Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

This 24-year-old man says he gets stopped in the street almost daily, and people try to snap sneaky pictures of him, because of his striking resemblance - to ED SHEERAN

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brandon Geisha is almost a dead ringer for the 29-year-old British pop star, best known for number one hits including Shape Of You, Thinking Out Loud, and Perfect. Brandon, who lives in Little Oakley, Essex, said he gets stopped almost daily by strangers who comment on his likeness to the singer, and even ask him for selfies. And sometimes, Brandon has spotted people trying to snap a sneaky photo of him from a distance, mistaking him for his celebrity doppelganger.

Meet the adorable French bulldog dressing up as a different famous character every day in October for a Halloween series

***EXCLUSIVE*** Toad has already appeared as Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, Elton John, MC Hammer, Napoleon Dynamite and Dwight Shrute from The Office. “My favorite one is the LaFawnduh one from Napoleon Dynamite,” Amy Herrington, 30, Toad’s owner. “The way he looked down in the photo really captured Kip from the movie. “We use sily characters from our favorite movies,” Amy, an attorney from Dallas, Texas, said.

A prison officer has broken the world record for running a marathon while pulling a 730kg car behind him

***EXCLUSIVE*** Russell Cook, 23, completed a seafront marathon by striding up and down a 1km stretch 42 times with a car tied to him in Worthing, west Sussex. The young adventurer completed the world record in nine hours and 56 minutes, smashing the previous record by nine hours and 40 minutes. He set off at 2am on Saturday (10 Oct), pulling his friend's Suzuki Alto down the coast and finished at around 12:30pm - well ahead of his estimated 14 hour time.

Meet the gorgeous twin girls who were born after they defied the odds when their mum tested positive for coronavirus and ended up in a two week coma

***EXCLUSIVE*** The twins' mum Danielle Martin, 32, had been rushed to hospital after struggling to breathe when she was nine weeks pregnant with what she believed to be one baby. She tested positive for coronavirus and entered an induced coma after her condition deteriorated, leaving dad Bryan Green, 32, fearing for the lives of both his partner and unborn child. Thankfully, Danielle woke from her coma after 10 long days and rang Bryan with the incredible news that they were expecting twins.

5,000 pumpkins used for spectacular coronavirus artwork

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers at Sunnyfields Farm in Totton, Hants form a socially distanced line as they toss pumpkins to create a giant artwork of a pumpkin donning a facemask, made up of over 5,000 of the vegetables which goes on display to the public for the first time this Saturday, October 9th.

This heart-stopping video shows a teenage daredevil clambering up the outside of a 470-foot tall skyscraper - completely BAREFOOT

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adam Lockwood, 19, is no stranger to vertigo-inducing free climbing, having been successfully scaling buildings of up to 200 metres in the UK and Europe for the last two years, without any equipment. But his latest venture earlier this week saw Adam add a new challenge to his climbing. For the first time, Adam took on a skyscraper building - the 144-metre (472 feet) Torre Agbar tower in Barcelona, Spain - completely barefoot.

Meet Britain's top 'big cat' tracker who honed her skills with an African tribe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rhoda Watkins has spent more than 20 years investigating big cats using her specialist knowledge to monitor their behaviour. She has now gathered enough evidence to be certain of the presence of animals such as pumas and leopards in the UK - and claims there is now a healthy BREEDING population. Rhoda, 42, of Redruth, Cornwall, says she uses her instincts to investigate changes in the natural environment caused by predators - something she learned while spending time with the San bushmen in Namibia, who are renowned as the best trackers in the world.

Hyundai has brought a new meaning to the phrase ‘fast fashion’ by making clothes from discarded car parts including seatbelts and AIRBAGS

***EXCLUSIVE*** The manufacturer has teamed up with several high-end fashion designers to upcycle the discarded materials from the automotive manufacturing and scrapping process – and sell them at Selfridges. The sustainable garments include jumpsuits made from upcycled denim and leather scraps, and a corset made of recycled airbag fabric. There is also a Fuji Technical Vest created from discarded seatbelt webbings and airbag materials while a work vest with pockets was also made from the same product.

