Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

The Tongue Brush is the world’s first tongue brush – a tool that could be used for everything from glazing croissants to painting portrait

***EXCLUSIVE*** This freakish item is the world’s first tongue brush – a tool that could be used for everything from glazing croissants to painting portraits.  Made of fleshy silicone and an ordinary paintbrush handle, the Tongue Brush was created by the Multi Awesome Studio in Austria. The bizarre invention is described as: “A tool as versatile and flexible as a human tongue.” “Become the next Bob Ross, or simply make finger lickin’ good croissants,” the Multi Awesome Studio suggest.

Woman transforms three-bedroom house into a groovy shrine to the 1970s for just £1,500

***EXCLUSIVE*** Estelle Bilson, 43, has loved all things vintage since her student days and spends hours tracking down original pieces in auctions, on eBay and in charity shops. The retro-obsessed mum-of-one decided to take her obsession to the next level when her family moved into their new three-bed semi five year ago. She has painted her house in Stretford, Greater Manchester, with hues of orange and greens and hasn't bought anything modern - apart from a hoover and a mattress.

Teen, 15, who has only ate Richmond sausages since he was a baby cured by hypnotherapy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ben Simpson, 15, would refuse to try anything other than a bland diet of plain Richmonds bangers washed down with glasses of water. He developed his fear of food, known as ARFID, when mum Wendy Hughes, 55, tried to move him onto solid foods as a baby.  She has since forked out £60 a month on Richmonds skinless sausages - with Ben getting through four every meal and several packs of 16 each week.  Frustrated Wendy became so concerned about her son’s health she turned to Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist David Kilmurry for help.  And she was left amazed after Ben began trying new foods for the first rime following just one hypnotherapy session on a Facetime phone call.

A desperate man looking for love has finally found a girlfriend - after he put up a massive roadside billboard advert asking for applicants

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mark Rofe, 30, paid for a 3m x 6m ad featuring a picture of himself lounging with the caption: 'Single? Date Mark. This could be the sign you've been waiting for'. He took the drastic action after being single for a year and noticing all his friends were getting married while he still struggled to get a date.  But nine months on - and after 2,363 applications - he has revealed his £425 stunt paid off, and he has a partner. The Christmas tree seller from Sheffield has been dating the 28-year-old writer for six months now.

A young inventor has created a jelly sweet which helps boost the water intake of the elderly - after coming up with the idea while caring for his late grandmother

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lewis Hornby, 26, developed Jelly Drops in response to his Grandma Pat's struggle with dehydration due to dementia. Not drinking enough water is a problem particularly common among the elderly, particularly those with dementia, as they often forget to drink. It is hoped that the new sugar-free sweets, made up of 95 per cent water and electrolytes, will now help to combat the issue.

Obese father-of-three whose weight caused him to stop breathing 150 times A NIGHT reveals how he lost 220lbs after being left terrified he was going to die in his sleep

***EXCLUSIVE*** ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA: Commercial driver, Kedric Barrett (46) from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, always struggled with his weight growing up and has been classified as being obese since the age of nine. As a result of his weight, Kedric was bullied relentlessly by his classmates at school. Kedric was active in his early adult life coaching both basketball and football, but despite this Kedric would binge eat everything in sight including chocolate, crisps, pizza, and fizzy drinks. As a result, his weight ballooned to 32st 13lb and he barely fit into his 5XL shirts. When visiting restaurants with his family, Kedric often had the embarrassing ordeal of not being able to fit in the seating provided and attempting to ride on roller coasters was out of the question leading Kedric to miss out on quality family time. Kedric's weight triggered a series of health problems including sleep apnoea - a condition in which the sufferer stops breathing momentarily in the night. Kedric feared that one night, he might never wake up leaving his wife, Chauntel (42), and his children, Christopher (23), Kedric (19) and Zachary (16), alone. A sleep specialist confirmed that Kedric stopped breathing up to 150 times per night and he began using a CPAP machine to regulate his airways whilst asleep. Knowing that he needed to maintain his health for work, Kedric realised that it was time for things to change. In August 2018, Kedric underwent six months of psychological evaluations and consultations regarding the possibility of getting a gastric sleeve. The surgery went ahead on April 26, 2019, reducing the size of Kedric's stomach by 85% to that of an egg. Since his operation, Kedric’s life has changed dramatically. He has managed to lose almost 16-stone and now weighs 17st 4lb. This is eight-pounds under his goal weight and he fits comfortably into an XL shirt. No longer suffering from sleep apnea, Kedric is delighted that he is now able to take part in activities that his weight had prevented him from doing for years such as cycling, walking and playing sports with his sons.

