Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Company offer own private island for Thanksgiving to get away from 2020

Florida, United States: Following the U.S. election this might be just the thing: a company is offering a week-long Thanksgiving escape to an entirely private island off the coast of America. Dubbed „the ultimate Friendsgiving upgrade” by accommodation firm Hotels.com, the private island off Florida, features a 3-bed, 2-bath, 5,000-square-foot vacation home with a veranda, boat dock, and helicopter launch pad. The stay comes equipped with a boat for your personal use throughout the week, kayaks and paddleboards. Worried you’ll have to toil over the stove to make Thanksgiving dinner? The reservation comes with a one-night private chef who will cook the ultimate Friendsgiving meal, so you can eat, drink and be thankful without having to worry about who will cook the turkey. The company explain: „2020 has really made us cherish the little things, like hanging out with friends IRL. Imagine this: You and your five besties can escape to a vacation home bubble on ''Friendsgiving Island'' - an entirely private island off the coast of Florida - for a week of fun in the sun. The seven-night stay (Nov. 14-21) is a much-deserved upgrade to your annual Friendsgiving festivities. We've been inspired by how people have adapted their travel plans throughout the pandemic, taking trips closer to home and staying at our vacation rental properties,'' said Josh Belkin, vice president, global brand Hotels.com.

Hypercar earns world’s „fastest production vehicle” title

Nevada, United States: Announced Monday (19 Oct), SSC North America, America’s first hypercar company, has reclaimed the coveted title of world’s „Fastest Production Vehicle” this time with its 1,750hp Tuatara. With internationally acclaimed professional racing driver, Oliver Webb, at the Tuatara’s wheel, the record-breaking drive took place on the morning of Saturday, October 10, outside of Las Vegas near Pahrump, Nevada along a seven-mile stretch of State Route 160. Webb pushed the SSC Tuatara to an average speed of 316.11 mph (508.73 km/h) following two consecutive high-speed test runs of 301.07 mph (484.53 km/h) and 331.15 mph.

Netflix unveils handcrafted lantern display to celebrate release of „Over The Moon”

London, United Kingdom: Netflix unveils the Over the Moon Lantern installation in London's Chinatown ahead of the global debut of new film Over the Moon this Friday. The stunning display of large lanterns depicting characters from the new animation, and inspired by the Mid-Autumn Festival folklore, includes Jade Rabbit, Chang the Moon Goddess and Fei Fei's Rocket. The Over the Moon Lantern installation is live until at least November 15th, with local businesses in the area celebrating with themed initiatives.

Penny found by family in farmer’s field could sell for thousands at auction

An „excessively rare” silver penny found on a family metal detecting trip in Oxfordshire could sell for thousands at auction. Issued by Henry of Anjou c. 1139-48, the almost 900-year-old penny was struck during the Anarchy, a brutal civil war which saw Henry and his mother, Empress Matilda, wrest control of South-Western England away from King Stephen. On December 19, 1154, in the wake of Stephen’s death, he was finally crowned Henry II of England. The coin was discovered by 64-year-old landscaper John Denham in a farmer’s field in Wallingford while out metal detecting with his sons, Simon and Steven Denham. The town of Wallingford was once the easternmost stronghold of Henry’s supporters.

South African celeb DJ goes off grid during pandemic

A day in the life of carel during covid - Fear Factor SA Winner, Multisport Athlete, Sports Commentator and MC: Carel Bezuindenhoud (AKA Raasbekkie, Afrikaans for loudmouth) is getting through the COVID-19 pandemic with a very simple existence. Carel started commentating at sports events part time and his bilingual MC expertise gained traction. By the end of 2019 he was very established and he resigned from his day job as a Sales Executive at an Insurance company to take it up full time. 2020 was completely booked out with events, including The Epic Israel (mountain bike stage race). Carel last worked in March, pre lockdown. Since then Carel has moved out of rented accommodation and set up a cabin at the bottom of a friend’s garden to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle with veggie gardens and chickens and has been drying and processing his own tobacco. All as an extreme cost cutting measure while his income stream dried up. He will hopefully be on the microphone again in November as lockdown eases in South Africa and events start happening again.