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Meet the record-breaking rats that feature in Guinness World Records 2021

***EXCLUSIVE*** Freddie and Frankie, who are nearly two-years-old, made it into the Guinness World Record book for 2021 when they did the most amount of paw tricks by a rat in 30 seconds.  Frankie set the record for the most high fives by a rat in 30 seconds - with a score of 28, while Freddie performed the most hoops jumped by a rat in 30 seconds by completing eight jumps.  And when it came to popping the question, owner Luke Roberts hiked up a mountain in Thailand with girlfriend Jess Timmis before presenting her with a photo album of their rats.  The photo book showed the rats dressed to impress in top hats and bow ties, posing with a bouquet, with the very last page of the book asking her to marry him. Jess and Luke plan to tie the knot next summer.

Couple with a 29-YEAR age gap admit they are regularly mistaken for father and daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** GEORGIA, USA: Couple with a TWENTY-NINE-YEAR age gap are constantly mistaken for father and daughter - but they insist they're happier than ever and having more SEX. Receptionist and model, Kayla Caudill (23) from Macon, Georgia, USA, first her met her partner, body piercer Stephen Dunn (51), in May 2019 when Kayla got her belly button pierced. During the appointment, Kayla and Stephen - who were both in relationships at the time - exchanged conversation and a friendship soon formed. Neither Kayla nor Stephen were completely happy in their previous relationships. The way they could both easily communicate with each other only highlighted this further as the duo felt a spark and their feelings grew deeper. In June 2019, Kayla and Stephen decided to end their relationships so that they could take a chance and be together to explore their love for each other. That sacrifice and fight is something that Kayla believes has brought them even closer together. The couple’s 29-year age gap has raised eyebrows in their respective families with Kayla’s biological father disowning her. Additionally, Stephen’s ex-partner doesn’t want Kayla to be involved with his children - which she respects. For the most part, their families are happy to see them happy and the longer the couple are together, the more they warm to the idea. For Kayla, Stephen is everything she’s ever wanted in man. They laugh together, support each other, and have lots of sex - which they love. The most difficult thing for the couple to deal with has been the judgement from others who don’t quite understand why they’re together. Whenever they are out in public, people stare and often ask Stephen if Kayla is his daughter which is something the pair laugh off. The bewilderment of strangers at their relationship is something Kayla and Stephen find hilarious and they love putting on displays of public affection to make onlookers stare.

Prankster leaves locals in stitches after going to the McDonald's drive-thru in a miniature replica of Postman Pat's Royal Mail van

***EXCLUSIVE*** Prankster Alton Tyrell, 40, has delighted locals with his fun-loving antics after buying a coin-operated children's ride and welding it to a mobility scooter.  Footage of Alton, who owns a car transporting company, taking the van through a McDonald's drive-thru went viral, turning him into a "local celebrity".  The father-of-two spent around 100 hours converting the old toy as a project to keep him occupied during lockdown.  When fully charged, the replica of the van used in the 1980s kids tv show can drive for up to five hours.  It comes complete the famed Pat 1 registration plate and tiny box windows made famous in the long-running animated series.

Charity fundraiser begins his bid to climb highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales in a full deep-sea diving outfit

***EXCLUSIVE*** A charity fundraiser Lloyd Scott has begun his big to climb the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales dressed in a deep-sea diving suit. Scott, 58, began his challenge, which will take place over an eight-day period, today by climbing Ben Nevis in Scotland wearing the full orange suit. He will later take on Scarfell Pike in England and Snowdonia in Wales. He is raising money and awareness to help disadvantaged and disabled young people, who are battling loneliness and isolation. The challenge comes 18 years after he earned the world record for slowest time to complete a marathon while wearing the same suit - with a time of five days, eight hours, 29 minutes and 46 seconds. Scott has been fundraising for 30 years and has completed more than 50 events.

