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Incredible pumpkin carving

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Utah man has spent 20 years carving hundreds of intricate foam Jack O' Lanterns for his community to enjoy.  Retiree Ken Klinker, 63, carves 50 to 60 foam pumpkins every year between September and Halloween to display in his yard and around his community in Farmington, Utah.  Each of his intricate creations can take up to eight hours to make and every spooky season Ken displays anywhere from 50 to 275 of them in his front yard.  “I used to carve real pumpkins all the time but then I’d spend several hours carving and I’d have to just throw it away,” Ken explained.

WWII pilot fulfilled a lifetime's dream by taking control of a legendary Spitfire for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 98-year-old hero World War Two pilot fulfilled a lifetime's dream when he took the controls of a legendary Spitfire for the first time. Flying Officer Bernard Gardiner flew 71 missions in Hurricanes and Typhoons with 257 and 193 Squadron during the conflict. He took part in dangerous low level dive-bombing raids attacking German troops and strategic positions on mainland Europe. But he never got the chance to fly a Spitfire, which even back then was considered an iconic aircraft. F/Off Gardiner enjoyed a 30 minute flight in a two seater Supermarine Spitfire PT462 at IWM Duxford in Cambridgeshire.

A collection of Shakespeare’s plays sold for almost $10m in a record breaking auction at Christie's in New York

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 1623 tome, known as the First Folio, went for $9,978,000 yesterday [Oct 14], the highest ever sum paid for a work of literature at auction.  The rare book - one of only six copies known to exist in private hands - easily outstripped its estimate of $4m to $6m in the six-minute long bidding war between three phone bidders.

A young boy has smashed his £50k target for a hospice by spending more than 200 days sleeping in a tent given to him by a dying friend

***EXCLUSIVE*** Max Woosey, 10, was inspired after his friend and neighbour, Rick, gave him a tent shortly before he died in February. Rick, who was 74, told Max to have an adventure with it, so he decided to camp out in the garden of his family home in Braunton, Devon. Max has already stayed in the tent for more than 200 days - and by doing so has now raised £58,000 and counting for North Devon Hospice. He said: "It feels amazing, it's unbelievable really. I've raised around £70,000 including Gift Aid.  "It will be used for equipment and stuff like that to help other people and people who really need it." Max wanted to raise money for the hospice as they cared for Rick, who died from cancer, and his wife, Sue, in their final days.   The schoolboy spent nearly all his time in the tent, only coming inside for home-schooling lessons, to have dinner, or to wash. He added: "They helped my friends Rick and Sue who unfortunately passed away, but they don't just help the people who are ill they help the family and friends get through it as well.

Meet the army of 'chemo sitters' who kept a mum-of-two battling breast cancer entertained during her 80 hours of treatment - with a 'life-size' boob cake, pampering sessions and wacky games

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emma Davies, 41, was devastated when she was told she had triple negative breast cancer in June 2019 - just after her 40th birthday. She had to undergo 16 rounds of chemotherapy - or ‘poisoning’ as she referred to it - with each session lasting five hours. In a bid to find people to keep her company, Emma decided to put together a fun job ad for 'chemo sitters' - friends and family to sit with her during her treatment over the course of five months.

Man, 42, pulls out front teeth with PLIERS after downing eight pints of Stella

***EXCLUSIVE*** Desperate Chris Savage resorted to yanking two of his own teeth out after being unable to book a dentist appointment.  Chris Savage performed the self-dentistry in his bedroom in Southsea in Portsmouth, Hants because he could not register with a dentist or book an emergency appointment, saying it was the 'most horrible thing I've ever done.' The 42 year old said he had been in 'agony' for ... days, saying that just touching the tooth with his rusty pair of pliers set off waves of 'agonising pain.'  The labourer admitted he had to get 'very drunk' by downing eight cans of Stella Artois to mask the pain before he pulled out the first tooth. He then waited another 24 hours to pull the second out - this time sober.

A bottle of Macallan whisky matured for 78 years will be sold at auction - making it the oldest 'age statement whisky' ever to go under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The high end booze is part of a set of six whiskies, including The Macallan 40 Years Old, The Macallan 50 Years Old and The Macallan 60 Years Old, as well as 71 Years Old and 74 Years Old. The 78-Years Old whisky is also the oldest ever to be sold by Macallan. The term ‘age statement’ denotes length of time it has been matured for in oak casks, while ‘vintage’ refers to the year the spirit was distilled.

A mum and her new partner have bought a house with her EX and all their kids - after years of previous domestic bliss all living under one roof

***EXCLUSIVE*** When Lindsay Taylor, 35, and her ex husband Chris Kelley, 38, split up, they remained good friends, co-parenting their two children. She went on to marry new hubby Mike, 52, but they all remained close - so moved into one five-bed home to raise their collective kids. The massive family said the set up has worked so well, that when it was time to look for a bigger home, they did it together, and are preparing to move again as a team.

