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Celebs who got scary skinny

Celebrities are constantly scrutinized for either being way too fat or way too skinny and their job can literally (and unfairly) depend on their BMI. With access to the best trainers and celebrity chefs, the stars do always try to look their best and stay healthy. But once a celebrity is spotted looking way too thin everyone starts getting worried and blaming drug abuse, eating disorders, or other health issues.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland was accused of promoting anorexia in 2017 after uploading a photo on Instagram that showed her thin frame. She was body shamed by haters on the internet and wrote an open letter on twitter saying, "I write this because I've been accused of promoting anorexia in, ironically enough, an anti-bullying post," Hyland continued. "And I want young girls to know that's NOT my intention." "My circumstances have put me in a place where I'm not in control of what my body looks like. So I strive to be as healthy as possible, as everyone should." She went on to explain that she was struggling with kidney dysplasia and had to get a kidney transplant. After the surgery she was on bed rest and lost muscle mass since she could no longer work out which caused her to lose a lot of weight. Hyland then asked for privacy as she got healthy both physically and mentally. Hyland is still not back to her normal weight but is adamant about calling out body shamers and is happy with the progress she's made and the fact that she's alive.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss has literally been quoted saying "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" so it's no surprise that she has gotten way too skinny in the past. Her infamous quote was made during an interview with fashion news website WWD and she faced backlash. Eating disorder charities like Beat called her comments "dangerous" and "unhelpful" for young girls suffering. Moss became the face of the "heroin chic" trend that started in the '90s but she has maintained her position that she never had an eating disorder nor did heroin but just "didn't eat" because she was too busy. She told Interview magazine, "I was never anorexic, so I was never that skinny. I was never bony-bony. But I remember thinking, 'I don't want to be this skinny' I didn't eat for a long time. Not on purpose. [I was constantly] doing shows and flying economy…nobody ever fed me."

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's weight has always fluctuated from fit to skinny to alarmingly skinny. In 2012 Jolie addressed her weight and admitted "I am too thin. I don’t like that I’m that thin, if I could snap my fingers tomorrow and put on 15 pounds, I’d be so happy. If it went in the right places."  But in 2017 she looked skinnier than ever amid her very public divorce with Brad Pitt. When she hit the red carpet at the Toronto film festival in 2017 everyone was alarmed at her thin arms and frame. Jolie hasn't acted in any major box office films for a few years but seems to be enjoying her life with her children. Unfortunately, she might be underweight again. 

Nicole Richie

Everyone remembers the shocking 2006 photo of Nicole Richie running on the beach wearing a bikini, all skin, and bones. The beautiful socialite was among other young celebrities like Lindsey Lohan battling eating disorders in 2006 and it's reported that Richie got down to an alarming 88 pounds. Thankfully she was able to get help and went to rehab that year to battle anorexia. Over the years her weight has continued to fluctuate, causing others to feat that she relapsed. In 2017 after she posted an Instagram video looking scary thin, she told Vanity Fair "I know I’m too thin right now, so I wouldn’t want any young girl looking at me and saying, ‘That’s what I want to look like.' But I do know that they will, which is another reason I really do need to do something about it. I’m not happy with the way I look right now.” With the help of a nutritionist and support of her family, the mother of two is healthy again.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid has had her fair share of ups and downs over the years. From partying, nip slips, and rehab, she has been all over the tabloids for infamous moments. In 2008 the party girl went to rehab for problems with alcohol but she was spotted buying wine in 2014 looking scary thin.  Then on Halloween in 2016 she turned heads again dressed as a very skinny Santa (oh the irony). Unfortunately, Reids' thin frame is still shrinking, and reportedly has gotten down to 85 pounds. 

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is one of the few Spice Girls who is still celebrated not only for her chic style but also her continuing happy marriage to David Beckham. Her life seems perfect but she has been open about her past struggles with eating disorders while she was in the band. In her memoir Learning To Fly she described that she would be "In the gym, instead of checking my posture or position, I was checking the size of my bottom, or to see if my double chin was getting any smaller." She also explained how it was her band mate Geri Hailway that encouraged her and Mel to do liquid diets and focus on their weight. Beckham was able to get healthy, but in 2017 looked super skinny again causing concerns that she was less than 100 pounds.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling has sparked talk about her weight loss multiple times in the past but she was at her skinniest in 2009. Spelling was dealing with financial issues and marital troubles and started wasting away. In her book TerriTori she blamed swine flu, stomach pain, migraines and nerve problems for her weight loss.

