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Meet the eight-year-old conservationist who loves spiders so much that she shares her bedroom - with more than 50 of them

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hollie Greenhalgh also keeps two snakes and a scorpion as well as enclosures full of millipedes, grasshoppers, cockroaches and snails in her own impressive mini zoo. The exotic pets are kept in separate enclosures and Hollie spends around three hours every weekend feeding them all. The youngster, who aspires to be the next David Attenborough, hosts her own educational YouTube channel which has more than 6,000 subscribers. She provides in-depth information, facts and caring tips to viewers on videos she creates in her bedroom and edits with her mum Rachel, 29. Hollie first fell in love with creepy crawlies as a toddler and was given her first spider - a Mexican Red Knee tarantula - for her seventh birthday. Since then, Rachel and partner David Rylance, 31, have shelled out around £500 to help Hollie amass her vast collection of creatures. But Hollie, from Winsford, Cheshire, said the Mexican Red Knee - called Hairyett - is still her favourite.

VICTA, the world's most technically advanced submersible boat

***EXCLUSIVE*** The first pictures of the world's most technically advanced submersible boat have finally been revealed. The revolutionary British made VICTA, which looks like something straight out of a James Bond film, is specifically designed for the special forces. Capable of operating both on and under the water, VICTA combines the characteristics of a speedboat with those of a specialist submersible. Its performance in both domains, and the ability to rapidly transition between the two, is enabled by a unique 'fly-by-wire' control system, which gives stability whatever the conditions.

The £10m silver lining: Salvador Dali's 'heads full of clouds' painting is expected to fetch a fortune when it goes under the hammer

He was the master of surrealism famed for his dream-like imagery. Now one of Salvador Dali’s paintings is going on public sale for the first time in a dream come true for wealthy art collectors. The diptych – an artwork in two pieces – shows the Spanish artist and his wife Gala as silhouettes with their heads full of clouds. It is set to fetch up to £10million at a Bonhams auction in London on Thursday. 

This woman’s debilitating leg condition prevented her from getting a job and caused her so much pain that she asked doctors to chop it off

***EXCLUSIVE*** GEORGIA, USA: Musician Jay Elle (26) from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, was born with a rare condition called fibular hemimelia. This meant that she was missing the fibula in her left leg - one of the two main bones that form the lower part of the leg. As a result, her left leg was seven inches shorter than her right one and so Jay had to wear a special prosthetic with a fake foot attached to the bottom of it in order to walk. The difference in the length of Jay’s legs meant that her left foot would not lie flat on the ground resulting in her only being able to walk on the ball of her foot. This caused Jay severe problems with her hips and knees which had become uneven making standing for any length of time difficult. At the age of six, Jay was offered a choice by surgeons. She could either have her leg amputated or undergo leg lengthening surgery. She chose the latter which involved her having her femur broken and metal pins inserted which were tightened by one millimeter each day, causing the bone to fracture and then lengthen as it healed. Yet this was unsuccessful, due to Jay’s leg healing too quickly and ended up doing very little to aid her condition. Despite this, Jay’s parents told her whilst growing up that she could achieve anything she wanted to regardless of her disability and as a young child, Jay played soccer and ran around with her brother Daniel and sister Mandy in their back garden. Through her teenage years, Jay would endeavour to meet up for shopping trips with her friends, having too much pride to tell them when she was in pain and struggling to walk.

Rare Sir Isaac Newton book considered 'most important in history of science' could stun at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A first edition copy of Sir Isaac Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy in English will go under the hammer in Hansons Auctioneers’ Library Auction on October 13 and hopes are high that it will exceed expectations.  The 291-year-old book, which comes in two volumes and was published in 1729, has an estimate of £8,000-£10,000. However, a copy found in Wales during lockdown recently sold (Oct 8) for £22,000 at auction and interest is strong around the world.  Jim Spencer, books expert at Hansons Auctioneers, said: “It's an incredibly scarce book, perhaps only a few hundred were printed. The very first edition of Newton’s Principia was published in 1687 in Latin and a copy sold in recent years for millions of dollars. This is the first edition in English, translated by Andrew Motte, and is such an important thing.”

