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Woman upcycles thrifted plastic dollhouses into elegant haunted mansions

A woman has transformed a series of plastic dollhouses into spooky haunted mansions. Mother and wife Samantha Browning had been watching TikTok videos in her free time when she saw a woman who had spray-painted a wooden dollhouse black. During one of her thrift shop trips, Samantha picked up a dollhouse for $8, purchased some matte black spray paint and acrylic paint, and went to work. The result is a truly beautiful gothic mansion that is unrecognisable from its original state. The sleek black dollhouse isn't the only dollhouse she's given a spooky facelift – she’s also upcycled two others that she also shared on her Facebook profile. ''I found [these dollhouses] on the Facebook Marketplace for $25, but thought they were worth the money because the designs were really beautiful,'' she said. She also shared that she purchased another a dollhouse for $1, but hasn’t gotten a chance to work on it yet. Samantha says she can spend around five to nine hours per project depending on the amount of detail. And when you take a close look, you can clearly see no detail has been spared. Upon a closer look, you'll notice her intricate hand-painted floral accents on the house’s exterior.

Memorabilia from Star Wars, Star Trek and more fetches $6.2 million at auction

Preview ahead of the Prop Store's Film and TV memorabilia Auction taking place over 1st and 2nd December 2020. The items are: Tyler Durden's (Brad Pitt) red leather jacket from the 1999 film 'Fight Club', a panel signed by Kenny Baker from a Light-up remote-control R2-S8 droid from the 2018 film 'Star Wars: Solo: A Star Wars Story', Jareth's (David Bowie) crystal ball from the 1986 film 'Labyrinth', Neo's (Keanu Reeves) complete costume from the 2003 film 'The Matrix Reloaded', Captain Miller's (Tom Hanks) cast-autographed helmet from the 1998 film Saving Private Ryan, Vivian Ward's (Julia Roberts) boots from the 1990 film 'Pretty Woman'.

A woman who forgot about a courgette she had been growing in her garden during lockdown was left in fits of laughter - when it ballooned into the size of a BABY

***EXCLUSIVE*** YouTube star Sophie, 23, says she was “shocked” and “confused” when she first spotted the cumbersome courgette which had suddenly grown to over 6lbs in weight. The makeup artist, who boasts over a million subscribers on YouTube, said her mum gave her three courgette plants to grow as a moving present when she left home in the summer.  But added that she “can't even keep a pot of flowers alive” and had completely forgotten about the formidable vegetable growing in her garden. But while most of the other courgettes had died and shrivelled, this one majestic marrow sprung to life. She said the 20inch long courgette is big enough to feed a “whole neighborhood” but she plans to go veggie for a week to delve into courgette recipes. Sophie, who goes by Soph Does Life on YouTube, said: “I've had the plant all summer, producing normal sized courgettes, but I last checked it about a month ago, and all the other courgettes were dead, so I kinda just left it to die.

A couple have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and say they have Bob Dylan to thank as they met on his birthday - and even named their only son after the singer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Martin Dove, 72, said it was love at first sight when he first saw Katy Dove, 72, standing across from him at a pub in South Kensington, in London. The obsessive Bob Dylan fan waddled over to her and, in a bid to spark a conversation, asked her if she knew it was Bob Dylan’s birthday. She didn’t, but the pair danced away and have not spent a minute apart since that fateful evening on May 24, 1970. Just over four months later, the smitten pair tied the knot in a small family affair at the Kensington Registry office. And ten years later, Katy, who was a civil servant, gave birth to their first and only son - who they aptly named Bob. They celebrated their fiftieth anniversary together this month - enjoying cake and champagne at the beach in Scarborough, North Yorks., where they now live.

These gruesome photos show the aftermath of a man's hand getting SAWED in two by a metal-cutting machine - before being put back together in a seven-hour operation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Factory worker Chandra, who did not wish to give his surname, suffered the horrifying accident at work on October 9. Chandra was doing some maintenance work on a press cutter, used to cut metal sheets, when one of his co-workers switched it on - unaware he was at the machine. In seconds, Chandra's left hand got stuck inside the machine - and was cut in two, right across the palm. Chandra and his severed hand were rushed to the nearest hospital - a two-and-a-half hour drive away from the industrial unit where he works, in the Pune district of western India.