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A daredevil sets a world record jumping 131ft into the sea from a helicopter without a parachute

***EXCLUSIVE*** A daredevil former paratrooper today set a world record after he jumped 131ft into the sea from a helicopter without a parachute. John Bream, who is nicknamed 'John the Flying Fish', plummeted into the sea feet-first at 75mph as part of his daring stunt. The 34 year old, who fell for around four seconds before hitting the water, has set two records as a result of his dive, which he took on to raise awareness for veteran suicide. Mr Bream set a world record for the highest freefall into water from an aircraft and the record for jumping into British waters following today's leap into the Solent off Hayling Island, Hants.

Professional eater weighs just 9st despite scoffing 16,000 calories in a day

***EXCLUSIVE*** WASHINGTON, USA: This woman can eat over SIXTEEN-THOUSAND-CALORIES in a single day but you'd never guess it by looking at her. Professional eater, Katina DeJarnett (29), from Washington, USA, weighs just nine stone and wears a UK size six, but can put away an 11-pound Mexican feast of tamales, burritos, enchiladas and tacos, and a seven-pound breakfast dish including nine-inch pancakes, reindeer sausage and a one-and-a-half-pound cinnamon roll in one sitting. She started competitively eating in April 2019 after taking part in a bodybuilding show and found herself extremely hungry during the dieting process. Katina watched restaurant challenges on YouTube and decided to try one herself after the competition was over. She bought a cheap camera and filmed herself at a local restaurant challenge, eating the „Fatburger XXXL Kingburger”, a cheeseburger with three half-pound patties, and later uploaded the video to YouTube. After her success, she started pursuing larger restaurant challenges, and tried calorie challenges too - with her toughest so far being 16,000 calories consumed in one day, gorging on fast food, cookies and peanut butter. She now has more than 200,000 loyal subscribers following her on her quest to tackle food challenges across the world. In July 2020, she met fellow professional eater Randy Santel (34), from Missouri, USA, while doing a food tour in Alaska. They bonded over their mutual passion for eating challenges and travel, and became a couple during their 10-day trip. Katina and Randy plan to spend 2021 touring the world together and taking part in global eating challenges.

The moon shines in glorious detail in false colour picture which blends over 50,000 images to produce a stunningly detailed image

***EXCLUSIVE*** Taken from Andrew McCarthy's garden in Califonia, USA the composite image is created by a variety of post processing techniques to reveal details that are hidden to the naked eye. -  NASA has today confirmed that there is water on the sunlit surface of the moon. The revelation means it is possible water is easily accessible and not just in the deep, permanently shadowed craters of the south pole, as was previously thought. NASA also announced that the cold traps, areas which are permanently in shadow, may contain up to 15,000 square miles (40,000 square km) of water.

EVER GREEN - The UK’s oldest golfer is celebrating teeing off at the same club for 70 YEARS - and says the sport is the secret to a long life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the UK’s oldest golfer who has been teeing up shots at the same club for 70 years - and said gin and golf are the secret to long life as she approaches her centenary. Great grandmother Myfany Wigdahl, 98, of Adel, has been a member of Alwoodley's Sand Moor Golf Club in Leeds for 70 years and still plays a few holes every week. Myfany - known to friends as Myf - was a lorry driver in the The Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) during the Second World War and was stationed in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Single mum threatened with £2,500 fine and PRISON for keeping kids off school as she fears she’ll die if she gets Covid

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has been threatened with PRISON after refusing to send her kids back to school amid fears she'll die from Covid-19. Katy Simpson, 29, chose to keep her son Damien and daughter Alisha, both six, at home when schools returned from the extended summer break last month. While they are healthy, Katy has Type 1 diabetes, asthma and an under-active thyroid - which according to NHS guidelines classes her as clinically vulnerable.  Mum-of-two Katy has barely left the house since lockdown measures were first introduced in March, and claims she only makes a quick weekly dash to the shops.