Tornado proof eco dome

***EXCLUSIVE*** MINNESOTA, USA: This unique dome-shaped eco-home comes with its own tornado shelter and could be yours for just over Ł345K. The eco dome, located in Brainerd, Minnesota, USA, was designed by eco-entrepreneur David Winkelman, who spent Ł1,345,000 ($1,750,000) on the project to create a harmonious eco-friendly home. The home won a Green Building Award from the state of Minnesota in 1999. Its owner David Winkelman, founder of Water Foundation, didn’t live in the home and instead used it as a show home where he hosted tours and events about environmental technologies.  The house was completed in 1999 and sold to the current owners in 2012. The dome is a double home meaning that there are two domes connected to each other that make up the property. The 8,494-square-foot property comprises five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a shower room, kitchenette, lounge/work-out room, studio/control room, studio/sound booth and a vault. The property also includes a tornado shelter made of concrete and steel, a greenhouse dome, and a shed. The current owners Kalin Kounev and Vessela Kouneva bought the property to use as a holiday home. The geodesic dome sits on two acres of land and is made out of triangle-shaped structural membranes making the dome the strongest supporting structure that can be made. The environmentally friendly property uses green technology such as wind turbines and solar panels to create a waste-free, fuel-free, pollution-free, highly efficient energy home.  The property also has composting toilets that use waste to create usable black dirt. The couple are selling the exceptional eco property for Ł346,159 ($449,000).

This woman admits she will never be able to accept the way she looks after being born with an incredibly rare and incurable facial tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** ENSCHEDE, THE NETHERLANDS: Crochet designer Wilma Westenberg (26) from Enschede, The Netherlands, was born with a benign tumour in her cheek. At first, the doctors believed it was just some swelling caused by the way she was lying in the womb however as the weeks since her birth went by, the swelling did not disappear. Despite undergoing a series of tests including an MRI scan, medical professionals were none the wiser as to what was causing the lump on her cheek. At the ages of one and two years old, Wilma underwent surgeries to have the tumour removed but it grew back immediately each time. Finally in 2017, Wilma - now 22 years old - received the diagnosis she was looking for after looking for a second opinion amongst experts in the field of vascular anomalies. She was suffering from facial infiltrating lipomatosis - an incredibly rare condition caused by the mutated PIK3ca gene that results in overgrowth in half of the face. Those affected by the condition also suffer from an enlarged jaw, cheekbones and disfigurement of the teeth. This revelation was a relief to Wilma who whilst growing up, felt lonely and confused not knowing what made her look different to those around her. Since her diagnosis, Wilma has been on a mission to meet as many people as she can around the world who also suffer from this incredibly rare condition. So far, she has managed to meet 15 others including an eight-year-old girl called Jayce from Idaho, USA, a 33-year-old woman called Virginia from Germany and a five-year-old girl called Vela from San Diego who Wilma calls her „mini-me” due to the pair both having blonde hair, blue eyes and the same condition.

