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Mattel launces "Elton John" Barbie!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Introducing the Elton John Barbie doll! In a bold collaboration two between cultural icons, Barbie has launched a new doll that replicates the 73-year-old legendary singer's iconic style in honor of his extraordinary artistry and musicianship.

A premature baby born the size of a Superman action figure made a miraculous survival - and now celebrates every milestone with his sidekick by his side

***EXCLUSIVE*** Logan Ray was born at 23 weeks gestation - just one week before the abortion cut off limit.  He weighed just 1.5lb and was the same length as a tiny 12 inch Superman doll bought by his dad, Rob, 42. Doctors told his parents to prepare for the worst - but just like his cot side toy, little Logan wasn't giving up without a fight.

This mum says she felt like an ALIEN after all her hair fell out but she isn't letting it stop her from baring her bald head in public to support others like her.

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nursery practitioner, Jessica Mullen (24) from London, UK, grew up with a thick head of hair and spent her early teens experimenting with different colours and styles. However, when she turned 16, Jessica noticed a large bald patch growing at the back of her head and was diagnosed with alopecia a month later. Her hair started falling out in clumps whenever she would touch it and Jessica would wake up with hairs strewn across her pillowcase. Within one month, her entire head of hair had disappeared and her body hair was quickly following suit as Jessica had alopecia universalis. When her eyelashes and eyebrows fell out too, Jessica says she felt like an 'alien' and was so depressed that she tried to take her own life at 16. Thankfully, she became pregnant five months later and rediscovered her purpose in life - giving birth to six-year-old Mason in April 2014. Raising her son alone drove Jessica to become stronger and she decided to embrace her alopecia. She helped Mason understand by showing him other people online with her condition and let him play with her wigs and wig caps. Although she was comfortable at home without wigs, she decided to take the plunge and go bald in public on holiday in Spain in 2018. Feeling free, Jessica made an Instagram page in February 2019 documenting her journey with alopecia - sharing glam bald pictures and reaching out to other sufferers. Despite trolls comparing her to a drag queen and commenting on her drawn-on eyebrows, Jessica wanted to showcase her baldness in a way that she believes would have saved her when she was first experiencing hair loss. Now, Jessica is expecting her second child, a baby girl due in January 2021, and son Mason loves her bald head.

The loving parents of a brave Leeds boy who suffers from gastroschisis have got tattoos to match his life-saving tubes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Patrick Askham, 5, was born at 35 weeks with an illness called gastroschisis - a condition where the bowels and other organs are on the outside of the abdomen. Unfortunately Patrick’s bowels were so matted at birth that once they were placed back inside him, they had to be removed just a few weeks later - leaving him with a short bowel. Brave Patrick has battled through countless hospital appointments and trips to theatre during his short life so far. Due to his extremely short bowel, Patrick's own remaining 9cm bowel is unable to absorb any nutrients so he is artificially fed via a broviac line which goes directly into his heart. The decision was made to place Patrick on the donor registry for a Bowel transplant in 2018 and in December he received his first gift of life.

Worcester schoolboy Oscar Saxelby-Lee has returned to his primary school after nearly two years fighting a battle against cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The schoolboy from St John's stepped back through the doors for a short taster session as part of a phased return to the classroom.  He was able to play with a few of his friends as he begins to return to normal life following nearly two years battling a rare childhood cancer.  Oscar was last in the classroom at Pitmaston Primary School in December 2018 just before he was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.  He then faced a gruelling bone marrow transplant before travelling to Singapore for life-saving CAR-T cell therapy a year ago after the nation backed his family’s plea to raise £500,000 to afford the treatment.  They had been told no other treatment options were available on the NHS after his first bone marrow transplant failed.  Oscar has now been cancer-free for nine months.  The family had been desperately looking forward to Oscar's return to school with mum Olivia Saxelby and dad Jamie Lee accompanying him through the doors.

Amazing footage shows the moment a daredevil skydiver leapt from a plane sitting in a inflatable pool tube

***EXCLUSIVE*** The incredible video shows the moment Robin Moore from Miami Beach, FL jumps from an altitude of 13,500 ft while sat in an inflatable rubber ring in the skies above River Ranch, Florida on October 17th 2020. She plummets to the ground below with a look of pure ecstasy on her face accompanied by Jimmy Hutfles who captured the intensity on film. The crew of skydivers were visiting the location for Rodeo Boogie 2020 an event where hundreds of skydivers come together to jump from planes and have a good time.

This heart-stopping video shows the moment a teenage daredevil stopped to do some chin-ups - dangling from the top of one of the tallest power stations in Europe

***EXCLUSIVE*** At 340 metres (1115 feet) tall, the Plomin power station in Croatia is the fourth-tallest power station in Europe. But the daunting scale of the massive chimney did not faze 19-year-old Adam Lockwood - who clambered up the side of the giant power plant in just two and a half hours.

Meet Rothstein: the sea faring bulldog with a passion for surfing

***EXCLUSIVE*** The talented dog has been surfing at the beach city of Del Mar, San Diego since he was a puppy. Footage shows 3-year-old Rothstein clearly having the time of his life as he effortlessly glides through the water under the watchful eye of his owner John Garcia.

Startrails over sculptures of animals that once roamed the land

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sculptures of animals with startling eyes stand amidst incredible star trails.  They were commissioned by a late millionaire who wanted to show what creatures once roamed his property. Dennis Avery, the founder of Avery Labels, commissioned artist Ricardo Breceda to build the sculptures, which are now well known in the Californian town of Borrego Springs.  These pictures were taken by amateur photographer Chris Brady from San Diego, California.

Killer laugh

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'laughing' hyena grins just after eating its kill. The pleased looking scavenger bares its teeth, giving the appearance of a wide mouthed smile. The young Indian Striped Hyena was pictured at Little Rann of Kutch, a desert habitat situated in the province of Gujarat. Cotton trader Nilesh Shah, 43, from Ahmedabad, who took the photos, said: "I had gone there for one of my expeditions - to picture animals in their natural habitat.