This 360 degree camera captures a skydiver's incredible leap of faith that makes him look to be literally perched on top of the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jack Mcoll, 27, fell through the air filming himself on his 360 GoPro with the world at his feet. Financial consultant Jack said: “It was the perfect weather and perfect day to be jumping out of a plane! I am grateful to be alive and grateful to be doing this! “The footage I captured got me so stoked that I wanted to get back up there and do it again!!”

A three bedroom house is being built brick by brick from the ground up in a ground-breaking UK first - by a ROBOT

***EXCLUSIVE*** In place of labourers, the building is being constructed by a robotic bricklayer designed by boffins at a British engineering firm. Incredible pictures and video show the machine working away at the building site in the village of Everingham near Pocklington, East Yorks.  One part of the robot has a mechanism to spread mortar while another, similar to a claw, picks up the bricks and lays them. It's controlled from a tablet and uses "a sophisticated software control system" to read digitised architectural plans. Building in this way requires just two people to work on each house – a labourer to load bricks and mortar into the robot and a skilled person to do jobs such as pointing. The robot's control system sends out alerts when these important jobs need doing. On board sensors measure each individual brick to line it up centrally on the wall and with the edge of the next brick - to produce a "perfect finish". The Yorkshire company behind the robot, Construction Automation, say it will increase productivity, build better quality houses and improve health and safety on sites.

A rare vintage carousel built by iconic British car maker Rolls-Royce almost a century ago to entertain its workers has gone on public display

***EXCLUSIVE*** The traditional one-of-a-kind ride was manufactured at at the manufacturer's Derby factory in 1931. The roundabout has 24 horses cast in the aluminium foundry at the factory and all are fitted with leather saddles and reins. Twelve horses sitting on the outer ring of the ride are named after famous Rolls-Royce cars and aero engines including Ghost, Shadow, Merlin and Phantom.

Badger plays hide and seek with from behind a tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** A curious badger appears to be grinning as he looks out from behind a tree. The animal seems reluctant to come out from its hiding place to look for food. The nocturnal creatures are a rare sight in the daytime, usually opting to stay in their underground networks of tunnels, called sets, until nightfall. These photos were captured by amateur wildlife photographer Peter Lewis in Crimond, in Aberdeenshire.

Aston Martin V12 Speedster for $950.000 dollars

***EXCLUSIVE*** Earlier in March, Aston Martin announced its upcoming V12 Speedster with a series of renderings, and now fans finally have the chance to see the actual roofless racer, albeit a prototype. For those who may have missed the original announcement, the British automaker's latest production is a combination between the Vantage and the DBS Superleggera. As its name suggests, the car carries a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 engine capable of pushing out a staggering 700 horsepower and 555 pound-feet of torque. Only 88 of the V12 Speedster will be built by Aston Martin, each going for 950 000 Dollars.

Detailed photos of insect heads look like extraterrestrials

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredibly detailed close-up photos of insects make them look like creatures straight from a science-fiction film. The extreme macro photographs make flies, dragonflies, a grasshopper, ants, wasps, a bee and beetles appear lifesize and show them in detail impossible to see with the naked eye. The photographs were taken by Lessy Sebastian in Jakarta, Indonesia, who found all the bugs in his garden. Mr Sebastian, 57, said: "I was just amazed when I looked back at the photos.

Bottle gourd

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vegetable sellers arrange huge piles of brightly coloured gourds at market. The bottle gourds, which can grow to 2ft long and are used in dishes such as curries, are laid out to entice buyers who typically pay 50p for each. The market, in Jaypurhat, Bangladesh, was photographed by 29-year-old Abdul Momin.

Roadside pineapple seller

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers sit amongst a sea of tropical pineapples as they sell them from their stall on the side of a busy road in Bogra, Bangladesh. The pictures were taken by photographer Abdul Momin. Mr Momin said “The workers bring hundreds of pineapples to sell each day on their tricycles. There were over 800 pineapples, which each sell for around thirty-five pence. ” “The workers sell them from the early morning until the early evening.”