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British woman, 26, adopts 14 orphans after gap year trip to Africa & they are thriving now they have a family home

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young British woman has taken in a staggering 14 Tanzanian children she met after volunteering in an orphanage on her gap year. Letty McMaster, 26, was just 18 years old when a month long trip volunteering at an orphanage in Africa changed her life forever. She ended up staying for three years to support the children she had met, and when the orphanage shut down, Letty took in nine youngsters who would have been left homeless. Seven years on, she lives with the children after becoming legal guardian to them ALL - as well as five more kids she met on the streets or at a safe house she runs. Letty, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, said: "These children are my whole life, I raise them all on my own and they keep me going through the long hours of juggling everything.

More than 100 birdwatchers descend on Norfolk salt marsh to catch glimpse of a rufous bush chat that has not been seen in UK for 40 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of excited bird-watchers from all over the country flouted lockdown to flock to marshland to catch sight of a tiny, super-rare bird - last seen in Britain 40 YEARS ago. The rufous-tailed scrub-robin, otherwise known as a rufous bush chat, had avid birders all a-flutter when it appeared in marshland in Stiffkey, Norfolk. Despite lockdown rules tightening in several parts of the country, keen 'twitchers' drove hundreds of miles to catch a sight of the rare bird - which measures just 15cm tall, and weighs a tiny 24 grams. Within hours of the bird first being sighted, at around 7.15am, almost 300 people had arrived in the area to see the scrub-robin for themselves. The bird, which is native to North Africa and the Middle East, last appeared in the UK in August 1980, when it was spotted by a small handful of people in Devon. 

A mum told by a doctor to treat her sick newborn with calpol ignored his advice and saved her from a deadly infection - which would have killed her an HOUR later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Victoria Auton, 35, couldn’t ignore the gut feeling something was wrong with her little girl, despite being told by her GP that ‘there was nothing to worry about’. The mum of two, from Hartlepool, noticed Lexie had a high temperature and was a pale colour and rushed her into A&E just in time. Lexie was immediately given oxygen and later diagnosed with Group B Streptococcus meningitis (GBS), a deadly infection passed down during pregnancy. Victoria’s gut reaction saved the life of her young baby, who is now healthy and thriving at home.

Pub owners reveal new skygazing pods where you can eat under the stars

***EXCLUSIVE*** Famed as Britain’s highest pub, Tan Hill Inn, is offering the public some “festive cheer” and a chance to eat out in their own socially-distanced bubble, while gazing at uninterrupted views in one of the country’s most remote locations. After wanting to take advantage of the area’s status as a designated Dark Skies location, and to meet financial challenges posed by coronavirus, three skygazing pods, which are heated and seat up to six guests around a table have been built at the Tan Hill Inn, in Swaledale. The domes, made out of polycarbonate, a material 200 times stronger than glass, are built to weather the perils of being located in one of the country’s most remote locations. Being Britain’s highest pub, standing at 1,732 feet – or 528 metres – above sea level, it is well known for its wild micro-climates and the storms and, memorably, the pub, with its building dating back to the 17th century, starred in a Waitrose Christmas advert after its festive guests were snowed in for days. 

A double murderer proposed to his British fiancée from the American prison where he is locked up for life

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman has declared "you can't help who you fall in love with" after getting engaged to a double murderer. A woman who plans to marry a convicted serial killer says she is not afraid of him and has forgiven him for his past crimes after falling head over heels. Tracy Bottomley, 41, discovered her future husband through a Facebook page for prison pen pals in 2018, when she decided to send him a message, and soon struck up a friendship with the serial killer. 

Care home has introduced a COVID secure pod, with a protective screen, which enables family members to see their relatives in a safe environment

***EXCLUSIVE*** Current government guidelines in Greater Manchester rule care home visits are limited only to 'exceptional circumstances' such as 'end of life'. However, the design of the lodge at Worthington Lake in Wigan, Greater Mancs., means residents and their family members can meet face to face without the risk of infection.  The key component of the building is an airtight pane of protective glass down the middle, which enables people on either side to see each other without breathing the same air. 