Ariana Grande

Pop princess Ariana Grande had fans worried in 2015 when she arrived to the 57th annual Grammy awards looking classy but boney. Everyone took to Twitter about how thin she looked and it wasn't the first time people were concerned. She addressed similar speculation in 2013 when she was unrecognizable from her Nickelodeon days and explained that she just cut out junk food. Grande has maintained that she is healthy and not too thin and explained, "Yes, I lost a bit of weight last year. It's because I stopped eating junk food and started making healthy choices. I was happy with the way I was before and I'm still happy now! Just healthier!"

Kiera Knightley

Kiera Knightley has been avoiding comments about her weight for years and has denied struggling with an eating disorder. In 2008 Knightley was skin and collar bones on the red carpet and the same comments about her weight reignited. It got so bad the Knightley's mom even felt the need to explain to press that she got her thin frame from her father and not an eating disorder. Knightley is sick of everyone's hate and explained to ABC that she would never encourage her daughter to become an actress because of the scrutiny she faced in the industry.

Kate Bosworth

After playing a toned and sexy surfer on Blue Crush, Kate Bosworth started to look skeletal. In 2016 she was wasting away and looked unhealthy. Bosworth admitted that she was way too thin and explained that it was because of the stress she was dealing with. She urged people to stay healthy and not use her thin frame as a standard of beauty and explained "I was concerned for my health and my fans, the public. I would have said, Please don't look at this as the standard of some kind of beauty or health."

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of America's favorite actresses but the world was worried when Parker was flexing some seriously skinny arms in 2010. Her collar bones were sharp and you could see every bone in her body. Experts weighed in on her appearance to gossip sites and estimated that she was at around 11% body fat! Since 2010, Parker's weight has gone up and down but she hasn't been as thin as she was at that time and seems to be in healthy spirits.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's life and career has been a roller coaster full of drama. From partying and drugs to her weight, she was all over tabloids in early 2006 for her crazy antics. People were worried about the star when she was seen getting skinnier and skinnier amid swirling rumors of drug abuse. In 2006 Lohan addressed the rumors and admitted to Vanity Fair that she was struggling with bulimia and had experimented with drugs in the past. She explained how people around her like former cast mates Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were concerned with her health and said "Everyone was scared.. and I was scared too. I had people sit me down and say, 'You're going to die if you don't take care of yourself.'" Lohan was in and out of rehab for the next few years and has continuously struggled with personal issues but has thankfully never been as thin as she was in 2006.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen has allegedly struggled with eating disorders throughout her life and has been photographed through the years looking very skinny. Olsen's rep confirmed that she sought treatment for anorexia nervosa at Cirque Lodge in 2004 and explained “This is a challenge that Mary-Kate has made a decision to face." Olsen's weight continued to be a topic of conversation and in 2016 she was photographed in a black bikini looking very thin. But Olsen has stayed relatively private about her reported issues mostly remaining out of the public eye except for rare red carpet appearances she make with her sister. When she does make public appearances she is usually in baggy clothes which might be a strategic move considering everyone is so critical about her appearance. Let's hope she stays healthy!

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney looked healthy and fit when they first started dating George Clooney, but in 2015 she started to look very thin in public and people were worried that she weighed only 100 pounds.  An expert spoke to Radar and said it appeared she was less than 15% body fat which could put her health at risk. After giving birth to twins in 2017 Amal lost weight rapidly and people were concerned for her health again. Thankfully since then she has managed to bulk up a bit and looks thin but fit.

Kendall Jenner

Not all the Kardashians are thick and bootylicious! Kendall Jenner is an unstoppable supermodel but in 2015 people were wondering if she was getting too skinny. Radar reported that France enacted a law that required models to have a BMI of 18 in order to walk on the catwalk and at 5'10 Jenner would have to weigh 125 pounds. Jenner's body fluctuates from skinny to skinnier and she is constantly under public scrutiny for either being too fat or too skinny. After posting a photo in 2018 with a slightly bloated tummy on Instagram she was forced to call out body shamers claiming she looked pregnant.