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A couple sold their home and all of their possessions to travel the world in a £40k camper van in the midst of a global pandemic - and say they now feel safer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meg Ward, 29, made the “crackers” decision to uproot their life and leave everything behind after meeting a community of people who lived in their vans while on holiday in 2018. She sold their 3-bedroom house she had purchased with her partner Josh, 31, over 10 years ago and began to look for a suitable vehicle to satisfy their wanderlust. Their daughter Marlowe is four years old so the couple felt it was “now or never” for them as she’d otherwise be too old - and decided to set the wheels in motion. Despite a global pandemic causing holidaymakers to reschedule their plans - the family say they feel safe as they are essentially “self contained and self sufficient”. Meg, from Winchester, Hampshire, said: "It sounds a bit mad to go on this trip during the pandemic but we'd already set the date to leave.

An extraordinary collection of life-size wooden models used to design one of Britain's most exclusive cars has been saved from the scrapheap

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dozens of styling 'bucks' - large models used to design bodywork - were found covered in dust at a factory used by world-famous Bristol Cars Ltd. The hollow shells were once used to create the forms of the exclusive Bristol car models. Bristol Cars Ltd., a manufacturer of hand-built luxury cars, was formed in 1946 as an offshoot of the wartime Bristol Aeroplane Company.

Meet the woman who has finally embraced her scarred and blistered skin – after Halloween was the only time of year she feltt normal

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, USA: Makeup artist Maricruz Calderon Garcia (24), from Florida, USA, was born with epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare genetic condition that causes the skin to become very fragile, and can result in severe blistering. Her mother, Felicitas, spotted a blister on her index finger when she was born and knew immediately what it was, as Maricruz’s 21-month-old brother Freddy had died one month previously from EB, which is a degenerative condition. The family worried she would have the same fate, but Maricruz persevered, even going to school when she was in agony due to the blisters and open wounds on her feet. Children at school bullied her for being different, telling her she looked „nasty” and that her skin was „gross”. Maricruz’s first surgery was at just three years old, when she had an emergency tracheostomy fitted to help with her breathing. The surgery lasted two hours and she only just survived the procedure after her airways started to close up. However, her throat never fully healed and she lost her voice due to scarring on her vocal cords. Her voice was only restored when she had a complex surgery in 2008 that involved taking a piece of her rib cartilage and placing it on her vocal cords to act like a skin graft. At 22, she had her teeth removed and replaced with dentures due to the unbearable pain in her gums due to EB when she would eat. Her condition causes her eyes to blister, a pain that Maricruz describes as like „needles penetrating the eyes”, as well as itchiness and open wounds over her body. When she was seven, her feet were so blistered that she had to drag herself around the house on a soft pillow. Despite being in constant pain, Maricruz started playing with makeup in 2012 in a bid to transform herself and hide her disease.

Quirky pumpkins and peppers - which look just like DONALD TRUMP which are being sold just before Halloween

***EXCLUSIVE*** A creative farmer is making a mint by selling off his A creative farmer is making a mint by selling off his quirky pumpkins and peppers - which look just like DONALD TRUMP.Stephen Ding, 37, spends weeks cultivating his distinctive vegetables - which even bear the unmistakable facial features of the US president. Stephen has created specially-developed plastic moulds that help his pumpkins, peppers, and white gourds take on their unique shapes.

Breathtaking images showcase the intricate floral headdresses and face paint of Ethiopia’s Suri tribe

***EXCLUSIVE*** ETHIOPIA: Stunning pictures featured children with their faces painted in yellow and white patterns whilst they proudly modelled beautiful flower crowns. One image showed a young woman wearing a purple floral headdress with scarification clearly visible on her breast - a decorative part of Suri culture signifying everything from beauty, to adulthood, and to the ability to have children. Other shots revealed a young boy having his face painted and two children who had climbed up a tree to have their photograph taken. The images were taken in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia, by engineer and photographer Andrea Angrisani (37) from Bologna, Italy, using her Nikon D850 camera. Andrea spent three days with the Suri tribe.