Mum was told her seizures were caused by STRESS but now she’s fighting an incurable brain TUMOUR a quarter of the size of her brain

***EXCLUSIVE*** IRELAND: Mum-of-three, Alannah Sheehan (33) from Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, had just become a mum for the third time after giving birth to her daughter, Phoebe, in November 2019. After buying a house with her husband Martin (36) in 2019, everything was looking good for the family. This changed on the night of Phoebe’s christening on January 4, 2020, when Alannah had a seizure. Concerned about this, Alannah, who is also a mum to Finn (5) and Luca (3), went to her GP where she was told that the seizure was likely to be caused by stress. Alannah, who had also been suffering with intermittent headaches and dizziness, went about her life as normal until she had an even bigger seizure on February 15 and was admitted to hospital for routine scans. Scans revealed that Alannah had a large tumour on her brain which measured a quarter of the size of her brain but she was reassured as doctors told her there was only a two per cent chance the mass would be cancerous. Due to a low chance of cancer, doctors gave Alannah the option to leave the mass on her brain alone or undergo a craniotomy, for which she would have to stay awake for part of. Alannah opted for surgery and on February 26, she underwent the five-hour craniotomy to remove the tumour which was on her right side. Doctors managed to remove 90 per cent of the tumour but deemed removal of the remaining 10 per cent too dangerous without causing permanent damage. Fully expecting to be over the worst and recovering from surgery, Alannah was shocked to receive a devastating phone call two weeks later saying that her tumour was not benign but grade four glioblastoma multiforme - a fast-growing and very rare type of brain tumour. Alannah’s world fell apart as she was told her cancer was incurable and she only had a 50 per cent chance of surviving past a further two years. Terrified of leaving her children without a mummy, Alannah has incredibly found the strength to fight her cancer head on and is doing everything she can to give herself the best chance to survive. In the last few months, she’s undergone 30 rounds of radiotherapy and has just completed her third round of chemotherapy - the effect of which makes her very weak. Her husband, Martin, has had to give up work to become Alannah’s full-time caregiver as her increased seizures means she can’t be left alone. The family have set up a Go Fund Me page to raise vital funds for further treatment which would give Alannah the most time possible with her beautiful family.

MontPhoto Awards

***EXCLUSIVE*** SPAIN: The winners of the MontPhoto Photography Competition 2020 shine a light on nature in a year during which it?s become such an important escape. In one image titled ?Mara Crossing with a Centrepiece? by Artur Stankiewicz, a lone giraffe joined thousands of wildebeest in crossing the Mara River in Tanzania. Another image titled ?Another Planet? by Fran Rubia featured Iceland?s other-worldly glowing mountains. Currently in its 25th year, the MontPhoto Photography Competition is one of the biggest wildlife photo festivals in the world ? this year receiving over 14,000 images from over 68 countries. Italian photographer, Lorenzo Shoubridge, was deemed the overall winner of the competition for his image, ?The Herd,? which also topped the ?Mammals? category. Captured in the Apuan Alps, the image features two wolves hunting under the cover of night. Brit photographer, Fortunatto Gato, won the ?Plant World? category for his image ?Tundra in the Mist,? captured at Denali National Park, Alaska. Italian photographer, David Salvatori, won the ?Ecological Reporting? category. His photograph titled ?Entangled? demonstrated the effects littering has on our oceans? wildlife. Spanish photographer, Txema Trull Poch, won the ?Mountain Activity? category with ?Steps That Nature Our Soul,? taken in Chile, and Italian photographer, Anne Maenurm, won the ?Mountain? category with her image, ?Winter Wonders? captured in Catalonia. French photographer, Greg Lacoeur, won both the ?Birds? and ?Underwater World? categories.

A woman in Oklahoma has tested positive for COVID-19 twice and had to be hospitalized for eight days during the SECOND infection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tisha Davis, a 41-year-old Probation and Parole Officer, first contracted the virus in April and tested positive for a second time last week.  Davis, a married mom of four, said her first infection was “very mild” but the second time she was “scared to death” as she struggled to breathe for over 10 days. On September 21 she could barely take a breath so her husband drove her to the ER.

Boys live and play atop mountain of rubbish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Boys throw a ball to each other as they play on top of a rubbish dump. The sad sight of the children trying to entertain themselves was captured at a tip in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. They are members of families who live at the dump and scrape a living finding plastic in the trash and selling it at a local market.

