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World’s first 3D printed fiberglass boat unveiled

Italy: The MAMBO (Motor Additive Manufacturing Boat) is a project by Italy’s Moi Composites Srl., who say they have succeeded in 3D printing the world’s first real boat in continuous fiberglass thermoset material. Boasting a sleek, shiny coat of paint in „snapper rocks blue”, the realised boat is being officially launched and displayed at the 2020 Genova Boat Show, 1-6 October, to welcome its audience to the next generation of boat design and manufacturing. MAMBO spans 6.5 meters long by 2.5 meters wide, has a dry weight of approximately 800 kg, and is equipped with a navigation system, cork flooring, white leather seats, and 115 cv engine. Moi say their uniquely-shaped boat cannot be achieved with traditional manufacturing. It was digitally crafted in patented 3D printing technology, Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM), an innovative system, which, thanks to the use of robots expertly guided by generative algorithms, allows for 3D printing continuous fiber composite materials, opening up the world of freedom for customization and high, mechanical performance which were unthinkable until now for 3D printers.

KODA celebrates UK premiere of the new Enyaq iV in Electric Avenue

London, United Kingdom: Following its world premiere in Prague last month, KODA unveiled its eagerly anticipated Enyaq iV at the famous Electric Avenue in Brixton, London. Famed and named for being of the first streets in Britain to be lit by electricity, the avenue played host to the car manufacturer’s first all-electric SUV to mark the news that the pre-reservation list for Enyaq iV orders has now opened. The Enyaq iV combines a generous amount of space, emotive design and well-balanced proportions with a sustainable yet fun driving experience. Available in a choice of rear-wheel or four-wheel drive, two battery sizes (62kWh and 82kWh) and offering power outputs of up to 306 PS, the Enyaq iV can be charged from 5 - 80 per cent in just 38 minutes or 0 - 100 per cent in under 60 minutes. With a range of up to 316 miles**, this stylish all-electric car is the perfect companion for everyday driving. As befits a car that is starting a bold new era, KODA’s design and engineering team have gone the extra mile to delight customers. Enyaq iV features a unique illuminated front grille with LED Crystal face & Matrix LED headlights as well as featuring an impressive 13-inch infotainment screen. Drivers can build their own Enyaq iV using KODA’s 360° visualiser on skoda.co.uk or by speaking to a product specialistretailer to register their interest for the pre-reservation list. The Enyaq iV is available to order in the UK from late 2020 with deliveries starting in spring 2021. Prices start at £33,450.

Firefighters rescue student stuck in tumble dryer after she climbed into it for a prank

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rosie Cole, 21, had a few glasses to drink with her housemates when she was dared to get inside the dryer in their shared accommodation. She’d been enjoying a couple bottles of Zinfandel wine and honey tequila when their Tuesday evening took a sudden turn. The drunken student thought there was “no chance” she’d fit, but after wiggling her way in she was suddenly stuck inside the dryer. Emergency services were called to the bizarre and hilarious scene at roughly 11pm as Rosie said they “save cats from trees” so maybe they would “save students from tumble dryers”. The commotion lasted roughly 20 minutes in total, and it took three firefighters to successfully rescue the befuddled student.