Candles and music: Germany’s first horse crematorium to give equines worthy farewell

***EXCLUSIVE*** Baden-Wuerttemberg, Schwäbisch Hall: After the opening of the €2.5 million facility in southern Germany, animal burial experts have called for pet owners to have the chance to be buried alongside their beloved pets. With its modern wooden cladding, the house on the edge of a forest at Schwäbisch Hall could be mistaken for a spa. But the building has a rather more sombre purpose - the approximately 1,000 square metre facility in Baden-Württemberg is Germany's first horse crematorium. "When a human dies, there are clear rituals. Common mourning and funerals make it easier to say goodbye. But up until now something like this has been missing for horses," says Sandra Lutz, the business woman behind the project. Lutz has been running a regular human crematorium since 2003 - and with her husband Joachim she now runs the facility for horses. Lutz hopes to meet these needs by offering the bereaved a ceremony with candles and music. There is also a farewell room, where they can look through a glass window at the furnace system.

Boy, 10, left fighting for life with rare pneumonia ‘triggered by pet hamster Tango’

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jack Sage, aged 10, from Oundle, has been in and out of hospital more than 60 times since last October.  Parents Suzie and David noticed he had developed a worrying rash and his condition then worsened until he developed breathing problems.  Experts at Peterborough City and then Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge carried out a series of tests, including two bronchoscopies to take tissue samples from Jack’s lungs.  Suzie said they feared it could be a form of leukaemia and the uncertainty took a huge toll on the family.  Luckily doctors ruled this out, and finally diagnosed an extremely rare condition called eosinophilic pneumonia which is treated with super strong steroids.

This house comes with its very own prison cell dungeon

***EXCLUSIVE*** MISSOURI, USA: This house comes with its very own prison cell dungeon and it could be yours for just under Ł245K. The former Howard County Sheriff’s house and jail in Missouri, USA, underwent extensive renovation in 2005 and comprises two beds, a bathroom, a shower room, a living room, kitchen, a basement, and it is connected to a 2500 sq ft legitimate jail with nine cells and a booking room.  The property, which was built in 1875, used to belong to Fayette City’s town sheriff and functioned as the county’s town jail. The unique house had a million-dollar renovation and the main accommodation was remodelled. All that remains of the original house is the prison that is connected to it. The jail has all the original furnishings including metal bunkbeds, cells, and toilets. The upscaled main accommodation covers 2,465 sq ft with the potential to expand if the owner wanted to renovate the basement space and the attached prison. The property is currently on the market with realtor.com for Ł245,000 ($315,800).

This 960-piece LEGO build is the coolest Fiat you could ever own

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lego LEGO and Fiat have come together for a new Creator Expert set highlighting the iconic Italian city car, the 500. While celebrating the classic model, the build also pays homage to legendary Italian film, La Dolce Vita. Throughout its illustrious history, the Fiat 500 has surpassed its original material manifestation to take its place in the collective unconscious, becoming an international icon. LEGO's 960-piece set is inspired by the Fiat 500F from the late 1960s. The build boasts a functioning sunroof, luggage rack, spare tire, and bonnet that opens to showcase the engine. It also comes with an easel and a painting of the car in front of the Roman Colosseum. Price: 90 Dollars.

Bird has attitude with photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eagle seems to be staring down a photographer as it marches menacingly towards the camera. The large bird of prey, known as an eastern imperial eagle, stares ahead as it advances on photographer Robert Kreinz. He spotted the large-winged bird - about three or four years old - in Lower Austria, Austria, resting and eating as he watched from a hide.

Workers diving for waterlilies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two boys pop their heads out of algae-covered water as they collect water lilies. The pair of youngsters made a splash as they dived into the lake to pick and weave the pretty plants. Professional photographer Azim Khan Ronnie pictured the 10 year olds harvesting the water lilies in Munshiganj, Bangladesh.

Salt marshes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial photos show the vibrantly coloured landscapes of salt marshes. Microscopic organisms cause the lakes to turn a reddish-pink colour, which can change if the water is left for some time and not drained. The photos of the marshes near Burgas and Pomorie, along the black sea coastline in Bulgaria, were taken by 24 year old photographer Galin Vasilev, who used his drone to capture the scene from above. Mr Vasilev said: "These marshes are so salty that no living thing can survive in those conditions - except the organisms which are the cause of the colour.