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Meet the exotic pet owner who takes his six-hundred-pound pet TIGERS for walks in public

***EXCLUSIVE*** OLOMOUC, CZECH REPUBLIC: Meet the exotic pet owner who takes his six-hundred-pound pet TIGERS for walks in public. In one image, the exotic pet owner held the leash of a tiger as they both crossed the road. In another, one big cat snuggled up to his owner for a quick selfie capturing the unique bond between the two. Photographer, David Tesinsky (30) from Prague, Czech Republic, captured these images of the exotic pet and circus owner, Jaromir Joo (65) in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Jaromir, who owns around eighty animals, runs his family's controversial circus which has been operating for several generations. Not one to shy away from the public eye, Jaromir is often seen walking his tigers down suburban streets much to the surprise of onlookers. Many countries have banned the use of wild animal based circus acts including the UK on January 20, 2020. However, Jaromir tours his circus across Europe in countries that are yet to pass the law. According to Big Cat Rescue, 98 per cent of all big cats die within two years of being taken into captivity as they require adequate space, nutrition, and health care. Purchasing an exotic cat and enclosure can cost upwards of Ł20,000.

Bodybuilder who says her 32DD breast implants caused psoriasis, 70lb weight gain and depression reveals she had to spend $12,000 having them removed

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA: Doctors refused to carry out tests on this woman when she told them her BREAST implants were making her feel like she was DYING - and instead accused her of being lazy and fat. Fitness coach, Emily Duncan (25) from Columbus, Ohio, USA, has always led an active lifestyle. As a child, Emily was a keen dancer and during her teens, she took up weight lifting leading Emily to compete in her first bodybuilding competition by the age of 18. As such, Emily grew up with a lean and toned figure but she’d always had a smaller chest. As breast tissue is made of fat and not muscle, it’s the one area Emily couldn’t build up and after a period of deliberation, she opted to get breast implants in August of 2016. The Ł4600 ($6000) implants took Emily’s breast size from a 32B to a 32DD and for a while, Emily enjoyed her new fuller look. However just two months later, Emily began to experience a series of unexplained health complications. Without changing her diet or exercise regime, Emily would experience ten-pound weight fluctuations - gaining five-stone over the year without explanation. Emily’s psoriasis which had been in remission also began to flare-up again and her face became puffy. It wasn’t just physical changes that Emily noticed. Tiredness soon led to chronic depression and Emily had very little motivation left - going months without seeing her friends. Emily’s coach suggested she was „cheating” on her diet but Emily knew for certain that she wasn’t so she sought medical advice. Over the next two years, Emily spent around Ł9200 ($12,000) on potential cures and diagnosis - none of which proved to be helpful or correct.

Boris Johnson toilet brush and loo roll

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sales of a toilet brush bearing the face of Boris Johnson have rocketed with more people than ever wanting to stick the PM's head down the toilet. The £4.99 Boris Bog Brush and 99p Boris Bog Roll have flown off shelves during lockdown as the Prime Minister began to test the public's patience. The company selling the jokey products insist it's nothing personal against Boris, but claim it's good to see the public 'in close contact' with their politicians. The owner of Bog Standard, Carlton Johnson, said: "I saw people had made some toilet paper with Donald Trump's face on, and it had been successful, so I thought 'why don't I do some for Boris?

H&M installs in-store machine that turns old clothes into new clothes in five hours

***EXCLUSIVE*** H&M continues its sustainability efforts with a new recycling system called „Looop” - a machine that has landed in one of its Drottninggatan stores in Stockholm today with the aim to turn old clothes into new ones. „Looop” transforms your old garments into new fashion pieces in the most eco-friendly ways possible. First, it cleans and shreds pieces into its base fibers before spinning these into new yarn. In some circumstances, virgin materials will need to be added to help bulk out the yarn, but this is done with caution and is limited as much as possible. „Looop” costs H&M loyalty members 11 Dollars and non-members 17 Dollars. to transform old pieces into new ones, with all of the proceeds goings towards research on materials.

An Australian woman who lived in New York is facing a $9,500 bill to fly her beloved pooch down under after she was locked out by Trump's flight ban

***EXCLUSIVE*** Georgie Boyd, 29, was in London trying to renew her visa when flights from Europe to the US were cancelled.  The wedding planner was forced to abandon her apartment and her rescue puppy Boston in Manhattan. Georgie is now back with her family in Adelaide, Australia, and faces a lengthy and expensive process to bring Boston, a two-year-old rescue mix, home.

David Bowie fans are set to battle it out for a rare unheard song - made unique because it includes a clip of him telling the band to change tune

***EXCLUSIVE*** The unknown track - 'I Live In Dreams' - is already said to have attracted the attention of collectors worldwide due to the unusual recording. The B-side of the acetate stops abruptly with Bowie clearly heard repeating "F-sharp minor" to his bandmates. The track is one of several by the singer-songwriter previously thought to have been lost but rediscovered in the vaults of a major record label and now being sold.

200kg hurtles towards photographer as it attempts to catch a fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brown bear struggles to catch a thrashing salmon as the fish tries to escape its deadly paws. The fish are a vital part of this young male's diet, providing up to nine pounds of fat each day which is necessary to survive the harsh Alaskan winter. Though the fish often slip away, this one was caught by the bear on his second attempt. The photographs were taken by professional wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley in Southwest Alaska, in the United States.