Breathtaking British landscapes

***EXCLUSIVE*** These incredible photos show that 2020 has not been all bad - as photographers have still managed to get out and find some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK. An amazing new coffee-table book has collated just some of the hundreds of entries into the thirteenth annual Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. Open to entries from all over the United Kingdom, as well as the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, the competition has this year been more important than ever in showcasing the beauty of the everyday.

Police rescued a wife who had been locked in the toilet by her husband -for over a YEAR

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 39-year-old victim was kept in the 3ft by 3ft room for eighteen months - and barely given any food. The wife, called Ramrati, 39, has been married to her husband Naresh Rakma Kuma for 17 years. They have three children -- a 16-year-old son and two daughters aged 15 and 11.

Starbucks unveils new Halloween drinkware collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pumpkin Spice Latte season is upon us and Starbucks is adding to the sweet Fall drink with a whole collection of drinkware centered around Halloween. Comprised of cups, plush dolls, tumblers, gift cards, and bottles, the Starbucks Halloween collection plays off a jack-o-lantern kitten-fusion theme for items like the Pumpki-tten bottle, cat-shaped cups, Black Cat Bearista.

Is this Britain's tiniest detached house?

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny lodge house at the entrance to a grand country park has gone on sale for £250,000. The gatehouse at Grimston Park near Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, is built in the style of the Grade II listed Georgian country house whose entrance it guards - but costs a fraction of the price. Like the character of Audrey Forbes-Hamilton in the hit 1980s BBC comedy series To The Manor Born, the new owner will be able to enjoy many of the benefits of living on a country estate but without the taxes and the upkeep. The 481 sq ft property is smaller than many flats but is arranged over two floors with a lower ground floor providing much of the living space, of which every inch has been utilised.

Caracal looks stunned as it holds its hand up

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wild cat looks surprised as it holds its paws up while leaping in the air.  The 15-month-old male caracal is trying to catch small birds while its female sibling watches on. Typically nocturnal, the caracal is usually highly secretive and difficult to observe.  The endearing images were captured by amateur photographer Ina Schieferdecker in the grounds of a private finca near Toledo, Spain.

Rolls-Royce car that belonged to Princess Margaret for over 20 years has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Rolls-Royce car that belonged to Princess Margaret for over 20 years has emerged for sale at auction for £55,000. The Silver Wraith II was delivered from new to the Queen's sister in 1980 and was used by her for private and public engagements. The rear seats were deliberately raised so she and her guests could be clearly seen by the public. Some of her VIP guests she had in the back included US President Ronald Reagan.

Shadows of rice workers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers dry and process rice, making elaborate patterns with the grains as they rake and sweep them under the baking sun.  The grains cover an area of almost an acre, and 40 workers can dry up to 1.5 tonnes of rice a day. Dry conditions are preferable, and high moisture levels during the summer months see harmful insects and mould develop on the paddy.  These aerial shots were taken by freelance photographer Rezwan Rahman in Gaibandha, Northern Bangladesh.

Fish comes face to face with it's predator

***EXCLUSIVE*** A salmon has a miraculous escape from the jaws of a hungry brown bear in a river in remote Kodiak, Alaska. Danny Sullivan, 59, captured the moment the lucky fish was dropped by the bear.  Danny said, "some bears chase salmon up the river, others eat the dying ones.  This bear decided to play with his food and the fish managed to escape after being dropped." "There is plenty of other salmon in the river, so he will find more to eat."

Day in the life of a tower crane driver

Xiongan: Tower crane drivers Jina Xiaohu and Aluo Chunmei have lunch in their dormitory at a housing estate construction site in Rongdong area of Xiongan New Area in north China's Hebei Province. Jina Xiaohu, 23, and Aluo Chunmei, 22, are a young couple from southwest China's Sichuan Province, who both are tower crane drivers working for a housing estate in Xiongan New Area. There are 2,000 more tower crane drivers currently working in Xiongan, a city often billed as China's "city of the future."