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This woman is inundated with MARRIAGE PROPOSALS from male admirers who can't get enough of her large muscles

***EXCLUSIVE*** ROME, ITALY: Bodybuilder, Daniela Zuccarini (40s) from Rome, Italy, has always led an active lifestyle and as such, she’s always had an enviable figure. Encouraged by her previous partner, Daniela began running in her twenties – a hobby she fell in love with and has since mainttained for 25 years. Daniela enjoys how strong exercising makes her feel both mentally and physically, but it also has its visual benefits. Admirers would tell her that she had a „beautiful” body and Daniela also caught the eye of modelling scouts who offered her a constant stream of work. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that Daniela decided to take things a step further by taking up bodybuilding on a whim. Currently in her forties, Daniela began focusing on gaining muscle mass. She now does intensive weight training sessions every day alongside cardio twice a week. The journey hasn’t always been easy and Daniela has had to eliminate dairy and meat from her diet to maintain her lean look, but she now weighs an impressive 9st 4lb. Social media has been a huge source of encouragement for Daniela throughout her fitness journey as she’s been able to connect with other women who push her to be even better. As with many areas of the internet, using the platform has also opened Daniela up to criticisms. Many male admirers love Daniela’s chiselled physique with comments deeming it to be „exquisite”. Some people have even sent Daniela marriage proposals although not everyone has been so kind. One online troll told her she was „too muscly” for a woman and Daniela has found whilst dating that men who don’t live an active lifestyle tend to steer clear of her. Concerned about her unnaturally large muscles, one woman even prompted Daniela to take a blood test – not believing a woman could achieve such a look. Happier than ever with her body, this doesn’t bother Daniela and she hopes to inspire other women to pursue their fitness goals. Having let go of outdated expectations on how a woman should look, Daniela feels stronger and more sure of herself than she did before taking up bodybuilding.

A real estate agent in Washington D.C. has gone turbo this Halloween, by decorating the homes she shows with 12 FOOT SKELETONS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Donna Kerr, 54, felt that the world needed some joy this Halloween season as we collectively battle COVID-19. “I think it’s like a bit of breath of fresh air, a bright spot in constant heavy news of the day with COVID,” said Donna, who buys the enormous skeletons for $300 each from Home Depot. “I just wanted to bring a smile to everyone that saw them, the more smiles the better.” An avid lover of the spooky season, Donna has adorned her own front yard with armies of smaller skeletons in the past. She now combines her personal spooky décor with the 12-footers, placing them at stoves to cook, lounging on couches and even washing in the shower. 

Meet the Harry Potter superfan who has a Funko Pop museum worth nearly Ł35,000 dedicated to the wizarding world in her BASEMENT

***EXCLUSIVE*** SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO: Logistic Planner Carla Rodriguez (27), from San Juan, Puerto Rico, has the full collection of 650 Pops - small vinyl figurines. The mother-of-three discovered the Harry Potter Funko Pops in 2016 on Amazon while decorating her three-year-old son Theo’s nursery. She purchased Pops of the main characters first, including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Lord Voldemort, but the collection soon grew. Carla has now spent Ł19,000 on Harry Potter Pops, and nearly Ł35,000 on her full collection of wizarding world collectables, including Legos, books and replicas. The collection grew so big that she renovated a space in September 2019 in her basement to display the Pops in full, using 11 200 x 78cm bookcases.

Meet the tribe who engage in a violent and bloody stick fight with the last man standing winning a BRIDE

***EXCLUSIVE*** OMO VALLEY, ETHIOPIA: In one image, a young Suri man prepared for the next round of fighting as blood dripped off his head. Another photo featured a woman crying as she struggled to watch the bloody battles unfold. Photographer, Xavier Gil Tabios (62) from Barcelona, Spain, captured these stunning images in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia. During the seven days he spent with the Suri tribe, Xavier witnessed the Donga fights in which men compete for glory and the prize of a bride. Between 20 and 30 men compete in these stick fights which can occasionally result in death however a referee is often present to prevent this. Stick fighting was banned by the Ethiopian government in 1994 but the tradition has persisted. Xavier captured the images on his Nikon D300 camera using a Sigma 70-200 2.8 lens.

A long-suffering wife has dubbed her partner 'Britain's clumsiest husband' after he accidentally blew up her car, flooded their home and crashed into McDonald's

***EXCLUSIVE*** Debbie Stephens, 55, claims her husband of 24 years, Craig, 50, a business owner, has 'the best intentions', but she is at her wits end after his clumsiness has resulted in him blowing all the lights in the house and booking return tickets on the day they arrived on holiday. Despite becoming increasingly fed up with his disastrous actions, Debbie claims it's 'what makes him him' and says she wouldn't change a thing about her 'soul mate'. The mum-of-two, a business owner, from Edinburgh, Scotland, said: “I think he's the clumsiest man in the UK – he's like Frank Spencer and I'm his Betty!