Stunning pictures have captured an adventurer surrounded by caves of ice as he explores the glaciers of Iceland

***EXCLUSIVE*** ICELAND: A tranquil image showed a male poised inbetween two crystal-clear iceblocks seemingly holding a nine-foot-tall outlet of the Vatnajökull glacier open. Another snap revealed a silhouette of the explorer poised in pitch black standing on the edge of an ice block, lit only by the blue light reflected by the glacier. Guide and geologist, Magnús Bjarki (28) from Bláskógabyggð, Iceland, took the pictures. The Nordic photographed the cool glaciers in Öræfi, Iceland, using a Sony Alpha 6000 camera.

THE LONG WAR: Fight For Nagorno-Karabakh

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of the world's longest-standing frozen conflicts has now flared up into war. The risk of wider military conflict is escalating in Nagorno-Karabakh, the border region claimed by both Armenia and Azerbaijan, due to the failure of mediation efforts, increased militarization, and frequent cease-fire violations. In late September 2020, heavy fighting broke out along the border-the most serious escalation since 2016. More than three hundred soldiers and civilians have been killed, with hundreds more wounded on both sides. Although UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the UN Security Council, and countries like the United States and Russia have called for an end to hostilities, Armenia and Azerbaijan have rejected pressure to hold talks. Instead, they have pledged to continue fighting and have further escalated tensions by switching from cross-border shelling to the use of longer-range artillery and other heavy weaponry. Welcome to: 'THE LONG WAR: Fight For Nagorno-Karabakh'.

Elephant has dust bath

***EXCLUSIVE*** SPA TIME - A baby elephant cuddles up to its mother as she lays on the ground and is treated to a dust shower on a hot day after grazing the planes of Amboseli National Park in Kenya. The pictures were taken by cotton trader Nilesh Shah. The 43 year old said “After colossal grazing these elephants found a soft sandy spot, which provided a moment of respite on a hot day. They sprinkle dust on themselves and over others, as it keeps the heat and pests both at bay.” Mr Shah added “The little ones use this opportunity to cuddle up to their mums.”

The first ever chicken nugget sent into space, reaching heights of more 110,000 feet above Earth - about 880,000 chicken nuggets high

***EXCLUSIVE*** A team of experts in the field of stratospheric exploration created the perfect vessel for the nugget to travel in. It was sent into space using a meteorological weather balloon filled with a gas that’s lighter than air to be able to carry the clucking cargo up to the stratosphere. Using a custom designed launch vehicle including primary avionics, auxiliary satellite tracking and integrated camera support system taking video footage, the lone nugget was launched out of the Earth’s atmosphere. The nugget was sent star bound from a location close to supermarket Iceland’s head office in Deeside, North Wales, to mark its 50th birthday.

Louis Vuitton to produce travel case for Larry O'Brien trophy

***EXCLUSIVE*** To celebrate the 2020 NBA champions, the world-renowned Larry O'Brien Trophy was presented for the first time in the previously revealed bespoke Louis Vuitton Trophy Travel Case. Hand-crafted in French luxury fashion house's historic Asnières workshop in the outskirts of Paris, France. Drawing from the heritage of the malletier, the trunk is wrapped in LV's signature Monogram canvas accented by traditional brass fixtures. Embodying the personalization element integral to the roots of Louis Vuitton since its founding in 1854, the Trophy Travel Case is customized with a motif in white with blue and red to symbolize „Victory Travels in Louis Vuitton”.

Apple HomePod Mini speaker unveiled

Apple has launched a new version of its HomePod speaker, dubbed the HomePod Mini. The speaker has a spherical design and is smaller than the original HomePod. Like its predecessor, the HomePod Mini is covered in a mesh fabric and has a small display at the top. The speaker features a 360-degree sound experience, and is powered by Apple's S5 chip. If you choose to buy several HomePod Minis, the speakers will sync up around your house. It will cost $99, and is available to order from November 6.

A collection of antique phones owned by a popular radio DJ who died of cancer are being sold by his husband to raise money for an end of life hospice

***EXCLUSIVE*** Robin Adcroft, 68, spent his dying days in Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice, where he received "five star treatment". One of his hobbies had been acquiring and restoring Bakelite phones dating from the 1930s to 1960s, of which he had amassed more than 30 at the time of his death. His husband Zac Gensburg is now selling the phones to raise money for the hospice in Cheltenham, Glos., as a way of showing gratitude for their kindness. Zac has already raised £5,000, a total which he hopes to double - as £10,000 is enough to run the hospice for one day.

Cheeky monkey was caught red handed running off with someone's hand sanitiser

***EXCLUSIVE*** JAPAN: This cheeky monkey was caught red handed running off with someone's hand sanitiser as the world prepares for a second wave of Covid-19. Humorous images showed the 12-pound Japanese Macaque proudly clutching the two fluid ounce antibacterial bottle and carrying it in its mouth while crawling in the Asian snow. Another unsettling photo revealed the three-year-old primate trying to take a bite from the plastic lid of the sanitiser. The images were taken by photographer, Paul Mckenzie (56) from Hong Kong. The Irishman snapped the striking snaps in Jigokudani Monkey Park, Honshu, Japan, which represent two major struggles of our time: plastic pollution and the coronavirus. Paul used a Sony Alpha 9 with a 100-400mm lens for the shocking encounter with the 21-inch tall juvenile female which lasted for five minutes.