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'Flying car' takes its first test flight in Slovakia

For all the people who grew up watching the iconic film 'Back to the Future', this piece of news will excite you! In Slovakia, a vehicle has been developed that can transform itself from a car to an actual airplane within three minutes. It took its first test flight recently where it flew 1500 feet in the air. A video showing the makings of the appropriately titled 'Air Car' is doing the rounds and has gone viral for all the right reasons. It was posted on YouTube by the Slovak company called Klein Vision. In it, a futuristic-looking white car is seen driving down the runway. After some time, it comes to a halt where its wings start to come out from the vehicle. Then, it takes off and soars into the air.

Physicists create smallest ship on Earth

Leiden, Netherlands: A group of physicists say they have created the smallest ship on Earth. Netherland’s Leiden University physicists Rachel Doherty, Daniela Kraft and colleagues have 3D printed a miniscule vessel measuring 30 micrometers; about a third of the thickness of a hair. The image was made using an electron microscope and can be found in their article about 3D printing synthetic microswimmers in the scientific journal Soft Matter. Kraft's research group researches microswimmers, small particles moving in fluids like water, that can be followed using a microscope. One of their goals is understanding biological microswimmers, such as bacteria. Most research of this type is carried out on sphere shaped particles, but 3D printing offers new possibilities, as the researchers show in their article. They also printed spiral shaped particles, which rotate along while they are propelled through water, and other shapes including a Star Trek-style spaceship. The boat, known as 3DBenchy, is a 3D computer model specifically designed for testing the accuracy and capabilities of 3D printers. The group say their new Nanoscribe Photonic Professional printer has passed this test „with flying colors, while establishing a new record building the smallest ship on Earth (which is even able to set sail in water).”

Pooping Pooches Calendar 2021

California, United States: Know someone who loves dogs - whatever they are doing? The perfect gift has arrived in the form of the 2021 Pooping Pooches Calendar. The brainchild of California-based Jake Wagenman, it features twelve months of different dogs doing their business. There is also a range of jigsaws featuring pets answering nature’s call. The £12.20 calendar features a Pug, Boston Terrier, Weimaraner, Springer Spaniel, Pit Bull, Labrador, Australian Shepherd, Greyhound, and more. Jake says Pooping Pooches products are is the ultimate joke, prank or gag gift. He explains: „I'm just a dog lover trying to do some good in the world with my unique sense of humour.” $1 from each calendar is donated to the Maui Humane Society to support animals in need.

Domino's makes pizza delivery by hovercraft

Essex, United Kingdom: Domino’s, the nation's best loved pizza company, has answered a lucky customer's call by performing a one-off, extraordinary delivery - via hovercraft. Finding herself hungry and cut off by the high tide on Mersea Island in Essex, Kelly Wright reached out to the pizza delivery experts with a cheeky request. With this quiet, idyllic island cut off from the mainland at key mealtimes because of the tide, it took something extra special to make her dinner dreams come true. Proving they have exactly what it takes to pull off a special „store to shore” mission, Domino’s Colchester University Quays drafted in water-wizard, Benn Bristow for the world’s first offshore pizza delivery. Thanks to his 13 years of maritime expertise, certified pilot from the British Hovercraft Company, Benn was the perfect person to guarantee a delivery of piping hot pizza in style. Domino’s newly appointed „High Tide Hero” needed a fast and reliable way of getting to the island. Leaving the moped keys in store, with a pizza hot bag in hand, Benn jumped into his hovercraft to speed across land and water to ensure the delicious order was delivered to a shocked, but utterly delighted, Wright family on the Mersea shore - all within just 20 minutes.