Woman turned to SEX to feel accepted after she was told „big girls are good in bed” – now she’s lost HALF her body weight in a bidd to find real love

***EXCLUSIVE*** RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA, USA: Bariatric life coach, Cambria Harris (29) from Riverside, California, USA, struggled with her weight growing up. Cambria was home-schooled from the age of nine and found herself turning to food to cope with the isolation. With celebrity hotspots like Los Angeles so close by, women who carried weight in Cambria’s hometown were seen as failures. People would tell her she „could be so pretty” if she wasn’t prohibited by her 22st 7lb weight and UK 28 dress size. Dating wasn’t an option for Cambria who very much struggled to find a genuine connection. Instead, boys would leer that „big girls are the best in bed” and so Cambria sought to find acceptance through a string of fleeting sexual encounters and alcohol. However, things started looking up for Cambria when she met her then-boyfriend Austin. The pair instantly clicked but just as Cambria began to fall, Austin confessed that her weight „was an issue” and she needed to change if she wanted to save the relationship. Change didn’t come soon enough and the relationship abruptly ended. Completely devastated, Cambria decided that she would no longer let anyone hurt her because of her weight. Around a year later, Cambria met with doctors and opted to undergo vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The procedure took place on June 6, 2016 and reduced the size of Cambria’s stomach by 90 per cent. As such, Cambria lowered her calorie intake to 1,000 a day from 2,500 and in just over two years, managed to reach her goal weight of 11st 13lb. She now wears a UK size 12 and exercises four times a week at the gym and completes a two-mile run every morning. Having a gastric sleeve has by no means been easy for Cambria who initially struggled with acid reflux, dehydration, bladder infections and kidney issues. Hormone imbalances lead to exhaustion but as Cambria’s body recovered, so too did her dating life. Cambria has stopped shying away from dating apps – no longer feelling like her true self is hidden behind her weight clothing brands have even reached out to Cambria to ask if she’d like to model. Sharing her story to social media has been a huge confidence boost and other women have reached out to Cambria to thank her for inspiring them to kick start their own wellness journeys.

LEGO to release Fender Stratocaster set

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEGO IDEAS will officially be producing a Fender Stratocaster set as the winner of the „Music to Our Ears” contest. Designed by user TOMOELL, the Legendary Stratocaster set utilizes more than 600 LEGO bricks - 335 pieces for the guitar, 287 pieces for the amplifier and 54 pieces for the stand. The designer crafted the guitar in hues of mustard, black, white, red and dark blue, although the official color LEGO.

How unpheasant! Game bird attacks red squirrel in battle over nuts

***EXCLUSIVE*** An amateur photographer captured a dramatic fight between a red squirrel and a pheasant – as they faced off over some nuts. The pair got into an unruly tussle as the feisty squirrel tried to defend its food from the bird. Louise Phillips, 40, who pictured the struggle said the squirrel attacked first, but the pheasant fought back, clawing at the critter. The GP had left hazelnuts out for the squirrels and she said the hungry pheasant attacked while trying to get at some bird seeds that had been left out previously.

Artist creates incredible ‘typewriter art’, including an incredible Statue of Liberty image

***EXCLUSIVE*** This footage shows a man who uses a typewriter and letter X to create stunning art and pictures of celebrities. The artist - known as A C Gurumurthy - carves out the portraits and faces of celebs, politicians and famous tourist places. He uses his 52-year-old type writer to create portraits of famous politicians like Barack Obama and Indira Gandhi. He is already a professional type writer and can type with a speed of 95 words per minute.

This estate was burned to the ground by Henry VIII in an attempt to impress Mary Queen of Scots

***EXCLUSIVE*** EAST LOTHIAN, UK: This estate was burned to the ground by Henry VIII in an attempt to impress Mary Queen of Scots but was later restored and could now be yours for just Ł1.6M. Old Pencaitland House, located on the Winton Estate in East Lothian, Scotland, was formerly owned by the Seton family who had to forfeit the estate after they supported the Jacobite uprising of 1745. Winton Castle, on the estate, was burned to ruins under Henry VIII?s rule as he wanted to impress Mary Queen of Scots and was later restored by the Earl of Winton in the fashion of the Scottish Renaissance to entertain the royal court. King Charles I is said to have visited the castle on the estate as he received tuition from a member of the Seton family. His son, King Charles II, also visited the house. King Charles III, also known popularly as Bonnie Prince Charlie, requisitioned Winton to garrison his troops during the Jacobite rising of 1745. More recent guests of the estate include Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, who visited the property as part of a three-day Royal visit to Scotland in 2016. The Category B listed property lies on the edge of Winton Castle grounds and has been modernised to an impeccable standard. The property comprises of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, drawing room, an open plan kitchen and living area, garden room, workshop, ice house, brew house, sitting room and a circular courtyard. The current owners bought the house in 2005 and the property has undergone extensive renovation since then. The house sits in 1.3 acres of land and is currently on the market with Savills for offers over Ł1.6M.

