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Meet the woman who can’t breathe or walk and is called a 'vegetable' by trolls ? but nothing will stop her from pursuing her MODELLING dreams

***EXCLUSIVE*** RADOVLJICA, SLOVENIA: Student, Vita Bernik (23), from Radovljica, Slovenia, has an unknown condition that has left her in a wheelchair for as long as she can remember, and is now attached to a breathing tube. She was originally diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) as a child, but in 2019 doctors discovered she did not in fact have the condition, and her diagnosis has remained unclear since. Vita’s condition is degenerative, meaning her muscles are becoming weaker over time, and multiple cases of pneumonia have damaged her vocal cords. Throughout her teenage years, Vita was very self-conscious of her looks and has been called „elephant” and „vegetable” by cruel trolls. But after taking to social media to share her story, her confidence improved so much that she decided to take part in a fashion photoshoot at the start of 2019. The stunning pictures eventually led to Vita getting signed with a prestigious modelling agency, ZTMODELS, and she now has her sights set on securing a big campaign and continuing her modelling career, working directly with photographers on unique, fashion-focused shoots. Vita is currently studying Criminal Justice and Security at the University of Maribor in Slovenia.

Body mod fan spends £11k turning himself into 'Zombie' with inked eye and split tongue

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: This man has spent over eleven-thousand-pounds covering over seventy-five percent of his body in tattoos and body mods to look like a ZOMBIE. Model and actor, Anderson Garcia Rodrigues (31) from London, UK, has become a local celebrity in Camden Town. Getting his first tattoo aged just 17, Anderson has since gone on to have 13 more tattoos which cover the vast majority of his skin which have cost him just over £11,000. With tattoos all over his body, face and even on right eyeball, this punk loves the attention he gets when he is walking the streets of London. Sporting his signature multicoloured mohawk, cheek piercings, and a split tongue that resembles that of a snake, Anderson, who goes by the name „Zombie Punk”, is always being stopped by strangers who ask for photos with him. Whilst most people think Anderson’s unique body modifications look cool, with some even telling him that he is an inspiration to them, not everyone is so keen and he does occasionally receive abuse when walking the streets. He has been called 'ugly,' 'crazy,' and has even been told that he 'doesn’t have god in his heart.' However, in typical punk fashion, Anderson is unfazed by these comments as he knows that his extreme look will always divide opinion. With the constant bombardment of photo requests becoming overwhelming, Anderson has taken to walking around with a sign reading „help punk to get drunk” asking for a £1 donation for anyone who wants to take a picture with him. Anderson still has plenty of people wanting to strike a pose with him - with some even handing him their small children to hold whilst they take a snap. Despite his extreme look and some of the negative comments that come with it, Anderson’s body mods have allowed him to truly express himself and he believes they have even made him a better person as he is able to be part of a subculture that is so often misunderstood.

This woman has spent twenty-thousand pounds on TATTOOS - now she’s crowdfunding for an ANAL tattoo and rewarding fans with a video

***EXCLUSIVE*** AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA: Model and entrepreneur, Tigerlilly Shelton (26) from Austin, Texas, USA, has been fascinated with tattoos for as long as she can remember. When Tigerlilly was four years old, she would sneak out of her adoptive parents’ bar to get a henna tattoo from the shop next door. Tigerlilly loved showing off the intricate designs of the henna at school but she longed for some permanent ink. Tigerlilly always felt inspired to be creative by her adoptive mother, Shannon, who is an actress, singer, and artist herself. She finally got her first tattoo when she was just 14 years old. The design consisted of five stars which ran down her back. Since then, Tigerlilly has spent around £22,850 ($30,000) inking over 80 per cent of her body including her face, ribs, and solar plexus - the latter of which was the most painful. The young entrepreneur sees the tattoos as a form of self-expression and enjoys being different. As such, Tigerlilly has no plans to stop and hopes to complete a full bodysuit. Next on the cards is finishing an ongoing back piece and getting Japanese filler - a small, intricate design used to fill gaps - on her legs. Tigerlilly’s extensive ink has earnt her a legion of over 54,000 fans on social media. Having just finished her first ever crowdfunding campaign, Tigerlilly has rewarded fans who donated to the campaign for her newest anal tattoo with an exclusive picture of the finished look. The design consists of a few cherry blossoms. Unafraid of being bold, Tigerlilly has never let judgement get to her. Strangers tend to stare at her in public but having been tattooed for most of her life, it’s become quite normal. By owning her look, those around Tigerlilly have become accepting of the tattoos.

