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Couple quit their jobs and sold EVERYTHING they owned raising over Ł15,000 to travel the world FULL TIME

***EXCLUSIVE*** Teacher, Chloe Hammond (27), and her IT worker husband, Jay (28), from Essex, UK, quit their nine to five jobs in the UK in February 2020 and took son, Oliver (8), out of school in order to travel around the world. After having Oliver young, the couple believed that the logical next step was to begin saving for their forever home. However, after taking a month off work in order to travel to southeast Asia in spring 2019, the family were bitten by the travel bug and decided that they wanted to be able to travel full time putting the house hunting on hold. The couple spent the next year working out how they could realistically make their dream a reality, even moving in with Chloe’s parents for six months to save money on rent. Chloe made the tough decision to quit her job as a teacher whilst Jay began working remotely full time. They sold the majority of their possessions - except for sentimental items - on eBay and Facebook Marketplace to free up more much needed funds, with Jay’s beloved gaming PC particularly difficult to let go of. The Hammonds originally planned to return to Asia, however, with their bags packed and flights booked, the UK government advised against all but essential travel on March 19, 2020, just ten days before the family were due to fly. After a frustrating couple of months grounded in the UK and deciding that travelling across Europe made more sense in the current circumstances, the Hammonds were finally able to begin their journey to Italy July 2020. The family visited Torno, Milan, and Lake Como in Italy for one month, before moving onto Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia for the following six weeks. More recently, they've travelled to Greece where they plan to stay for five weeks. Whilst the trio are living their dream, they admit that it’s not as simple as going on holiday as they still have to juggle work and educate Oliver. Chloe has managed to find work as an online tutor and as a teacher is able to home-school her son with relative ease. The couple use their travel destinations as a great opportunity for learning. Oliver learnt all about Ancient Greece on their recent trip to Athens. With the nine-to-five lifestyle firmly in the past, the family are planning to take their time travelling from country to country aiming to live more like locals than tourists.

Bodybuilder is happier than ever despite online trolls telling her she is „TOO MUSCLY” for a woman

***EXCLUSIVE*** ROME, ITALY: Bodybuilder is happier than ever despite online trolls telling her she is „TOO MUSCLY” for a woman - now she’s encouraging other women to defy outdated beauty standards. Bodybuilder, Daniela Zuccarini (40s) from Rome, Italy, has always led an active lifestyle and as such, she’s always had an enviable figure. Encouraged by her previous partner, Daniela began running in her twenties - a hobby she fell in love with and has since maintained for 25 years. Daniela enjoys how strong exercising makes her feel both mentally and physically, but it also has its visual benefits. Admirers would tell Daniela that she had a „beautiful” body. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that Daniela decided to take things a step further by taking up bodybuilding on a whim. Currently in her forties, Daniela began focusing on gaining muscle mass. She now does intensive weight training sessions every day alongside cardio twice a week. The journey hasn’t always been easy and Daniela has had to eliminate dairy and meat from her diet to maintain her lean look, but she now weighs an impressive 9st 4lb. Social media has been a huge source of encouragement for Daniela throughout her fitness journey as she’s been able to connect with other women who push her to be even better. As with many areas of the internet, using the platform has also opened Daniela up to criticisms. Many male admirers love Daniela’s chiselled physique with comments deeming it to be „exquisite” and „perfection”, but others haven’t been so kind. One online troll told Daniela she was „too muscly” for a woman, but this doesn’t bother her. Happier than ever with her body, Daniela hopes to inspire other women to pursue their fitness goals. Having let go of outdated expectations on how a woman should look, Daniela feels stronger and more sure of herself than she did before taking up bodybuilding.

Young mum woke up to discover she had Tourette's

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum-of-two has described her ordeal after randomly waking up one day with Tourette's symptoms. Hayleigh Honey, of Penryn, has led a fairly typical life until now with no underlying health issues.  But she woke up one morning three weeks ago shaking as if she hadn't eaten for a while. Later that day she began suffering muscle spasms and both her chest and shoulder would jerk out of her control.  The 27-year-old, who lives with her husband Matt and children, Luna, 5, and Zephyr, 2, didn’t know it at the time, but she was experiencing the onset of Tourette's syndrome as a result of stress.

