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Meet the young model who embraces her TWO-TONED hair and skin – after she was originally forced to HIDE hher condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** LIVERPOOL, UK: Meet the young model who embraces her TWO-TONED hair and skin - after she was originally forced to HIDE her condition. Before mum Danielle McCombie (30) from Liverpool, UK, gave birth to her daughter Lilly Rose (9), she’d never heard of piebaldism - the condition affects less than one in 20,000. However, Lilly was born with varying skin pigments and a lock of white hair that grew more apparent with age. Initially, Lilly was diagnosed with congenital melanocyte migration disorder but after researching Lilly’s skin condition, Danielle returned to the dermatologist and Lilly was instead deemed to have piebaldism - a rare genetic condition affecting the pigmentation of hair and skin in some areas of the body. Except for the skin’s increased sensitivity to the sun, piebaldism has little effect on Lilly’s health and whilst many might shy away from daring to be different, Lilly has always embraced her piebaldism and the opportunities it has brought her. That is not to say it’s always been plain sailing. When Lilly was three years old, she was signed up to her first modelling agency but soon became side-lined for not fitting the mould. The agency was reluctant to admit to casting directors that Lilly had piebaldism suggesting it was a problem. Lilly found very little work and left after a year. This feeling of being different continued at school. Other children would ask Lilly if she’d dyed her hair or asked why her skin was so „bruised”. Whilst at first this made Lilly feel embarrassed, mum Danielle encouraged Lilly to explain to the other children what piebaldism is.

A mum who suffered three miscarriages is over the moon after she finally gave birth to TRIPLETS - one for every baby she lost

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hannah Swift, 30, and her wife Siobhan, 40, underwent three rounds of insemination fertility treatment, and while she fell pregnant, she suffered miscarriages every time. With Siobhan unable to carry a baby, and the pair fast running out of options, they turned to private experts to help them complete their family.

Artist has revealed her top looks for Halloween in these terrifying images - which can take up to FOURTEEN HOURS to complete

***EXCLUSIVE*** TORONTO, CANADA: This artist has revealed her top looks for Halloween in these terrifying images - which can take up to FOURTEEN HOURS to complete. Incredible pictures show how face painter and SPFX artist LK Gifford (25) from Toronto, Canada, has meticulously transformed herself into a range of creepy characters including an evil Alice from Alice in Wonderland, a scary monochrome clown, and Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice - which are the perfect inspiration for Halloween. Other portraits revealed LK as her favourite creation, the Angel of Death from the movie Hellboy, Frankenstein, and as an alien creature with multiple eyes and mouth going vertically down her face. LK dedicates anywhere from two to six hours preparation time before painting her face - a process which can take between four and 14 hours. She picked the hobby up less than a year ago and finds the time to paint every day.

A widow has donated her kidney to the man who received her late husband's organs 16 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** A widow has donated a kidney to the man who received her late husband's organ 16 years ago - and they now both sit side by side in his body. Bryan Herrington was 35 when he fell to his death from a rooftop while at work in 2004, leaving behind his wife Terri, now 49. His organs went to help four people in need, including Jeff Granger, 59, who received Bryan's kidney and pancreas. Terri and Jeff kept in touch and he and his wife Pam became firm friends with the family, including Bryan's sons Drake, now 21, and Payton, now 16. So when Jeff fell ill again, 16 years after Bryan's donation, Terri stepped in and gave him one of her kidneys. Speaking to the Real Fix Podcast, Terri told how she felt when she heard Jeff needed help.

Student 'brought back from dead' after operation drained all blood from her body

***EXCLUSIVE*** A student was "brought back from the dead" in a dramatic life-saving operation - which involved having all the blood drained from her body. Izzy Scott, 23, underwent the drastic surgery after being diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, a disease resulting from high blood pressure in the lungs. In order to remove a build up of clots doctors had to drain the blood from her body and lower her body temperature by half.

Disney super-fan mum transformed her children’s bedrooms for less than £500 using old wood

***EXCLUSIVE*** WEST LOTHIAN, SCOTLAND: This Disney super-fan mum transformed her children’s bedrooms for less than £500 using old wood. Primary school teacher, Siannon Ramsay (29) from West Lothian, Scotland, gave her sons Lennox (2) and Hendrix (10 months) the bedrooms of their dreams after transforming them into Disney-inspired havens. Lennox has his very own Toy Story-style toy barn bed that would look at home in the Pixar flick, complete with themed bedding and soft toys. Hendrix has a Disney’s Animal Kingdom room instead, inspired by the Florida theme park with jungle-themed toys and wall hangings. The rooms were originally painted plain cream with grey carpeting but with the help of her husband, Allan (29), Siannon transformed them by hand after designing the rooms herself. Siannon would spend evenings planning the details that have made the rooms come to life, like the Al’s Toy Barn-inspired bookcase. She purchased a plain white bookcase from Argos for £40 and painted it in the iconic Toy Story red. Siannon also created the pelmet, curtains, bed, name sign using wood and tester pots of paint, and upholstered a chair using a blanket from Primark. She hand-painted the wooden signs replicating the Animal Kingdom rides and the Walt Disney canvas, using wood she had kept in the shed, leftover from past projects. The whole process took four months, working on the rooms after work and on weekends. She finished Lennox’s room whilst pregnant with him in November 2017. Hendrix’s room was finished when she was pregnant for the second time in December 2019. The family are now moving house but plan to recreate the magic in their new home with more themed rooms including a Mickey Mouse bathroom.

Man selling a collection of Star Wars toys left to him in his neighbour's will for £250K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man is selling a spectacular collection of Star Wars toys left to him in his neighbour's will for an eye-watering £250,000. The collector passed away earlier in the year and left his treasure trove to his next door neighbour in Stourbridge, West Midlands. The stunned recipient did not know what they were worth and was going to through the majority away before contacting a specialist valuer.

Blue Eyes: Family suffer from inadequate melanin in iris

***EXCLUSIVE*** Family members with an unusual pigmentation show off their shockingly bright, blue eyes.  Eyes of this colour are rare for people of a darker skin tone, and the cause is a lack of melanin pigment in the iris of the eye. Lower levels of melanin are more commonly found in people with lighter skin tones, meaning they are more likely to have lighter coloured eyes. The grandfather's name is Shukur Mia, who is photographed with his granddaughter Tasnim, 11, and grandson Mehedi, 6.

A Halloween-obsessed couple chose to get married on Friday 13th in a spooky celebration where they tied the knot in a CAVE and the bride wore BLACK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jasmine, 26, and Jack Robson, 26 - who have been together since they were 15 - got engaged in 2015 but had to postpone the wedding multiple times due to ill health and family emergencies. When they finally set the date for Friday 13th March 2020, they decided they would buck tradition and use themselves as the main inspiration for the wedding - playing on their love of Halloween for something a little more alternative.  The budget wedding only set the couple back £1,000 - with bridesmaids dresses costing just £15 each, Papa Johns pizzas at the reception, and a three-tier wedding cake made by Jasmine’s dad.

Dapper kitties have been dressing up in an array of pop culture inspired costumes for Halloween

***EXCLUSIVE*** These ‘Cosplay Cats’ have some extremely impressive costumes for Halloween.  Dapper kitties Fawkes, Nak and Pike have been wearing an array of costumes for the past five years, thanks to the ‘Cat Wrangler of Cat Cosplay,’ who goes by the name of Freyu.  They have been dressed as everything from Tolkien’s The Hobbit, to Spiderman to John Constantine – with each costume meticulously handmade to fit them perfectly.  Freyu, 37, who does not reveal his real name for interviews, began by dressing Nak for Renaissance fairs in the Seattle, Washington area.

