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Hotel company offers U.S. election escape in an underground cave

New Mexico, United States: A hotel company is offering the perfect escape from the U.S. election season - with accommodation in an underground cave. Hotels.com say they are helping escape the chatter to „go live under a rock” literally. The off-the-grid overnight experience in New Mexico is a man-made cave built 50 feet below ground. The company explains: „After you've cast your ballot (by mail, absentee, early voting, etc.!), you can check out of the newsfeed negativity and check in to a man-made cave built 50 feet below ground for a five-night stay from November 2 - 7, 2020. This off-the-grid overnight experience in New Mexico will have you saying, ''2020 who?'' as you embrace the cave's amenities, or lack thereof. Go ahead! Relax and cut all access to Wi-Fi, cable TV, and daily newspaper service. We won't blame you!” „Political fatigue is real regardless of the year or election,'' said Josh Belkin, Vice President, Global brand Hotels.com. ''We're transforming an age-old idiom into a bookable experience, so individuals can relax, recharge, and recover... because who knows what else 2020 has in store for us.''

The biggest book collection in India

***EXCLUSIVE*** These pictures show a man who has amassed one of the world's biggest libraries and the largest in his country - made up of over 70,000 books. Anke Gowda, 72, has collected books for over 50 years in 22 Indian languages and vocabularies from around the world. It includes religious texts, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, fiction, non-fiction - and Shakespeare. His first book cost him pennies but he now has the biggest book collection in India.

I used to spend seven hours a day running around a room surviving on half an apple and a soup

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman recovering from anorexia has told how she used to spend seven hours a day running around a room - and confessed her eating disorder to parents in a letter after dropping to just five stone. Stephanie Shott, 23, suffered from body dysmorphia from the age of 13 - after she worried she wasn’t ‘developing’ as quickly as the other girls here age. She started over exercising and reduced her calorie intake - until she was surviving on just half an apple and one serving of 55 calorie soup a day. Stephanie was also suffering from anorexia nervosa - a serious mental health condition where people have a distorted view of their bodies and try to eat as little as possible to lose weight.

Boy, 4, making incredible recovery after caravan blaze that killed his little brother

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has told of how she lost her three-year-old son, Zac when the Caravan he, his brother, Harley, and dad, Shaun were staying in became engulfed in flames. When Mum, Erin Harvey woke up to missed calls alerting her to the accident - it was her neighbour who revealed a fire had ripped through their caravan in Ffair Rhos, Wales. Five-year-old Harley escaped the roaring flames, but tragically Zac was left behind by dad Shaun who thought he had grabbed both Harley and Zac when actually - he was only holding Harley’s arm and leg.

Royal Mint unveils new Winnie the Pooh 50p coins – costing up to £1,125

Winnie The Pooh fans will be able to get their hands on a new Christopher Robin 50p coin - and it could be worth up to £500. The commemorative coin is being launched by the Royal Mint to celebrate 100 years since the birth of the real Christopher Robin, son of author AA Milne. They go on sale directly from the Royal Mint, with prices starting at £10. On the coin, Christopher Robin can be seen walking down the stairs, holding the hand of his beloved bear.

Wild male orangutan is moved to safety by rescuers in West Borneo

West Borneo, Indonesia: A combined team of the Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) from the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) in West Borneo and International Animal Rescue (IAR) Indonesia has removed the adult orangutan from a plantation in the village of Tempurukan, in the District of Delta Pawan, in Ketapang District. The adult male, who was given the name John by his rescuers, was reported to be looking for food in the villagers’ plantation. He is likely to have come from Sentap Kancang Forest which borders directly with the village entrance to the plantation because most of the forest habitat was destroyed in 2019. Based on the results of aerial verification and monitoring, the distance between the residents' land and the Sentap Kancang Forest block was more than 4 kilometres. This meant that it was too far to shepherd the orangutan back into the forest. As a consequence, given the potential risk of human-orangutan conflict, the IAR Indonesia team and BKSDA Kalbar decided to translocate the orangutan to a better location in the River Benibis region. The landscape in that area is the same as the Sentap Kancang Forest and made up of peat swamp forest. It is quite a distance from the plantation and the township so the potential for conflict will be minimised. Survey results have shown that food for orangutans is plentiful in peat swamp forests.

Mum, 35, who thought she had blood clot dies after being given just six months to live

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum-of-six has died from terminal cancer aged 35 – just five months after the devastating diagnosis. Holly Blake, from Leith, Edinburgh, underwent gruelling chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with small blue cell sarcoma, a rare form of cancer which she at first mistook for a blood clot. She was moved to a hospice to receive palliative care earlier this month, and sadly passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning with her mum and husband, Niccolas Scott, 32, by her side. The announcement was made on a GoFundMe appeal launched by her aunt Christine Langridge in July, which has so far raised more than £22,000 to assist with childcare and bills after her passing.

Polar bear is loving life as he relaxes in the water

***EXCLUSIVE*** Smiling polar bear lazily floats belly-up in a pool of water. The happy bear is just one year old and lives with its mother in a German zoo. The male bear could weigh as much as ten men when fully grown. These photographs were taken by keen wildlife photographer Antje Wenner-Braun, at the Hannover Adventure Zoo in Northern Germany.

An extremely rare nearly 900-year-old silver penny of a baron dubbed "the Alan Sugar of his day" has been unearthed by a metal detectorist

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 12th century treasure depicting Baron Eustace Fitzjohn could fetch up to £15,000 at auction, experts believe. The coin, which measures just over half-an-inch (19mm) across, was minted in York and is one of only 20 surviving examples of this design. Rob Brown discovered the rare coin on a stubble field near Pickering, North Yorkshire, after walking just 20 paces to get his first positive metal signal of the day. The 56-year-old from Leeds found the piece of change in August, just two inches in a clump of soil when he noticed the edge of a silver coin.

Autumnal trees above

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographs show beautiful autumnal colours from the air. The beautiful blend of colours of the foliage in this area are world renowned, and tourists from all over visit during the 'fall' to catch a glimpse of the scenery. However, it can be extremely difficult to predict when the colours of the leaves will begin to change each year. These photos were taken by Martin Sanchez with his drone in New Hampshire and Vermon.