Army veteran is aiming to become the first person ever to circumnavigate Great Britain - on a paddleboard

***EXCLUSIVE*** An Army veteran is attempting to become the first person ever to circumnavigate Great Britain - on a paddleboard. Jordan Wylie, 36, is now nearly halfway through his epic 2,000 mile sea journey around the coast - despite never standing on a paddleboard before. The adventurer, who is also one of the stars of Channel 4's shows Hunted and Celebrity Hunted, set off from Wallasea Island in Essex on July 26. And after 71 days at sea, he has now completed nearly 900 miles of his Great British Paddle.

A thrill seeking great-gran has celebrated her 90th birthday - by taking to the air and SKYDIVING from 15,000 feet

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sprightly Patricia Baker said it felt "awesome" to plunge from a whopping three miles up in treacherous conditions. Brilliant photos and videos show the widowed gran-of-ten dressed in a red jumpsuit flying through the sky. Patricia said she "wasn't too worried" about the jump because she "keeps herself fit" by doing 50 sit ups every morning. Patricia, from Leyland, Lancs., got the idea to skydive earlier this year while talking to a friend who mentioned she has a bucket list.

An animal obsessed singleton has purchased two pet geese - which he puts in nappies and takes to the pub

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eccentric Sven Kirby, 34, has hand reared the birds from five days old after buying them for £40 each in June. He is often seen walking the streets, parks and canals of Leeds, West Yorks., with Beep Beep and Norbert waddling along behind. When admin assistant Sven is at home the pair have free reign of the house, while at night time and on weekdays they are confined to a pen in the garden. Incredible pictures and videos show Norbert and Beep Beep walking down the street, sleeping on Sven's chest, wearing their nappies and relaxing at the pub.

The parents of a boy born with two holes in his heart have hailed the miracles of modern medicine after he started school four years to the day since his life saving operation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Proud mum Hayley Craig, 42, says she burst out into tears after she left her son Freddie at school for the very first time after fearing she would lose him shortly after his birth. The four-year-old was born with two holes in his heart and needed lifesaving surgery when he was just four months old. Hayley said it was the “worst feeling in the world” as she waited for any news about her little lad.

Accommodation listing offers chance to spend a night as Mayor Of Hell

Hell, Michigan, United States: Halloween may be cancelled this year, but John Colone, the self-proclaimed mayor of Hell, Michigan, is keeping the spirit alive by inviting local residents to claim his throne for the evening, listing Hell on Airbnb for three nights in October.  „I am the biggest Halloween fan in the world (and the underworld), so I hope that our little slice of paradise can fill fellow Halloween lovers with all of the frightful chills and spooky sensations of the season”, said John. „And to our guests and soon-to-be Mayors, I trust you’ll find that there is no place more welcoming than Hell on Earth we can’t wait to show you a helluva good time!” Starting on October 14 at 12 p.m. EST on Airbnb, Michigan residents will be able to request to book their turn as Hell’s Mayor during one of three individual, one-night reservations, which will take place on October 18, 21 and 24. Each night will cost a seasonally inspired $31 (plus taxes and fees). Guests will lay their heads for the night in the Mayor’s Lair, which is outfitted with Hell’s finest -- from a luxurious queen (of the damned) bed to a gothic sitting area where guests can enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee. We’ve all had coffee from hell, but the coffee in Hell is really quite heavenly. Along with lording over the resident ghouls and goblins, John is welcoming guests to responsibly explore and enjoy everything his Hellish town has to offer, from a bite to eat at the Hell Hole Diner to a spooky stroll through the nearby scenic hiking trails. And of course, the Mayor’s Lair would be incomplete without a cozy fire pit, outdoor movie screen perfect for a scary movie or two, and plenty of local pumpkins for carving. Guests will be able to enjoy some of their favorite Halloween traditions, even in this year like no other.

This heart-warming footage shows the incredible bond between a pair of dogs and their owner's horse including the moment - they are filmed taking him for a WALK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nine-year-old miniature horse Bon Jovi, nicknamed Bonnie, was rescued from an abusive home and adopted by Jessica Chemin, four-years-ago. Bonnie now lives with Jessica, and her two french bulldogs Lola and Nacho, at their home in Cape Town, South Africa. The animals have become the closest of friends and spend their days playing together and enjoying each other’s company.

