13 with an estimate of £20,000 to £30,000. However, it could fetch as much as £50,000 thanks to its good condition and the fact it is one of only 500.  It had been sitting on a book shelf for around 21 years when the owner randomly decided to check it – but never in his wildest dreams did he expect it to be a first edition.

Former wedding chapel transformed into £300k luxury houseboat is up for sale

A floating wedding chapel that has been transformed into a luxury houseboat is up for sale for £300,000. The unique two-bedroom property is currently docked on the Manatee River in Palmetto, Florida. The vessel was formerly a wedding venue known as Chapel On The Bay but more than £1million has been spent on conversion of the property since 2004 resulting in an upmarket luxury home. Although the property has had improvements made it still retains many of its original features including a 30-feet steeple, seven stained-glass windows and 19-foot ceilings. The 1,050 square foot home sits on an 1,800 square foot barge and weighs a colossal 33 tons. The houseboat, which is currently run as an AirBnB, was listed by Brenda Thompson at specialfinds.com who said the property has been attracting interest from around the globe.

Caged drone explores the used to explore deepest ice caves in the world

A video released today by Flyability highlights an expedition the company helped make to Greenland accompanied by world-renowned researchers and explorers. The goal of the expedition was to study the ice shafts and caves in the area, which are some of the deepest in the world. Researchers wanted to reach the very bottom of the ice shafts, called moulins, so that they could study the movement of water deep underground to better understand the impact climate change is having on the ice sheet in Greenland. Prior to this expedition, they had attempted to climb to the bottom of some of the moulins but could only make it about 400 feet—less than halfway down. Using Flyability’s Elios drone, they were able to fly to the very bottom of the moulins—some of which were almost 1,000 feet deep—and collect video on the conditions there. One of the unique findings they made with the Elios was to capture video footage of an icy lake at the base of an ice shaft.

For auction: supercar a designer built himself

United Kingdom: An eye-catching supercar a British designer designed and built himself is to be auctioned. Tony Claydon believes the 2008 Piper GTR EVO which he created for £50,000, including wind tunnel testing, could now be a track-day car or even as a very unique road car. It is estimated to sell for £14,000 to £18,000 at the H&H auction on October 14 at Duxford, Cambridgeshire. The glamorous gullwing coupe has done only 50 miles from new. It weighs just 620kg and its aerodynamics have been checked by Kingston University, in Surrey. The Piper GTR is a development of a car that was built in 1969 to compete at Le Mans. Piper was amongst a myriad of small British entrepreneurial manufacturers with huge enthusiasm and ability but little money. Sadly, the whole back end blew away after a few laps. John Markey of H&H Classics, a former race driver himself, says: „I remember the original Piper in 1969 appearing at the Racing Car Show in London and being very impressed with the concept. Lack of testing was it’s downfall and the car did not qualify at La Sarthe due to overheating. That was really the end of a braveeffort but out of the ashes as it were, over the last few years, Tony Claydon, a freelance designer who for a brief period owned the original, has built a second car with aerodynamic input from Kingston University. With Twenty First Century thinking the car certainly is impressive and clearly the original in the sixties was way ahead of its time.”

Britain's youngest falconers is backing a campaign to save an endangered bird

***EXCLUSIVE*** A six-year-old school girl who is believed to be Britain's youngest falconer is backing a campaign to save an endangered bird. Elise Ballam has started handling birds of prey under the watchful eye of her falconer father Martin. Her ten-year-old sister Connie has also been working with the creatures, making them the youngest siblings involved in the hobby. They are now helping their dad breed the rare lugger falcon which is at risk of extinction.

The now abandoned Aegidium movie theatre in Brussels, Belgium

***EXCLUSIVE*** In its heyday, the city's well-heeled would have danced the night away under its stunning Moorish roof or watched the latest movie in its velvet-draped theatre. Now sadly, one of Europe's most stunning theatres lies abandoned and is starting to show the ravages of time and neglect. The Aegidium, hidden in plain sight down a side street in Brussels, Belgium, has enjoyed many reincarnations since it was first built in 1906.

Concorde that was gifted to its first ever pilot, is set to sell for £45K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gold model of Concorde that was gifted to its first ever pilot, Brian Trubshaw, is set to sell for £45,000. The nine carat piece was presented to Mr Trubshaw in 1985 to mark his retirement. During his illustrious career, the WWII veteran made the maiden flight of British Concorde in April 1969.

Greenland is on track to lose ice faster than in any century for over 12,000 years, warns a new study

***EXCLUSIVE*** Researchers say that if human societies don't go on an “energy diet” to “sharply curb” emissions of greenhouse gases, Greenland's rate of ice loss this century is likely to greatly outpace that of any 100 years over the past 12 millennia. The study, published in the journal Nature, used ice sheet modelling to understand the past, present and future of the Greenland Ice Sheet.  Researchers said that their findings place the ice sheet's modern decline in historical context, highlighting just how “extreme” and unusual projected losses for the 21st Century could be.

Leica’s new „James Bond 007” limited edition Q2 to celebrate the launch of No Time to Die, and now the first images of the camera have leaked online

***EXCLUSIVE*** Confirming previous suggestions, the new edition comes wrapped in a British forest-green pebbled leather, with the rest of its body and lens blacked out in typical Lecia fashion. Aside from the usual details like the brand's red circle logo just off to the side of the lens and the white branding inscription next to the viewfinder, you'll find nods to the MI6 agent all over the camera, such as the gun barrel design on the lens cap, the „007” logo on the top side, and a limited edition numbering on the bottom of the display at the rear, which suggests a total number of just 250 examples. and Globe-Trotter case will come with the James Bond-themed Q2. Prince unknown yet.

NASA's new Mars Rover is ready for space lasers

NASA's new Mars rover is ready for space lasers, the space agency announced Monday (28 Sep). NASA say Perseverance is one of a few Mars spacecraft carrying laser retroreflectors, and the devices could provide new science and safer Mars landings in the future. When the Apollo astronauts landed on the Moon, they brought devices with them called retroreflectors, which are essentially small arrays of mirrors. The plan was for scientists on Earth to aim lasers at them and calculate the time it took for the beams to return. This provided exceptionally precise measurements of the Moon's orbit and shape, including how it changed slightly based on Earth's gravitational pull. ..Research with these Apollo-era lunar retroreflectors continues to this day, and scientists want to perform similar experiments on Mars. NASA's Perseverance rover - scheduled to land on the Red Planet on Feb. 18, 2021 - carries the palm-size Laser Retroreflector Array (LaRA). There's also small one aboard the agency's InSight lander, called Laser Retroreflector for InSight (LaRRI). And a retroreflector will be aboard the ESA (European Space Agency) ExoMars rover that launches in 2022.

'One in 30 million' white lobster donated to a hatchery after being saved from the cookery pot

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'one in 30 million' white lobster has been donated to a hatchery after being saved from the cookery pot. The National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow, Cornwall, received the unexpected delivery from a local fish wholesaler on Wednesday morning. (Sep 23) The wholesaler decided the 18ins calico lobster was 'too rare to sell' and brought it into the centre for conservation. The unusual crustaceans have a genetic condition which leaves them with little or no pigment in their shells. They have a short life expectancy as they are less camouflaged than their common blue counterparts and much easier for predators to spot.