Artist finishes paintings of the world

Saxony-Anhalt, Spergau: The artist Peter Gehre stands in his studio at stacked pictures, after he has finished the world picture "The World Union Vision", consisting of 192 oil paintings, with his signature on the picture "Argentina". For the project, which he began nineteen years ago and which, according to his information, is the longest painting in the world at 192 meters, he painted an oil painting in the size 70 by 100 centimeters of all statistically recorded states of the world in the year 2000. The connection and seamless transition from one painting and thus from one country to another is the 64-year-old's vision of the equality of all countries and a peacefully united world. With the longest painting he would now like to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Woman is left partially TOOTHLESS at 28 and with permanent lockjaw after the toothache that her dentist dismissed turned out to be cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman’s toothache turned out to be CANCER which has left her TOOTHLESS and unable to open her mouth more than a centimetre. Student Nicole Kowalski (28) from Los Angeles, California, USA, developed toothache in June of 2017 but after being told by her dentist that it was nothing to worry about, she soon dismissed her concern. However, the pain persisted for a further six months. Fed up of being unable to sleep, Nicole sought medical advice and was treated for a sinus infection yet the pain still remained. During her next appointment with the dentist in January of 2018, an x-ray revealed that Nicole’s upper jaw was missing some bone. The dentist transferred Nicole to an oral surgeon who removed a molar to perform a biopsy. The results revealed that Nicole had a rare yet benign tumour. A two-hour partial maxillectomy was performed to remove the harmless tumour and the six-months of pain appeared to be over. Four of Nicole’s teeth were removed during the surgery and she was given an obturator – a type of prostthetic retainer – to seal the hole in her palate and replace the teeth alllowing Nicole to eat, drink, and speak. Just two weeks later, Nicole returned to the hospital for her follow-up appointment expecting to be given the all clear. Instead, test results revealed that Nicole had been misdiagnosed and she in fact had salivary gland cancer. Cancer wasn’t new to Nicole’s family. Unfortunately, three of Nicole’s grandparents and two aunts had been diagnosed yet Nicole was still shocked and devastated to hear her diagnosis – particularly given her age. She spent the next 30 days undergoing radiation treatment. Having had her life been so wholeheartedly affected by cancer, Nicole is determined to help others who feel alone and ignored showing them that they too deserve to be loved and supported – and that support is out there.

Twin brothers get British Record for heaviest pumpkin

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of twins have broken the British record for the biggest pumpkin - but narrowly missed out on the world record by just 31lb. The incredible gourd weighed in at a whopping 2,593.7lb, two and half times the size of a polar bear, beating the previous UK best of 2,433lb. Ian and Stuart Paton, from Lymington in Hampshire's New Forest National Park, said they were 'extremely pleased' with their 'incredible beast'. During its three-week growing peak, Ian and Stuart said the pumpkin was gaining around 51lb a day and they spent around six hours a day tending to it.

A bride saved her dad's life at her own wedding when he collapsed and stopped breathing after strutting his stuff to Queen on the dance floor

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kim Leary, 37, said the best day of her life nearly became the worst after dad John Douglas, 65, went into respiratory arrest at her wedding reception. The OAP had heart problems and overexerted himself by bopping along to Bohemian Rhapsody with her other guests. But it put too much pressure on his heart and moments later he fell to the floor, and nurse Kim watched in horror as he stopped breathing.

This mum had to be resuscitated FOUR TIMES after an explosion left her with half her face BURNT OFF

***EXCLUSIVE*** JOINVILLE, BRAZIL: Business owner Adriana Lima (39) from Joinville, Brazil was at work with her husband David Lima (37) on July 25, 2017, when disaster struck. The couple who own a cleaning and waterproofing business used a flammable product which was required for waterproofing sofas. With their client forgetting this was the case, he turned on the kitchen hob and the apartment they were working in blew up. Whilst David remarkably only suffered minor burns, Adriana took the full force of the blast. High on adrenaline, she initially thought she had come out of the accident relatively unscathed - even helping the owner of the apartment escape from the smoke-filled wreckage. However, just minutes later, Adriana started to feel intense pain all over her body. She was having a cardiopulmonary arrest meaning that both her heart and lungs were shutting down. Having to be resuscitated three times at the scene, Adriana was desperately fighting for her life. Whilst quickly being rushed to hospital by paramedics, Adriana had another pulmonary arrest resulting in her having to be resuscitated once again. With 63 percent of her body covered in third degree burns including her hands, face, legs and arms, Adriana spent the next 24 days in a coma in intensive care. During this time, her heart swelled, her lungs filled with fluid, and her kidneys almost shut down leading doctors to say that her chances of survival were incredibly slim. However, after 24 days of unconsciousness, Adriana awoke. She was confused as to why she was in hospital and was convinced that only one day had passed since her accident.

