Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Light circles

***EXCLUSIVE*** A spinning disc creates an extraordinary umbrella of sparks which illuminate the night sky.  This incredible effect is the result of lighting steel wire wool attached to a nylon 'trick line' and spinning it in circles. The long exposure shots were taken over three second periods at Sunset Cliffs National Park, in San Diego, USA, by hotel worker Chris Brady, who has been practising steel wool photography for over five years.

Yawning jaguar sticks out tongue

***EXCLUSIVE*** IT'S MICK JAGUAR: This big cat could be 'Mick Jaguar' as it yawns and sticks its tongue out like the Rolling Stones front man.  The three year old jaguar caught the eye of a waiting photographer as it took a massive inhalation of breath in the Pantanal, Brazil. Amateur photographer Tuomas Kirjavainen, from Finland, said the yawn was not actually a sign of tiredness but the male was actually getting as much oxygen into its body in readiness for hunting.

Staycationers enjoy spectacular views from lodges built into cliffs of Britain's Jurassic Coast

***EXCLUSIVE*** Coastal staycationers can enjoy a spectacular view from these luxury lodges built into the cliffs of Britain's Jurassic Coast for... a night. Clifftops has been created in the grounds of the historic Pennsylvania Castle on Portland, Dorset, which has links to author Thomas Hardy and to D-Day. The five self-catering apartments provide uninterrupted panoramas of the English Channel.

Bunny pulls funny faces

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hare pulls funny faces as it soaks up as much sun as it can before winter.  The mountain hare's light-brown coat will turn whiter the colder it gets, and is most active during the evening. These photographs were taken by wildlife photographer Karen Miller, at the Cairngorm National Park in Northeastern Scotland.

Colorful barrel sorting

***EXCLUSIVE*** The colourful containers, used for storing fuels including petrol, diesel and octane are unloaded from lorries at the site in Narayanganj, before being stored and returned to oil companies to be reused. The images were captured by Azim Khan Ronnie.  Azim said, "More than one thousand barrels are sorted through every day, with each one capable of holding 250 litres of oil.  The site holds around 20,000 barrels." "The empty barrels are taken off the lorries and separated depending on whether they are metal or plastic.  Workers here earn 5 a day."