Pizza Hut creates a pizza box with an integrated foosball table

***EXCLUSIVE*** A special foosball pizza box that integrates a mini foosball table into the lid of the pizza box - a fun little accouterment to play with in between commercials. Wendy Leung, Marketing Director of Pizza Hut Hong Kong explains: „The Pizza Hut Foosball Pizza Box was a great opportunity to remind football fans that pizza goes best with their football.”

Pub drinker shocked to find Donald Trump’s hair on a pork scratching

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man was blown away when he found this pork scratching with a striking resemblance -- to Donald Trump. Matthew Smith, 40, was enjoying a few pints down the pub with his friends when he almost ate a pork scratching that looked exactly like the President of the United States. Amazed by the discovery, he kept hold of the Trump lookalike pork scratching and has now kept it safe at his home in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, for an ENTIRE YEAR.

Meet Opie a house-trained opossum who loves playing with cats and crawling around on his owner’s shoulders

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kyle Fahye, 29, and his wife found Opie as an orphaned baby about eight months ago and have been raising him ever since. The adorable marsupial now wears a little collar and can even use a litter tray.  He also occasionally explores his owner's place of work by rolling around in a little hamster ball. 

The new Australian Firefighters Calendar is here to save 2020

Australia: The 2021 Australian Firefighters calendar is here to save 2020. Every October a selection of Australia’s fittest firemen strip off and pose for the Australian Firefighter's Calendar in order to raise money for charity. In the 2021 edition not only do we get to look at some very attractive men, but some adorable animals too; from koalas and kangaroos to rescue kittens and rottweiler puppies. 2019 and early 2020 was a particularly devastating time, and the world grieved with Australia as we suffered through catastrophic bushfires, and an estimated loss of 1 billion animals from our diverse native wildlife. While the fires may have gone, the destroyed bushland has made it impossible for many of the displaced wildlife to return to their natural habitat. ''No one was left unaffected watching our precious wildlife trying to escape from the bushfires, and the loss of wildlife is beyond comprehension. Everyone at the Australian Firefighters Calendar decided that all our efforts needed to be focussed on Australian Wildlife this year.'' says Director of the calendar David Rogers. In response, this year there are 6 unique calendars including 2 new versions.

Inside Berlin’s anti-gentrification rebellion

***EXCLUSIVE*** 30 years after German reunification, the country’s capital is experiencing a change in its culture and character. “It’s a revolutionary supplier which we helped relocate three years ago when they were having problems with their landlord.” Pausing, and with a touch of humour, he adds, dryly: “It’s got everything inside you need to start a revolution.” Forty-six-year-old teacher Markus Kammermei of the local Kreuzberg voluntary housing support group ‘Bizim Kiez’ – a Turkish-German language merge meaning ‘Our Neighbourhood’ – is taking a walking tour of the district he has lived in for the past 14 years. Outlining his group’s mission, he offers this summary: “Our main goal at Bizim Kiez is to foster solidarity, self-empowerment and allow people to resist.” Enclosed on three sides by the Berlin Wall during the Cold War, Kreuzberg has more recently been home to autonomist, anti-capitalist campaigns and an alternative art and punk scene. Overlapping groups have infused it with character, history, life and politics. The area is still a largely mixed-heritage working-class district with a strong Turkish migrant community, breathing a flavour of life into its make-up. Now, though, it seems that this is all under threat. Irreversible change is on its way, but not, as the locals say, “without a fight”.

Space mountain

***EXCLUSIVE*** SCOTLAND: A British man has snapped an out of this world picture of a 2,358-foot Scottish mountain. Jaw-dropping images revealed a figure standing on top of a pointed stone in the Isle of Skye, amid three other similar peaks in the background which all resemble a scene from another planet. Another image showcased thick mist sitting atop the rock, resembling the haze that often obscures views on Mars. The shots were taken by Jaguar Land Rover employee, Jagdev Dhesi (35) from Birmingham, UK. He used a Sony Alpha 7 III with a 16-35mm lens for the shoot at the The Storr, Trotternish, UK. The photographer of two years titled photoset „The Martian” after its resemblance to Mars.