A young woman "still in honeymoon phase" with boyfriend of three years after she lost all her memory and fell in love with him again

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sophie Clayton, 276, suffered a nosebleed which triggered a rare disorder, disconnecting her brain from her nervous system. Within minutes she forgot everything up to that date - the date and her own name, and then her whole family and boyfriend of two-and-a-half years, Jonathan Wilson, 27. She never got any of it back - so as well as learning to to things like use a knife and fork again, she also had to get to know Jonathan too.

Trolls have compared this woman to a MONKEY because of her UNIBROW but she won't let it stop her spreading the message that hairy women are beautiful too

***EXCLUSIVE*** POZNAN, POLAND: Student, Oliwia Borkowska (19) from Pozna, Poland, spent the majority of her teenage years plucking out every single stray hair on her forehead, as she believed this was what every woman did. However in the spring of 2020, Oliwia made the bold decision to give up on this time consuming regime and let her unibrow form as she wanted to express her natural beauty instead of the beauty standards of society as a whole. Oliwia is a self-confessed makeup fanatic and posts regular pictures to Instagram showing off her amazing talent. Letting her unibrow grow seemed like a risk to the student, unsure of how her 1500 followers would react. The risk seemed a worthwhile one for Oliwia who wanted to show that women shouldn’t be ashamed of their natural bodies, no matter the size, shape, or in her case, the amount of hair they have. Despite this, she has had to deal with hurtful comments from trolls who have replied to her posts telling her she looks like an „ugly monkey” and „needs to head to a beautician immediately”. Whilst these mean comments are upsetting to the 19-year-old, the majority of Oliwia’s fans have embraced the new look positively, commenting on how beautiful she looks and how she is helping change perceptions of feminine beauty. For Oliwia, these comments are all the encouragement she needs to ignore the hate. Oliwia is even planning to grow her unibrow thicker in the future to further embrace her natural look and will not be discouraged by the narrow-mindedness of a few naysayers online.

Meet the woman on a mission to embrace her keloid scars by turning them into art – after being unable to even look at herseelf in the mirror

***EXCLUSIVE*** End of life practitioner, Nancy O’Donnell (21) from Enfield, London, UK, first got the raised scars when she was 11 after suffering with acne over her face and back. Keloids occur where the skin has healed after an injury and there is an overproduction of collagen in the body. For Nancy, the keloids are on her chest and shoulders, and can be painful, itchy, and uncomfortable. Growing up, Nancy hated her keloids so much that she struggled to look in mirrors and would avoid touching her back - even covering up from head to toe throughout the summer as she was that ashamed of her skin. Nancy, who is also a freelance makeup artist, would cover her scars in concealer and foundation if she was wearing an outfit that showed her back, and grew her hair long as a 'security blanket.' However, as she got older and noticed a gap in the body positivity movement when it came to scars, Nancy decided to fill it herself. She created an Instagram page and posted, for the first time, pictures of her keloid scars on her back. She immediately received an outpouring of support and decided to go one step further – by decorating her scars. With the help of her best friend, Angelica, she covered her keloids in diamond studs then painted them hot pink and wrote a poem on her back embracing them. Other designs include a rose across her chest and an astronaut. Now, Nancy is championing the message that other people on social media should embrace and love the skin they are in, and she hopes major beauty leaders like Vogue and Dove will showcase people with scars like hers.

A Hollywood special effects artist is selling these movie-quality masks to scare the living daylights out of everyone this Halloween

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jamie Grove, 44, has been in the film industry for 22 years, working on titles such as The Watchmen, Star Trek and Transformers.  He started making extra masks for fun about seven years ago, but when the pandemic struck he upped his output and began to sell them online. “During the start of the pandemic I was cranking them out,” said Jamie, who lives in Ventura Valley, California.