A civil servant has won a stunning two bedroom cottage worth £290,000 after buying a £5 raffle ticket

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lucky Janet Shepherd, 40, scooped the stunning dream home after her ticket was pulled out of the hat on 30 September. The cottage is located on the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales, on the outskirts of the idyllic Snowdonia National Park. Originally built in the early 1800s, the former traditional working barn has been transformed into a luxurious, peaceful home.  The property boasts a dining area which leads into a bespoke kitchen, two double bedrooms with stunning views and a bathroom.  Janet, a mother-of-two from Rainford near St Helens, Merseyside, said she “went into shock” after being told she was the winner. The government worker entered in March at the beginning of lockdown after seeing the advert on Facebook.

This poor puppy has finally found it’s fur-ever home after it was SHOT and left paralysed in the street

***EXCLUSIVE*** GALVESTON, TEXAS, USA: Nursing student, Lynlee Lee (27) from Galveston, Texas, USA, adopted her latest dog, Millie, on July 20, 2020, alongside husband and physical therapist, Matthew Lee (27). Already the proud owners of Jack Daniels the cat (6), Royal the Labrador (4) and Pompi the poodle (1), Lynlee and Matthew did not plan to acquire another pet. That changed when Lynlee came across Millie’s story on the animal rescue site „This is Houston.” Local county animal control officers found Millie abandoned at just five months old. The tiny eight-pound puppy had a bullet lodged in her spine which had healed over, paralysing her back legs. Millie was rushed in for emergency surgery to remove the bullet which had entered on her left side causing spinal cord compression, a disc prolapse, and several fractures. Variation of the bullets placement in either direction could’ve been lethal. Little is known about Millie’s origins including her breed and why she was shot but it’s possible that her previous owners no longer wanted her or the bullet was an attempt to shoo her away from someone’s property. Posting a video of the then very timid Millie to Instagram, Lynlee’s heart and attention were instantly captured. Millie had already found a foster home so unbeknownst to husband, Matthew, Lynlee put in an adoption application. Lynlee tested the waters by joking to Matthew, „We’re not going to hear back so let’s just apply anyway.” Thinking she was correct, Matthew agreed but just a few days later, the couple had heard back and were invited to meet Millie. Millie leapt into Lynlee’s arms giving her an abundance of kisses and it was soon clear that this was a perfect match.

Woman, 23, who was branded a 'whale' by bullies at size 14 unveils her impressive transformation after teaching herself how to lift weights

***EXCLUSIVE*** BATH, UK: This woman developed an eating disorder that caused her to OBSESS over healthy eating after bullies called her a 'WHALE'. Business director and coach, Emma Rose Doherty (23) from Bath, UK, hasn’t always been a fitness enthusiast. During her teens, Emma hid away from the world feeling ashamed and insecure about her 11st 2lb weight and her UK 14 dress size. Bullies at school would call Emma a „whale”, and she began to cancel all social plans - developing anxiety and depression in the process. Emma soon after turned to binge eating foods like chocolate, ice cream, and sweets to cope. Emma hated going on holiday because she didn’t want to wear swimwear and she’d often send her sister into clothing stores because she was too embarrassed to speak to cashiers. Determined to change, Emma would psyche herself up to go to the gym before looking in the mirror and backing out. Despite the anxiety holidays would cause her, it was in Spain that Emma eventually decided that she couldn’t maintain this way of living. Glancing at the other girls around her, Emma noticed that she was the only one not having fun. She soon decided that the pursuit of happiness was more important to her than worrying about how she looked. One day after sixth form, Emma went to a small gym in a public hospital and started to teach herself how to use the weights equipment. One trip turned into working out every day and things started to change.

This eerie image of 'King Uther' - the father the legendary King Arthur - was unexpectedly captured by a photographer doing a shoot at a medieval castle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Craig McDearmid set up tea lights inside Pendragon Castle at Mallerstang, Cumbria, as he tried to capture it at night with the Milky Way hanging in the sky above it. But when he later took a closer look at his shots, he noticed what appeared to be the image of 'King Uther' in the stonework inside one of the illuminated arches.