Quidditch towns honoured: presentations across the UK and Ireland honour eleven towns and villages featured in Harry Potter companion „Quidditch Through The Ages”

Falmouth, United Kingdom: Eleven towns and villages across the UK and Ireland, from Appleby to Wigtown, Ballycastle to Wimborne, are being honored in celebration of the new book, Quidditch Through The Ages Illustrated Edition, an essential companion to the Harry Potter series and guide on the wizard’s favourite sport. To mark tomorrow’s release of Quidditch Through The Ages Illustrated Edition, written by J.K Rowling and illustrated by Emily Gravett, this week Bloomsbury Publishing is presenting towns featured in the wizarding world’s Quidditch league with decorative banners based on iconic Quidditch goal hoops and celebrating their fictitious teams, including the Falmouth Falcons, Kenmare Kestrels and Ballycastle Bats. The decorative Quidditch banners bearing the crest and team name will be presented in mayoral ceremonies and social-distanced celebrations across the UK and Ireland this week at iconic landmarks from ancient castles to prehistoric stone circles and craggy headlands to mark their honorary Quidditch Town status.

The white dot picked up by sonar equipment onboard could well be the mythical monster Nessie

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sonar technology picked up a mystery image 190m deep in Loch Ness - amid hopes it could be Nessie. The 'solid and pretty big' sonar contact, measuring around 10m, was detected by a boat owned by Cruise Loch Ness, in Fort Augustus, Scottish Highlands.The mystery creature is likely to feed on trout and eels at the bottom of the loch, which has the largest volume of freshwater in Britain. Director Ronald Mackenzie, 48, said: "Who knows what it is, there is quite a lot of fish at the bottom of the loch, there is carnivorous trout and eels.

A rare converted Catholic church with eight-inch thick walls and soaring cathedral-domed ceilings is on the market for just $275,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 1885 church, in Weyauwega, Wisconsin, has been painstakingly transformed into a sumptuous one-bedroom home. The nave is now the living room, the pulpit has become a kitchen and the master bedroom is in the choir-stalls. The property boasts an original, hand-carved entry door as well as 20-foot domed ceilings in the living area and kitchen and original Gothic arched windows. There is also an enormous stained glass window in the kitchen and original hard-maple floors throughout the home. Brenda Thompson, the agent listing the property at specialfinds.com, pointed out that a converted Catholic church is a rare find.

Too wet to woo! Soggy owl looks unimpressed with Scottish weather

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny spectacled owl was left unimpressed after being drenched by a downpour. Owl Aztec, aged four months old, lives at the Scottish Owl Centre in Whitburn, West Lothian, and had his first experience of the rain when he was caught in heavy showers on Sunday. The fluff ball was in an outside aviary at the bird centre when a keeper snapped him peering intently into the camera - with wide eyes and dampened feathers.

You could stay on the UK’s only lightship hotel for £250 a night

***EXCLUSIVE*** GLOUCESTER, UK: LV14 SULA Lightship is a unique lightship accommodation which is moored at the Gloucester Docks, Gloucester, UK. The restored former lightship is decked out with several suites - the largest one being the Humber Suite which can sleep up to four guests and also includes kitchen facilities, a walk-in shower room, and a refreshment station on board. Guests can also wander to the outside bow deck and sun deck to see the views of Gloucester. LV14 SULA is a wonderfully unique lightvessel, built in 1958 by shipbuilders Cook, Welton, and Gemmell of Beverly, England.  The ship is registered with National Historic Ships UK and preserves one of the world’s rare Fresnel Lenses within her lantern house. Originally named SPURN, LV14 was commissioned by the Humber Conservancy Board (HCB) and went into service in 1959 in the North Sea at Spurn Point.  It was here that she was anchored for almost 30 years protecting mariners from sandbanks with her magnificent beacon of light which could be seen for 17 miles. After her retirement, she was used as a historic museum based in South Wales before she moved to Gloucester in 2010 via tugboat. It was purchased in February 2020 by Colin and Vivienne Brooks, they have spent the past eight months renovating the lightvessel, carefully restoring her historical features and creating a new luxury boutique guest suite within the bow of the ship. The 59 room has a king-sized bed, bespoke wardrobes, and features the ship’s original wooden ladder which takes guests up to an escape hatch on the top deck. The 85 room has a double bed and portholes that show the dock’s historic warehouses. LV14 SULA Lightship is advertised by Host Unusual, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. Prices start from Ł250 a night for one to four guests.

