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A mum with a rare disorder which made her go on shopping sprees in her sleep has finally found a cure - but not before she bought a full BASKETBALL court

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kelly Snipes, 38, would wake up to find email receipts for items she unconsciously bought online during the night on her smart phone. One day a delivery lorry turned up with a full-sized plastic basketball court - and she's spent hundreds on sweets and cookies during the night. Her nocturnal shopping behaviour started seven years ago, after the birth of her first child, and was sparked by sleep apnea - problems breathing.

Schoolboy breaks solo round-Britain sailing record

***EXCLUSIVE*** A boy, 15, has become the youngest person to sail solo around Britain. Timothy Long, from Aylesbury, set sail on 16 July from Hamble Marina, Hampshire, navigating anti-clockwise around the coast. He arrived back into the marina, aboard his 28ft (8.5m) vessel, at about 11:00 BST having covered more than 1,600 nautical miles. Timothy raised more than £7,000 during the challenge, in aid of The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. The 11-week voyage - divided into several legs with overnight stops in ports and marinas - saw Timothy cover an average of about 50 miles per day, with several longer passages of up to 100 miles.

Better Photography Awards

***EXCLUSIVE*** AUSTRALIA: The winners of the Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year 2020 competition have been announced. In one image titled „Incense Workers”, photographer Azim Khan Ronnie captured two women crouched down amidst Bangladesh’s magenta-hued incense fields. In another titled „Gorgeous McHumpy Face”, Australian photographer Kath Salier’s image featured a 50-foot long humpback whale. The Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year 2020 competition - supported by Photo Publicity - received almost 800 entries this year. The competition was split into four categories: emotive portraits, exotic travel, classic landscapes, and revealing nature. Azim Kahn Ronnie was awarded the title of 2020 Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year for his image „Praying with Fire”, which also won the exotic travel category. The image features a Hindu festival in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Photographer Zay Yar Lin won the emotive portrait category for his image, „Suri Girl”, which features a young member of Ethiopia’s Suri tribe who reside in the Omo Valley. The top prize in the classic landscape category was awarded to Grant Galbraith for his image „Twin Falls” captured in Moreton National Park, Australia. The final category, revealing nature, was won by Charles Jones and his image „Alligator and Tortoise” taken along the Rio Yacuma, Bolivia. Other stand out entries include Russell Spence’s „Marabou Stork” featuring a herd of the titular bird, and Zay Yar Lin’s „The Game of Jumps” which captured a group of young monks running atop the walls of a Myanmar monastery. Both were awarded silver prizes.

A son whose dad gave him a bottle of 18-year-old Macallan whisky every year for his birthday is planning to buy a flat - after the collection of 28 bottles sold for £44,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Matthew Robson, 28, was born in 1992 - and proud dad Pete, 64, bought a bottle of whisky to celebrate the tot's birth. The Macallan 1974 was released in 1992 for around £100 and now sells in the UK for around £3,750. Dad-of-three Pete was working for a company that manufactured some of the raw materials for Macallan, which made him choose the brand.

Viking skeleton SK1756 which is set to be returned to Demark to be reunited with a 1000 year old relative

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British museum is sending a Viking skeleton to Denmark - where it will be reunited with a 1000-year-old relative. The skeleton, known as SK1756, is one of at least 35 men and boys believed to be victims of the St Brice's Day massacre in Oxford in AD 1002. The slaughter is said to have taken place after King Aethelred II of England ordered the execution of dozens of Danish raiders, settlers and their children. The skeleton is currently being held at Oxfordshire County Council's Museum Resource Centre.

Foxes playing together

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of young red foxes frolic and play on sand dunes at dusk. The nocturnal siblings had not been awake for long before they began exploring their surroundings and playing with each other. The pictures were taken by Roger Zhu on a beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the United States, alongside his wife Jenny, who is also a keen amateur photographer. Jenny, who works in marketing, said: "The play fighting began at nightfall. We waited for them to come out of their den one by one.

World's most intricate and detailed photos of the moon - combining thousands of images to show with great clarity the moon's surface

***EXCLUSIVE*** The moon shines in glorious detail in false colour picture created by Andrew McCarthy which blends over 50,000 images to produce a stunningly detailed image. Taken from Andrew's garden in Califonia, USA the composite image is created by a variety of post processing techniques to reveal details that are hidden to the naked eye.

Elephants bathing in water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of elephants relax and lie down in a murky river as locals bathe alongside them. The animals, part of a circus, are cleaned twice a week in the shallow waters of the Karatoa stream in Bangladesh. The images were captured by photographer Abdul Momin, who lives in nearby Bogra. The 29-year-old said: "Elephant mud baths are important as it protects their skin from being burnt by the harsh sun and from other infections.

This incredible image shows the Milky Way captured in stunning detail above An t-Aigeach on the Isle of Skye by photographer after 18 months of meticulous planning

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer waited 18 months to capture this mesmerising picture of the Milky Way – hiking 300ft up a cliff to take the ‘once in a lifetime’ shot. Sylvan Buckley, 44, saved up money for fuel and a star tracker, and drove more than 250 miles from his home to the Isle of Skye where he caught the out of this world image. The dedicated photographer set up camp on the edge of a cliff at Neist Point in blustery weather conditions, before climbing An t-Aigeach to get the picture. Sylvan, from Saltcoats, North Ayrshire, said the starry image captures the Milky Way in the most detail he has ever seen it.