Hyundai has unveiled its sustainable FASHION range - with the unusual offerings made from discarded car parts including airbags

***EXCLUSIVE*** The car manufacturer has teamed up with a number of ethical designers for the launch of RE:style 2020 at the department store in London. Garments unveiled as part of the range included a £510 jumpsuit from E.L.V. DENIM which was made from upcycled denim and leather scraps. Designer Richard Quinn created a blue and white floral pattern reflective of his signature style, which was printed directly onto recycled airbag fabric crafted into a £1,120 fitted corset.

A selection of vintage posters promoting the glamorous age of travel have emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A selection of vintage posters promoting the glamorous age of travel have emerged for sale. They date from the 1920s and 1930s when international travel was very costly and only accessible to the extremely well heeled. Destinations include the New Jersey shore line in America, Bermuda and Jamaica, with Alaska a more adventurous option. For those seeking luxury closer to home, there were advertisements for Mediterranean cruises and Cannes on the French Riviera. London-based Antikbar Auctions are selling over 400 posters in their forthcoming sale with an overall value of up to Ł100,000.

Pretty in pink - A bright pink Porsche sports car yours for £120K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bright pink Porsche sports car that looks like something straight out of a Barbie Girl video has emerged for sale for ÂŁ120,000. The vibrant 1974 Carrera Targa is one of just two cars of its type to be ordered in the garish colour scheme. Officially named 'Magenta', the colour is straight out of the Katie Price playbook and will certainly turn heads when it goes under the hammer. It has been consigned to sale with Silverstone Auctions of Ashorne, Warwicks, who have described the motor as 'striking'. Beneath the slightly 'marmite' paintwork, the car remains in spectacular mechanical condition.

The perfect place to hide from Coronavirus? Waterfront home with its own 'private' island

***EXCLUSIVE*** A five-bedroom waterfront home with its own 'private' island is on the market for £850,000. Creek House in Earith, Cambs, is on the banks of the River Ouse and has 90ft of river frontage and a boat mooring. The island in the river is technically common land but is only used by the owner of Creek House and there is a pulley chain system for the mooring which takes a platform across the river - a Swallows and Amazons style adventure for children. The property would be perfect for animal lovers - some otters live on the island and seals have even been spotted in the river.

Farmer celebrates after growing a record-breaking marrow, tipping the scales at more than 200lbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mark Baggs' marrow is the biggest ever grown in Britain and the second heaviest in the world. Weighing in at 200lbs 6ozs Mark's marrow is just six pounds short of the current world record that was grown in Holland in 2009.

New prehistoric tomb to meet the demand for an alternative to burial

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family of undertakers have branched out and built a modern take on a prehistoric tomb to meet the demand for an alternative to burial. The Round Barrow in Corscombe, Dorset, is only the fifth tomb of its kind in the country and has recently opened with 990 niches to hold urns containing the ashes of loved ones. The project has been a labour of love for the Vassie family, who have invested a six-figure sum and five years into creating the traditional Neolithic-style burial mound. The ancient mounds built over the dead, known as long or round barrows, had not been used since about 2,000 BC, but have seen a rise in popularity since farmer Tim Daw created the first one on British soil in 5,500 years in 2014.

Impressive cliff-top home where Laurence Olivier honeymooned is on the market for £1.75m

***EXCLUSIVE*** Weston is in an outstanding coastal position, in Lulworth Cove, Dorset, with views of the popular Durdle Door beauty spot, as well as Weymouth Bay, Portland and the Purbecks. The Grade II listed house was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and is thought to be the only example of his work in Dorset. The seven-bedroom property was built in the 1920s and is now in need of some refurbishment and modernisation.

Spoiled for choice with over 3200 types of bread - “fancy breads” on the rise

They are pinkish yellow, jet black, gray blue or bright purple: the baked goods in the bread basket of Germans are becoming more and more colorful - thanks to turmeric, sepia ink, blueberries and walnuts. Everything that is baked in bread is also becoming increasingly unusual: black pudding with rhubarb, tomato slices, apricots, hot peppers and edible flowers. “German consumers like the variety and are also open to such 'fancy breads' (fancy English: unusual, fantastic),” explains Bernd Kütscher on the occasion of World Bread Day (October 16).

Giant guitar

***EXCLUSIVE*** At over 10 metres long and 3 metres high, the giant interactive installation allows visitors to explore inside its huge body and listen as sounds produced from the strings reverberate inside. The strings of the instrument, made from sailing winches and spearfishing line, will need to be Ďtunedí regularly as it gets plucked by visitors. The biggest single project undertaken at the Science Centre since opening in 2002, a £1.1million development has seen the entire top floor of the two storey venue completely transformed. Designed to coincide with the International Year of Sound 2020 and opening this weekend, other installations include an acoustic sonic rocket and smaller table top exhibits including tuning forks and pendulums.

Georgian 'facemasks' used by socialites of the day have emerged for sale 200 years later

***EXCLUSIVE*** The intricately-carved handscreens were designed for ladies to hold up to their faces while sat in front of an open fire to protect their skin from the heat. It was said that they also encouraged women to gossip behind. The wooden screens that have a gilt handle were crafted and painted to look like open books using 'tromp l'ceil' - an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion.