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The most flexible human has earned his name as 'The Rubber Boy' after he developed skills to stretch his body like rubber and can turn his head 180 degrees

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chirag Krishnakumar Panpaliya from Varsha in Maharashtra, west India possesses the skills that make him different from a normal human being. His skills include extreme front- and back-bending and twist his shoulders 180 degrees. He dreams to matriculate himself to the Guinness Book Of World Record one day and has been practising and refining his talent each and every day.

Three YouTube pranksters create the 'World's worst Airbnb' with mattress, bedside table and a lamp in the middle of a field in north London - and STILL receive bookings

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is a bizarrely hilarious story about a group of friends who intentionally created the worlds worst AirBNB and somehow still received bookings. Friends Rhys Simmons, Jamie Kamaz and Hitchin are a trio of Youtubers who run ‘Passion squad’ – an entertainment variety channel showcasing all manner of stunts, pranks and quirky content. In this video they set out to create the ‘Worlds worst’ Air BNB that literally consists of a mattress and a bedside table in the middle of a field in North London. To the surprise of everyone involved upon listing the ‘property’ on AirBNB they received a shocking amount of interest and had they taken the punters money would have turned a profit.

Toddler who cries tears of BLOOD due to rare cyst behind her eye

***EXCLUSIVE*** DUNSTABLE, UK: This little girl cries tears of BLOOD due to a rare cyst-filled tumour on her eye. Business support assistant Nina Brown (30) from Dunstable, UK, gave birth to her daughter Millie (22-months) in December 2018. Much to the surprise of Nina and husband Alex (40), Millie was born with a swollen eyebrow which was later confirmed to be a lymphatic malformation - a benign tumour made up of fluid-filled cysts. Nina and Alex were told it wasn’t affecting Millie's vision at that time and that treatment would be considered when Millie turned two, but in May 2020 her eye started to bleed. After consulting doctors, it was explained that lymphatic malformations can spontaneously bleed and in Millie’s case, it was obscuring her vision. Millie started treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital in July and underwent a procedure called sclerotherapy that involves injecting medicine into blood or lymph vessels causing them to shrink. Following her first round of sclerotherapy, Millie developed swelling behind her eye that pushed it from its socket and made her vomit from the pain. However, Millie has since had two more treatments, each spaced six weeks apart, and the cysts behind her eye have almost disappeared - though they may be triggered in the future with hormonal changes such as puberty or pregnancy. In public, the family have been approached by adults and children that have asked about Millie's 'bendy eye’ - something the family finds hard to deal with and don’t want to impact Millie. Nina contacted a charity, Changing Faces, to get advice on how to deal with the comments, and received support and guidance on how to handle situations in the future. Mum Nina now shares Millie’s journey on social media in a bid to raise awareness and meet other people suffering from lymphatic malformations.

Squirrel Nutkin, meet Squirrel Pumpkin! Spooky rodent dresses up for Halloween

***EXCLUSIVE*** These hilarious photos show the spooky Halloween scenes set up by a photographer in his garden - in order to capture squirrels with PUMPKINS on their heads. Geert Weggen, 52, watches red squirrels come and forage for food in his garden every day - so he decided to set up a more festive scene. The nature photographer laid out miniature carved pumpkins and a spooky skull with nuts and seeds hidden inside them, for the squirrels to sniff out. And the hilarious result was that the animals stuck their heads right inside the Halloween decorations - and then staggered about wearing the pumpkins and the skull on their heads.

NASA turns real science into horror movies in new poster series

NASA’s Roman Space Telescope will investigate its secrets. What will be revealed? NASA has released three new posters inspired by classic horror movie art to celebrate Halloween. The eye-catching posters depict some of the universe's most mysterious astronomical phenomena with artistic flair. Presented in the style of vintage horror movie advertisements, the new posters feature a dead galaxy, an explosive gamma ray burst caused by colliding stellar corpses, and ever-elusive dark matter. As fun and creative as all three posters are, they're based on real phenomena. In a dead galaxy, new star birth has ceased and most remaining stars are the long-lived variety, which are small and red, giving the galaxy a crimson glow. Likewise, when dead stars collide, they sometimes create a gamma ray burst, one of the most energetic explosions in the universe. And while dark matter may sound like it's right out of a Halloween tale, its gravity keeps stars inside galaxies and holds groups of galaxies together in clusters - yet scientists don't know what this invisible stuff is made of.

A couple say they want to have ‘as many kids as possible’ before it’s too late - because they have a 29-year age gap

***EXCLUSIVE*** Selina Robson, 25, met her now-husband, Steven, 54, in October 2017 and in the three years they’ve been together, they’ve got married in Vegas, had their son Archie, one, and now have another baby on the way.  The couple, from Dumfries, Scotland, ‘clicked instantly’ when they first met at their local pub, where Selina worked behind the bar.  Steven admits he thought he would never have a wife or a family, and was living with his mother when he first met Selina - so is over the moon to have proved himself wrong.

Shocking pictures have captured a twenty-two-pound adult baboon attempting to KILL a baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHOBE NATIONAL PARK, BOTSWANA: In one image, the adult male was photographed grabbing the two-pound youngling by the neck and dragging him down to the floor. In another, the fully-grown baboon leaned in with his mouth open wide to bite and wound the minor to ward off his mating competition. Photographer, David Altamirano Gonzalez (30), from Alajuela, Costa Rica, was in Chobe National Park, Botswana, when 50-foot away, two male chacma baboons engaged in a vicious brawl. An adult male took on a baby in an attempt to gain a better standing amongst the ladies. With the youngling out of the way, the adult male would?ve increased its chances of attracting female attention. Mating activities amongst chacma baboons are closely related to social hierarchy. If a male baboon has greater mating success, he will achieve more rank and standing in the herd. This results in a sense of competition amongst the males. Male chacma baboons are able to protect themselves using their two-inch long teeth but they also rally together to ward off prey. The biggest threat to this species is leopards although a mob of baboons can be enough to injure and warn off the predator.

Rare Black Panther comic book signed by Chadwick Boseman and Stan Lee to go up for auction

An autographed copy of a rare edition of Black Panther #1, signed by the late Chadwick Boseman and the late Stan Lee, is going up for auction. Nate D. Sanders Auctions has listed the rare autographed comic book for sale with the opening bid starting at $8,000. According to the website's listing, the book is graded 9.8 by CGC Signature Series, which verifies that it was signed by Boseman and Lee. Elsewhere, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler also signed the book. The comic listed for auction is the Middle East Comic Con version of the book, making it different from the original cover of the first Black Panther comic, according to TMZ. The new cover is more modern and features the popular superhero character standing beside an animated Lee, who is giving a thumbs up. Signed in black ink by Boseman and Coogler, and in silver scripture by Lee, the book also measures 8.125 inches by 13 inches...Interestingly, Boseman added the number ''42'' next to his signature, a clear nod to the Brooklyn Dodgers player Jackie Robinson, who donned that number. Boseman portrayed the baseball legend in the 2013 film, 42. The auction will take place this Thursday October 29, 2020.

A woman who was once too big to fit into her car shed a staggering 380lbs and now hopes to have a $30,000 body lift to remove her excess skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andrea Beckman, 37, went from a massive 600lbs to just 220lbs with the help of a gastric bypass and a protein-rich diet with daily exercise.  But the former Pizza Hut manager still has baggy skin even after undergoing an operation to remove hanging skin around her lower tummy.  Andrea from St Louis, Missouri, said: "Insurance only covered one panniculectomy which removes the lower tummy hanging skin.

Photographer snaps wild animals in spooky set-up

Corwen, North Wales, United Kingdom: A keen wildlife photographer has snapped a series of photos of wild animals in a spooky set-up ahead of Halloween. Richard Bowler from Corwen, North Wales, has spent many years photographing some of the wild animals on his land and building trusting relationships with them. In one picture, local foxes Hetty and Charlie are seen gently checking out a tiny mouse. In another image, Capone the Barn Owl sits on a Pumpkin surrounded by Halloween decorations in Richard's home. Richard said of the series: ''Having been in local and now national lockdown for a few weeks now I decided to produce some seasonal images with the animals that share my life with while staying at home.''

Terrifying fanged marine reptile roamed the oceans 240 million years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fanged marine reptile that roamed the oceans 240 million years ago had a built in "underwater float". Scientists say the two foot creature used a short, flat tail for balance as it lurked near the bottom of the shallows - picking off fish with its razor sharp teeth. It also had excellent hearing - to help it avoid giant sea monsters looking for a tasty snack. The bizarre creature lived like seals today - catching food in water but coming ashore on rocks and beaches.