NASA funds ''Project Olympus'' off-world construction system for the Moon

NASA is helping fund an off-world construction system for the moon that would see 3D printing creating habitable structures. ''Project Olympus'' sees architecture company BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group team up with ICON, developer of advanced construction technologies including robotics, software and building materials, and with SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture), to work with NASA on beginning research and development of a space-based construction system that could support future exploration of the Moon. NASA has signalled that, through the Artemis program, the Moon will be the first off-Earth site for sustainable surface exploration. BIG’s design for ICON’s Project Olympus will be a sustainable lunar habitat, the first human foray into extra-terrestrial construction with robust structures that provide better thermal, radiation, and micrometeorite protection than metal or inflatable habitats can offer.

The moment two hefty bald eagles tussled in an epic food fight has been revealed in a thrilling brawl

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALASKA, USA: Exciting images captured the expressive 13-pound bald eagles as they flapped their six-and-a-half-foot wide wings at each other, and even locked claws for scraps of salmon. Another hilarious photo featured one of the three-foot-tall birds dragging its rival across the ice, while they locked claws. Private investment company manager, Shlomo Waldmann (69) from Ramat-Gan, Israel, snapped the superb images of this battle featuring the USA’s national bird. He first took up wildlife photography 15-years ago and has visited The Last Frontier state three times which is where this scene occurred in Haines, Alaska, USA. The part-time photographer used a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II with a 500mm lens.

Albino squirrel photographed in back garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** An albino squirrel was snapped foraging in a back garden. Richard Waugh, 51, has been working from home in his job as a software developer, and was looking out the window on his lunch break when he spotted the squirrel. The dad-of-two has seen it around once a month for the past two years, along with another albino squirrel, in the back garden in Edinburgh. The family nicknamed them Lexy and Dexy, and learnt from sending pictures to the Squirrel Trust that they are grey squirrels.

Epic action images have captured six-pound gannets soaring over the wild Scottish seas in sixty-miles-per-hour winds

***EXCLUSIVE*** SHETLAND ISLANDS, UK: One dramatic image featured over 90 Northern gannets resting atop a blustery cliffside, whilst another provided a bird's eye view over the baby blue North Sea. Another hilarious snap showed two peckish birds nabbing another below the beak and on the neck. Photographer, Josh Jaggard (29) from Norwich, UK, took the stunning shots at the Hermaness National Nature Reserve at Haroldswick, Shetland Islands, UK. He used a Nikon D800 and D500 with either a Nikon 200-400mm or 17-35mm lens. Northern gannets can measure up to three-feet long and have a maximum wingspan of 5ft 8in. Northern gannets can live for up to 35 years and data from 2016 reveals that there is an estimated population of 25,580 breeding pairs at Hermaness. Conservative figures from The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) suggest there are at least 1,500,000 of the birds in the world which live predominantly in North America, Europe, and north east Africa.

Epic battle between two EIGHT-THOUSAND-POUND male hippos in what could be the ultimate clash of the titans

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENYA: One snapper captured this epic battle between two EIGHT-THOUSAND-POUND male hippos in what could be the ultimate clash of the titans. Action-packed images revealed the 18-feet-long hippos as they locked jaws and hurtled into each other at 15 miles-per-hour. Another photo showed the losing hippo as it shamefully scurried back-off into the bushes. The hippo melee was snapped by hobbyist photographer, Leon van Rooyen (68) of Tampa, Florida, USA. The Zimbabwe-born global adventurer used a Canon EOS 80D with a 100-400mm lens. This feisty hippo fracas took place in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, where the scrapping hippos bulls were at least eight years old.