Promotion for new movie Borat

New York, New York, United States: A facial masks distribution attached to cutout of Sacha Baron Cohen during promotion of new movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm produced by Amazon video seen on Union Square. An American mockumentary comedy film written by and starring Sacha Baron Cohen as Kazakhstani television personality Borat Sagdiyev. On cutouts of main character there is reference to the COVID-19 pandemic by replacing Borat's iconic green ''mankini'' with a face mask and hand sanitizer for passersby to pick up.

Meet the bodybuilding doctor who claims his HUGE muscles have saved the NHS money because he can lift heavy patients single-handedly without requiring assistance

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTHAMPTON, UK: GP, Omar Iqbal (33) from Southampton, UK, developed a passion for bodybuilding following a complete tear of his quadricep in his right leg whilst playing football at Cardiff University at age 19. Unable to play the sport to the level that he had done previously, Omar decided to channel his energy into weight training and soon it became his number one passion. Training up to six times per week for 90 minutes at a time, Omar’s dedication has clearly paid dividends with his biceps measuring a whopping 19 inches in diameter. His hench physique turns the heads of both staff members and patients who often don’t realise he is actually a doctor. With Omar’s work being split between Southampton and South Wales, he is often meeting new colleagues which sometimes causes confusion. He’s often mistaken as a patient and even an electrician as staff thought that his lunch box was a tool box. But the 33-year-old says that despite the shock etched across the faces of some of his patients when he calls them in from the waiting room, his muscular physique does have its benefits when it comes to treating patients. As a junior doctor Omar was always the first to be called upon to do CPR, as he had the strength and stamina to keep going when others would get tired. He has also used his power to save the NHS resources by being able to lift heavier patients from the examination couch single-handedly and not having to disturb busy nurses. The self-confessed perfectionist even competed in the UKBFF bodybuilding competition in 2017, winning the regional show to reach the final.

British graffiti artist has created a quirky series of mind-bending interactive street art

***EXCLUSIVE*** WESTON-SUPER-MARE, UK: One image showed a hyper-realistic cartoon woman appearing to climb up the side of a rock face, whilst another seemingly captured a crashed police car ablaze whilst incorporating the debris on the ground. A three-dimensional drawing of a cat appearing to step out of a wall to walk along a wooden rail was shown in one image, as miniature race cars raced around a drain that had been transformed into a track in another. Other pictures showed Superman clinging on for dear life over a mountain range scene whilst a depiction of fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter showed the crazed murderer strapped to the side of a wheelie bin. The images are the work of artist, Jamie Paul Scanlon (43) from Weston-Super-Mare, UK. Jamie, who is better known as JPS, has created a variety of works of art in his lifetime, taking up to 13 hours each - including drawing the stencils he uses.

Chinese Kobe Bryant fan amasses huge collection of signed memorabilia

Liu Zhe shows off collected Nike sneakers signed by the late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant at a lane in Harbin city, northeast China’s Heilongjiang province. Liu is a big fan of the late NBA star Kobe Bryant and has a large collection of memorabilia signed by the NBA star at his home. He has even bought the stolen signed high school uniform and returned it to Kobe.

IT'S LAKE NEWS!! Donald Trump's head spotted in Icelandic lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** This Icelandic lake has an uncanny resemblance to the face of US President Donald Trump. The lake is located in a volcanic crater, and was formed after lava came into contact with groundwater when the volcano erupted thousands of years ago. It is thought to have been formed around 1,200 years ago, and is 570 metres above sea level. The Hnausapollur lake is located in Southwestern Iceland, around a three hour drive from the capital of Reykjavik, and is also known as Bláhylur, due to its turquoise blue water.

Adorable moments captured of six week old leopard cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adorable leopard cubs play with each other as they venture out of their den just six weeks after being born. The two youngsters were photographed at first light at Sabi Sands in South Africa's Greater Kruger National Park as their mother looked on. Property trader Rod Watson from Johannesburg took the pictures while he was on holiday.