Glow in the dark roses for Halloween

London, United Kingdom: Whether you’re a tricker or a treater, Asda’s new Glow in the Dark Roses certainly come to life after dark. From 28th October, Asda customers can get their hands on an illuminating bunch of roses with a special Halloween glow for just £5 - ideal for ghoulish power cuts and spooky surprises. The ultimate gift for Halloween, the flowers come in bunches of 5 and are sure to light up even the darkest of spaces with their glow in the dark magic - including an Asda superstore. The roses join an impressive array of Halloween products at Asda, including Ogle the Cyclopillar and a horrifying Halloween Pizza - ensuring Asda customers can get everything they need under one roof, and at the scarily low prices they love.

COLD HARD SPLASH – a daredevil diver who likes to swim in SUB ZERO WATER

***EXCLUSIVE*** This beautiful video shows a daredevil diver who likes to swim in SUB ZERO WATER Arne Haugland, 29 from Bergen Norway is filmed on the west coast of Norway taking a dip in freezing water. Together with Andreas Roksvaag who filmed the event the video shows the beauty of the Norwegian Landscape as well as the incredible feat of human endurance.

LITTLE HERO - An eight-year-old boy saved his mum, sister and pet rabbit from a burning home

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eight-year-old boy saved his mum, sister and pet rabbit from a burning home. Amy Brown was alerted to the blaze by son Jenson early on October 13, who had gone downstairs to watch television at around 6am. But he soon raced back upstairs to tell his mum the screen had exploded - which turned out to be the tumble dryer setting on fire. The family were forced to flee the house in Swindon, Wilts., as the flames spread quickly, eventually gutting the house - costing them everything.

GENERATION GAME - This school is in a class of its own - and has three members of the same family as staff

***EXCLUSIVE*** This school is in a class of its own - and has three generations of the same family as staff members. Cathy Lambert, 66, her daughter Louise Charlton, 43, and grand-daughter Jade Charlton, 18, all work at Fair Furlong Primary School. Mum-of-three Cathy joined the school in Withywood, in Bristol in 1992 - but is now finally retiring. But even though she is leaving Cathy leaves her daughter and granddaughter at the school where they both work. Louise Charlton, 43, has been a family link worker at Fair Furlong Primary for the last ten years. And Louise's daughter - and Cathy's granddaughter - Jade Charlton, 18, joined the school at the start of this term as a teaching assistant. Cathy celebrated her final day working at the school last week as she retired after almost three decades of service.

LEGO Group unveil state-of-the-art interactive billboard in London

London, United Kingdom: The LEGO Group UK and Ireland has used the latest advancements in haptic technology to create a brand-new digital play experience at London’s Westfield Stratford, running on the 24th and 25th October. This „first of its kind” in the UK technology allows passers-by to move, rotate and „build” virtual LEGO bricks on the ground with their creations showcased on the big digital screen for all to see. The experience is part of the LEGO Group’s „Rebuild The World” campaign, which aims to encourage children’s creativity and inspire them to develop and retain the skills needed for tomorrow’s world, celebrating kids’ creative resilience and their endless imagination. The billboard has been designed with the latest haptic technology to bring this experience to life and allow consumers to unleash their creativity on the big screen. Visitors to Westfield will be able to immerse themselves into this building experience by virtually manipulating the LEGO bricks, allowing them to create their own unique digital build which will be proudly displayed on the billboard for passers-by to admire.

Woman breaks spine after being hurled from speedboat seat during dolphin trip

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman suffered a broken spine when she was thrown from her seat on a speedboat during a dolphin watching trip. Liga Raisa-Reisa was celebrating her anniversary on holiday in Portugal when she suffered a fractured vertebra and nerve damage after being flung into the air and slammed back into her seat, during an excursion on a five-star holiday with her partner. The 33-year-old said the boat was travelling towards waves at speed and she was repeatedly thrown up in the air.  Restaurant manager Liga was airlifted to hospital and then transported by air ambulance back to the UK. As a result of her injuries she was forced to give up her job.