Stay in this spectacular sixteenth-century tower fit for a King for just ÂŁ138 a night

***EXCLUSIVE*** EAST LOTHIAN, UK: Fenton Tower, in East Lothian, Scotland, is a luxury, five-star private castle that can sleep up to thirteen lucky guests. The tower has had many notable visitors in its history with the most well-known being King James VI of Scotland. It was owned by Sir John Carmichael - a loyal subject of the crown. He took refuge at Fenton Tower after escaping a rebel army in Fife. James VI later became James I of England and Scotland. The regal tower comprises six luxurious suites and a smaller single bedroom: Ruthven, Carmichael, Erskine, Garret, Seton, Sydserff, and Stewart. Each suite sleeps up to two people per room and up to 13 in total. The suites are a range of single, double, king, and twin bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, luxury toiletries, bath robes, TV, and Wifi included. This magnificent holiday retreat spans five floors and the hideaway Garett suite on the top floor provides access to the battlements and a seating area where guests can admire the rolling East Lothian countryside. Fenton Tower is advertised by Host Unusual, a company dedicated to finding the world?s most extraordinary accommodation. Prices start at Ł1800 a night (minimum of 10 guests over two nights) with a maximum of thirteen guests meaning the cost could be as little as Ł138.46 per person. The tower lies 18 miles east of Edinburgh and is easily accessible by road, rail, and air. It has its own private helicopter pad for those who want to travel in style. The historic property lies in approximately 350 acres of land with several activities available for guests to participate in.

The most beautiful picture-perfect reflections of the Lake District

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAKE DISTRICT, UK: This Brit photographer has captured the most beautiful picture-perfect reflections of the Lake District. In one image, the rising sun illuminated the early morning sky with shades of pink and orange over Kelly Hall Tarn. In another, a copse of trees was perfectly reflected in the dusky water of the Derwent Waters. Photographer, Demi Oral (43) from Derbyshire, UK, captured these stunning images in the Lake District, Cumbria, UK. An admirer of this area, Demi visits the Lake District around 10 times a year and can spend approximately two-hours catching the perfect snap. The Lake District stretches across 912 square-miles. The park’s largest lake, Windermere, is the longest lake in England measuring over 10-miles long. Demi captured the images using a Nikon Z7 camera and Nikkor S 24-70 F2.8 and S 14-30 FG4 lenses.

Bizarre new species of toothless two-fingered dinosaur that looked like a giant parrot and lived 68 million years ago is unearthed in the Gobi Desert

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bizarre two-fingered dinosaur that looked like a giant parrot has been unearthed in the Gobi Desert by Scottish scientists. The feathered beast was more than six foot tall with a crested skull, huge beak and powerful nut-cracking jaws. Named Oksoko avarsan, it was a member of the oviraptorosaurs - toothless creatures that ate meat and plants. Unusually, it only had two fingers - just like T Rex. All the other known members of its family had three.It would have used them to catch small reptiles, rodents and insects. Oksoko also consumed eggs, seeds, nuts and ferns.

Thrilling action shots show the heart-stopping moment one unlucky wildebeest was ambushed by a hungry crocodile as it tried to cross a river

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENYA: Thrilling action shots show the heart-stopping moment one unlucky wildebeest was ambushed by a hungry crocodile as it tried to cross a river. The series of images captured the moment the stealthy 500-pound Nile crocodile clocked eyes on the group of wildebeest and swam alongside them before singling one of the 286-pound wildebeest out of the water by the neck. Other pictures showed the wildebeest’s valiant efforts to escape the jaws of the 13-foot long reptile predator before it was gobbled up by the scaly beast, as its herd-mates fled the scene. The images were taken at the Mara Triangle, Kenya, by hobby photographer, Joanne Matson (69) from Timnath, Colorado, USA.

Slow worm emerges from water looks like mini Loch Ness

***EXCLUSIVE*** A slow worm extending its head from a pool of water in Scotland looks like a miniature Loch Ness Monster. The reptile was spotted by keen photographer John Cobham near Loch Sunart while on holiday in Glenborrodale, in the West Highlands. Slow worms can live for over 15 years, and rely on warmth to generate mobility - meaning this one stayed fairly static in the cold water.

Beach walkers were left stunned when they stumbled across a giant artwork of a SKIER etched into the sand

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 150ft long drawing was carved into the shore on Bamburgh Beach in Northumberland. Retired GP Claire Eason, 55, turned beach artist, spent four hours crafting the giant skiing artwork using a garden rake. She said: “I always try and use the landscape in my artwork and I love the rugged nature of the beach at Bamburgh.”