This rare signed print by DAVID ATTENBOROUGH is up for auction to save the lives of gorillas and orangutans

***EXCLUSIVE*** SUSSEX, UK: In one image signed by Sir David Attenborough, a young mountain gorilla innocently stared into the camera lens in Uganda. Other images signed by Dame Jane Goodall and Ashley Leiman OBE featured orangutans, both young and old, from the island of Borneo. Photographer Ian Wood (55) from Sussex, UK, has been photographing primates for around 30-years. Travelling through the Borneo rainforest, Ian caught the bug when he first encountered a wild orangutan. Since then, he’s been leading expeditions to raise money to save and protect these incredible animals but things are looking a little bit different this year. Ian has roped in several organisations and wildlife activists - Sir David Attenborough included - to run an online auction of signed prints. The bidding, which is currently up to Ł3,500, runs up until midnight on November 14, 2020, and the images can be shipped worldwide. All of the proceeds from the signed prints will help Gorilla Doctors, The Jane Goodall Institute, and The Orangutan Foundation UK.


Award winning photographer Chloe Sharrock of Le Pictorium who specializes in women's rights in the developing world: Menstruation has long been taboo India, where menstruating women are believed to be impure and are still excluded from social and religious events. Recently these archaic ideas have been increasingly challenged, especially by urban educated women. A vast majority of women from poor families, with little or no education, are forced to make choices that have long-term and irreversible impacts on their health and their lives. In Maharashtra state thousands of young women have undergone surgical procedures to remove their wombs. In many cases they have done this to get work as sugarcane harvesters. This has turned several villages in the region into ''villages of womb-less women''.

Squirrels encourage US voters to get out and vote

***EXCLUSIVE*** Squirrels hold up tiny signs encouraging people to vote with the US election less than a week away. The red squirrels hold letters, signs, and flags and even cast their own vote in a miniature ballot box. The props were made by photographer Geert Weggen, who also took the photos, to highlight the importance of the upcoming US Presidential election. The 52 year old from Bispgården, Sweden, where the pictures were taken, said: "The American election is a big deal.

Inquisitive polar bear looks through pipe like a telescope

***EXCLUSIVE*** An inquisitive polar bear uses a pipe as a telescope. The young female bear lives with its mother in a large zoo enclosure with rocks, caves, a water basin and plenty of toys. The one year old, called Finja, is said to be very curious, and loves to explore and play. These photos were taken by amateur photographer Ina Schieferdecker at the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria.

Cowboys herd water buffalo

***EXCLUSIVE*** A team of cowboys herd hundreds of water buffalo across a river. More than 300 of the animals can be seen forming long queues as they cross the water. These aerial shots were captured using a drone at various parts along the Jamuna River in northern Bangladesh.

India: making hair of Durga idol

Kolkata, West Bengal, India: The 50-60 families of a small muslim dominated village, Pabitrapur, in Howrah district, 40 km off Howrah city under Domjur police station,are working to make hair for Goddess Durga in time for the approaching festival for a long time.They prepare the hair from jute bales and paint the strands in black colour.The hair will be supplied to clay modeller hubs  in the city and different parts of the state including Kumartuli.Anisur rahaman, one of the villagers said, the village is already frequented by agents from clay modeller hubs for the supply of hair, which is mostly used for 'sabeki protima.

Dumpling seller trecks across deserted sand dunes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker looks a lonely figure as she carries two buckets of produce across the sand dunes of Vietnam in over 30 degree (centigrade) heat. The buckets are filled with dumplings, with groups of 20 cakes selling for around 80 pence to tourists around Mui Ne in the Binh Thuan province of Vietnam. Ngoc Diem, a 42 year old import-export specialist, who captured the photos by drone said, "The locals call it Bot Loc cake, the outside being made from tapioca, filled with shrimp, minced pork, spices and a sweet fish sauce." "These street vendors every day walk the sand hills and invite visitors to buy and enjoy local specialties. They don't go far. If it is very hot, they will wait for visitors under the shade of trees along the hillside. But due to the recent pandemic she is finding herself with fewer customers."

Thousands of fish rot after French farmers drain lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of fish rot in a drained lake. Local farmers used the water to irrigate 200 nearby agricultural fields during a heatwave in September. Around two tons of pike and carp were left to rot and still remain at the site in France more than a month later. Local fishermen say it will take several years for the population of fish to regrow.