Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A kindly ten-year-old Texas boy has made it his mission to bring 100,000 meals to people in need by Thanksgiving

***EXCLUSIVE*** Orion Jean of Fort Worth has started “Race to 100k Meals," with the goal of providing people facing food insecurity with brown paper bags decorated with positive messages and filled with nutritious meals. “Looking around and seeing so many people that don’t have opportunities, meals and resources, and these people are people that look like me and are my age, I know can help,” Orion said on his inspiration for starting the project. Though monetary donations are accepted, it is preferred that people donate a 16 ounce water bottle, two tangerines or an apple in a Ziploc bag, a granola bar and an apple sauce pouch or tuna packed into a brown paper bag with a kind message written on it.

Christmas tree decoration made to look like coronavirus bacteria

***EXCLUSIVE*** A festive firm is selling a Christmas tree decoration made to look like - coronavirus bacteria. The glass ornament is said to "encapsulate the last year" and to be a "solution for the oily surge of goodwill" in December. The red, green and silver bauble is being launched by company London Bohemian on November 1 and will retail at £29.95. It has been designed by a retail product developer made redundant due to the pandemic.

Halloween fan asked to remove his spooky house’s decorations as they’re ‘too scary for kids’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A property stylist who decorated his house for Halloween was asked to remove his ghosts and ghouls as they were "scaring children". Ashan Jeeawon, 42, also a councillor, was told his floating skeleton displays were causing a detriment to the mental health of the community. But when he put the decorations up for a public vote, neighbours were overwhelmingly in favour of keeping the house of "horrors". The email said: "Although I respect your opinion to celebrate Halloween, I am sorry to say that I hold a different opinion.

This is the heartwarming moment hospital staff performed an impromptu dance routine to cheer up a ballet-obsessed five-year-old girl battling cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Isobel Fletcher was left beaming with joy after kind-hearted staff members pulled out their best ballet moves when she arrived at hospital for chemotherapy treatment. Comical footage shows the schoolgirl giggling away as Dr Baylon Kamalarajan and Emma Mander tip-toe onto the ward while wearing multi-coloured tutus. The pair can be seen attempting to spin and pirouette to the Swan Lake theme music as delighted Isobel laughs on in the background at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Colourful fabric drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers dry thousands of metres of brightly coloured fabric in the hot sun. An entire village dedicate themselves to the dying and drying of the cotton before it is taken to market to be sold. The striking images were captured by photography student Saad Abdullah in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. It takes around four to six hours for the fabric to dry after it has been dyed by hand by the locals.

Birds do the splits on reed stems

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographs show agile birds doing the splits on reed stems. This splayed leg pose allows the bearded reedlings to look out for potential predators, such as hawks, before eating reed seeds below. The photographs were taken by John Cobham at Leighton Moss Nature Reserve in Silverdale, Lancs. The reserve is protected by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).