A woman who was hooked on chocolate and takeaways lost a staggering seven stone - after she broke a chair at a music festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lynsey Blackshaw, 29, tipped the scales at 17 stone after years of gorging on fast-food and sweet treats all washed down with pints of beer.  The secondary school teacher could munch through an entire sharing pack of Cadbury’s chocolate bars and scoffed more than 3,000 calories a day.  She decided to take drastic action after she smashed a camping chair when she sat down with pals at the V Festival in August 2015.  Since joining Slimming World, Lynsey has shed seven stone and six dress sizes.  She now runs 10km three times a week and has swapped takeaways and chocolate for vegetables, fish and rice.  Her weight loss was so dramatic she was forced to spend hundreds of pounds having her size 22 wedding dress taken in to fit her size 10 frame.

International Day of the Girl in Lahore

October 11, 2020, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan: Pakistani residential Afghani girls are busy in searching food for their livehood at Badami Bagh fruit and vegetables market on the eve of International Day of the Girl Child in Lahore. International Day of the Girl is observed on October 11 every year. The idea behind this day is to acknowledge and celebrate the importance and potential of girls around the world and to promote gender equality. The day also aims to drive efforts to eliminate unique challenges that girls face globally. This year, the theme for International Day of the Girl is „My voice, our equal future” she makes decisions about her body, her life.Gender-based discrimination against girl child results in inequalities in areas such as access to education, nutrition, medical care, and legal rights.Also, girls across the globe are susceptible to forced underage marriage and sexual violence. Every year, 12 million girls are pressed into marriage before they turn 18, according to UNICEF data. Globally, one in every five girls has faced sexual violence. Almost 80 percent of fresh HIV infections among adolescents in southern and eastern Africa are among girls.

Pre-Covid London

***EXCLUSIVE*** UK: A British man has revealed surreal time-lapse images of a bustling pre-Covid London that will make you long to go back in time. One busy image featured Piccadilly Circus overlaid in a frame filled with hundreds of people packed like sardines heading for the tube. Other images showcased thousands of tourists and commuters crossing the Millennium Bridge and the multi-cultural hubbub of south London’s trendy Pop Brixton events venue. The fantastic multi-layered shots of our capital were snapped by fine art photographer, Burnham Arlidge (32) of Bristol, UK. He used a Sony Alpha 7R III with a Sony 16-32mm lens to snag the superb and rather patriotic shots of how busy our Great British lives were before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Burnham calls the pictures „memoryscapes” and estimates he has produced over 100 pieces of art in the last year.

Photo bomb couple

***EXCLUSIVE*** MILAN, ITALY: Watch the hilarious moment a couple got swarmed by pigeons as they tried to snap a romantic picture outside of Milan Cathedral. In the video, a group of the rowdy birds descended on the couple as they posed, landing on their arms and at their feet, ruining the idyllic shot. Pilot Julia Hompes (29), from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was visiting Milan, Italy, with fiancé Robbert (34) and their seven-month-old son Flynt last weekend on October 4, 2020. They stopped at the stunning landmark to recreate a photo by travel blogger @nastjastasia, but the end result left Julia and Robbert surrounded by a flock of hungry pigeons. Spotting the opportunity for a fun snap, Julia asked a stranger to take a video of them with some bird food.

Mountain sunrise

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAKE DISTRICT, UK: This British photographer has just snapped the most stunning shot of the third highest mountain in England at sunrise. One superb shot featured the morning sun ascending over the peak of Helvellyn along with the photographer who wore a red jacket and was situated in the middle of the orange and blue skies. Spectacular drone video showed the sheer height of the 3117-foot peak, which is only eclipsed by two other mountains in the Lake District in England. These hazy heights were shot by delivery driver, Paul Mulholland (30), of Carlisle, Cumbria, UK. He used a Canon EOS 6D MK II with a Sigma 24-105mm lens to photograph the Helvellyn range located to the north of Ambleside, Lake District, UK. The footage was shot on a DJI Mavic 2 Pro.