Stunning images showcasing the beauty of decay in these once-grand Italian properties

***EXCLUSIVE*** ITALY: Stunning images showcasing the beauty of decay in these once-grand Italian properties have been revealed in a new book. One haunting image shows what remains of a staircase inside a spectacular but dilapidated mansion where the walls have turned to rubble. Another shows a room adorned with ornate renaissance-style ceiling art which has been destroyed by years of decay. The photos were taken over the course of a decade by self-taught photographer Thomas Jorion (44) from France as he travelled across Italy uncovering the hidden wonders of some of the most amazing abandoned mansions and villas. The buildings, some of which date back as early as the 18th Century, are suspended in time untouched by all but the natural world. Capturing the images in natural light without retouching or staging, Jorion has produced striking photos of an Italy frozen in time - now featured in his book, Veduta. Veduta is published by Edition De La Martinière and is available to purchase on Amazon for £42.12 RRP.

Polar snap: Bear looks like it is using a polar-oid

***EXCLUSIVE*** A curious young polar bear plays with a camera. The cub found the hidden camera placed by photographers and began to explore the wonders of photography himself. Photographers are prohibited from getting too close to the bears, as it could affect their behaviour, so will sometimes use hidden cameras operated remotely or triggered by movement sensors. These pictures were taken in Kaktovik, Alaska, where there is an estimated 3,000 wild polar bears. 

Two creepy looking 'Devil figures' sell for over £87,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two creepy looking 'Devil figures' whose artistic creator keeled over and died while exhibiting them 127 years ago have sold for over £87,000. The 6ft tall gothic statues were carved by Italian sculptor Francesco Toso in the last 19th century. The macabre statues have cloven hooves, pointed ears, webbed fingers and are dressed in typical Victorian costume. They were created to stand either side of a shop doorway with trade cards placed in their hands to attract the attention of passing customers.

Adorable moment a mischievous baby gorilla disturbed its mother as she tried to get some shut eye

***EXCLUSIVE*** UGANDA: The adorable moment a mischievous baby gorilla disturbed its mother as she tried to get some shut eye has been captured by a British photographer. One image showed the baby gorilla clambering over its 15 stone mother’s face and chest as she tried to sleep, whilst another revealed it peeking through the trees towards the camera. In another image, the baby’s mum is pictured sitting upright and wide awake ready to play with her child. Teacher and photography enthusiast, Natasha Chapman (32) from Hemel Hempstead, UK, took the amazing snaps when she travelled from her current home in Tanzania to the heart of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda. Following a 16-hour bus ride and a trek that lasted over two hours, Natasha finally reached the gorilla’s nest and was met by these wonderful scenes. The images were captured on a Nikon D500 with a 70-200m Nikon lens.  Gorillas share 98.3 percent of their DNA with humans and whilst they were taken off the World Wildlife Foundation’s critically endangered list in 2018, efforts are still ongoing by conservationists to ensure their populations continue to grow.

US flag with just 49 stars that hung in the White House during the presidency of Eisenhower

***EXCLUSIVE*** An American flag with just 49 stars that hung in the White House during the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower has emerged for sale for ÂŁ4,000. The patriotic piece is one of only a small number of flags that were displayed throughout the Presidential Palace. It was first put on display in the White House in July 1959 when Alaska became the 49th state to be represented on the U.S flag.

Rare Beatles poster, taken from a New York subway station, is now set to sell for £80,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Beatles poster that was taken from a New York subway station is now set to sell for £80,000 after it was spotted in the background of a picture on social media. Anthony Bruno, 70, grabbed the yellow Beatles poster after seeing the Fab Four in concert at Shea Stadium in 1966. He has kept it ever since but never knew its true value until a friend saw him posed in front of it on social media.

Letter penned by a Titanic hero who sacrificed his life to save others

***EXCLUSIVE*** A poignant letter penned by a Titanic hero who sacrificed his life to save others has emerged for sale for £50,000. Pastor John Harper put his six year old daughter Annie and sister Jessie in a lifeboat but refused to take a spot himself. He then took off his life jacket and gave it to another man in the freezing water before disappearing under the surface. The man who received the life jacket survived the disaster and later told of Harper's remarkable actions. Harper's letter to a fellow clergyman, Brother Young, written on board the Titanic three days before it sank, is going under the hammer with auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son, of Devizes, Wilts.