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This artist makes incredible miniature art from tiny objects including pencil lead

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gattem Venkatesh, 22, carves and makes miniature art out of almost anything - pencil lead, bangles and match sticks. He uses tools like a surgical blade and needle and has designed chessboards, buildings and ships. In 2017 he entered the Guinness Book of World Records when he carved the Empire State Building on a toothpick in just 21 minutes.

YOU LOOK PURRRFECT - A British man is engaged to a woman he travelled 4,000 miles to meet -- after she liked a photo of his cat on a Facebook group for chubby cats

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British man is engaged to a woman he travelled 4,000 miles to meet -- after she liked a photo of him holding a cat on a Facebook group for chubby cats. Adam Lawrence, 29, and Anna Hosey, 26, connected in October 2019 after Adam posted a photograph of himself holding a friend's cat in the This Cat Is Chonky group. He messaged Anna after she called him "cute" in the comments - and just two months later after a flurry of calls and messages, he flew to America to meet her. They have dated long-distance ever since, and when Adam's next visit to the states got cancelled due to the pandemic, hairdresser Anna flew to London in July 2020.

Impossible Sex

***EXCLUSIVE*** STAFFORD, UK: OVER A dozen doctors told this woman that the excruciating pain she felt when trying to insert a tampon was IN HER HEAD - before she was finally diagnosed with a life changing condition that makes sex with her boyfriend IMPOSSIBLE. Marketing manager, Kerry Morris (28) from Stafford, UK, has suffered from extreme stomach cramps and irregular and heavy bleeding during her periods since the age of 13. Despite visiting countless gynaecologists and doctors and even having a laparoscopy operation in 2012 to try to find the root cause of her problem, Kerry was consistently told that the unbearable pain she was feeling was all in her head. With sex being incredibly painful and tampons being a non-starter, Kerry was convinced that endometriosis, a condition where tissue similar to that found in the lining of the womb grows in other places such as on the ovaries, was the most likely cause.  Yet over a dozen doctors, gynaecologists and surgeons had ruled this out, since they couldn?t find any evidence of it. In 2014, whilst at university, Kerry was even referred to a psychosexual therapist who aimed to help Kerry convince herself that the pain she was experiencing during sex was a psychological, rather than physical pain. However, nine months of therapy didn?t help and when Kerry split from her then boyfriend, she was discharged from the treatment as she was no longer in a relationship. In 2017, Kerry had another operation to try and discover the source of her problem and this time the surgeon finally found the endometriosis that Kerry had been convinced for so long was the reason for her constant pain. Despite feeling vindicated by this, Kerry still has not found cure to her pain. Having been prescribed various cocktails of pain medication and birth control pills, Kerry still has to deal with constant stomach cramps, headaches and fatigue.

Naked Athletes Calendar

***EXCLUSIVE*** A GROUP of hunky British athletes have produced their raciest calendar yet by stripping off and posing naked to challenge the way masculinity is viewed in the 21st century. The 2021 instalment shows men from Worldwide Roar, formerly known as the Warwick Rowers, posing nude in a series of steamy monochrome and colour shots. The men are pictured enjoying a spot of cycling and lounging by the pool with only their formation protecting their modesty, whilst another image showed them baring their naked bottoms overlooking a lake and playing a game of nude boules. Other shots showed the men donning purple face masks - a colour identified as challenging homophobia - in recognition of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on their cover shoot. Formerly known as the Warwick Rowers and featuring men from the University of Warwick?s rowing club, the newly relaunched Worldwide Roar have stripped off in a gesture of solidarity with LGBTQ+ men who often feel excluded from sport. Any athlete who identifies as male can get involved in the project. Now in its twelfth year, the aim of this year?s campaign is to offer a fresh look at men and the ways in which society views masculinity and how men themselves view masculinity as a result.

A couple who had to cancel their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic finally tied the knot - with the McDonald's meal of a lifetime to celebrate

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple who had to cancel their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic finally tied the knot - with a McDonalds' meal of a lifetime to celebrate. Melissa Russell, 27, and Shannon McKenna, 26, had been engaged for six years but had no plans to tie the knot until the coronavirus pandemic made them realise they wanted to get hitched. They planned to have a marquee in their garden, but restrictions meant that would be difficult, and when they booked a hotel it was cancelled a week later. McDonalds' worker Melissa spoke to her boss, Kate Walker, about the difficulties they were facing, and was astonished when she pulled out all the stops to give them a dream wedding reception in the fast food restaurant in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire.

PUSS IN BOOTS - This cat and donkey have become best friends, posing for photos like a real-life version of Donkey and Puss in Boots from Shrek

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pearl, an orange tabby, loves to ride on the back of her donkey friend Willow and cuddle up against the nape of her neck.“We live in this remote area. So we’re pretty lonely out here. It makes sense that they’d be friends," said Pearl's owner Wistar Hart, 55, a retired horseback riding instructor from Big Timber, Montana.

Woman had her entire cheek reconstructed after skin cancer was found under her eye - and the only warning sign was a tiny PIMPLE

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORTHUMBERLAND, UK: Administrative manager Claire Porter (37) from Northumberland, UK, noticed a small whitehead on her cheek in June 2018 which started to grow over the following months. She finally visited her GP to get it checked out in January 2019 where she was told it was a small cyst and nothing to worry about. However in March of the same year, the spot burst while Claire was on holiday in the Lake District. The area didn?t heal leaving a ?crater? on Claire?s cheek which would crack and bleed every time she washed her face. Concerned, she tried different over-the-counter creams and treatments, but nothing was working. After getting a second opinion in September 2019, she was referred to a dermatologist and in December 2019 was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma - a type of skin cancer ? leaving Claire terrified and fearing for her life. The tumour was over an inch wide and dragging her eye down by the time she had surgery in June 2020. Most of her cheek was removed and then reconstructed during a terrifying 40-minute surgery, which she was awake for, and Claire has been left with scarring on her face. Now, she is cancer-free and sharing her journey on social media support groups and urges others with unusual marks on their skin to get checked out. Claire is planning to move in with partner Dwight (36) and continue advocating for early checks of potential tumours.

A deadly boa constrictor is on the loose after a girl found the reptile's 5FT shed skin - taller than HER

***EXCLUSIVE*** A deadly boa constrictor is on the loose after a girl found the reptile's 5FT shed skin - taller than HER. Stunned seven-year-old Amelia Drewett made the discovery while out walking with her grandfather in a leafy residential suburb in Oxford. Her grandmother has since appealed for the owner of the skin to come forward on Facebook - but the whereabouts of the snake is a mystery. Boa constrictors are non-venomous but have been known to kill large animals by squeezing them to death.

Adorable pictures show the moment a grey seal enjoys a peaceful little nap at the bottom of the sea

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heavily pregnant seal takes a few minutes to enjoy a peaceful nap - whilst lying at the bottom of the sea in these amusing photos. The plump mother-to-be seems to be smiling as she enjoys her snooze, lying on her side on the seabed, with her flippers wrapped protectively around her round belly. And small bubbles can be seen rising from where she lies as she breathes peacefully in and out.

Workers weave baskets

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of freshly handwoven baskets dry in the sun before being exported around the world. Workers weave the baskets from Kans grass, typically making six to eight each day of various shapes and sizes. Once finished they are left out in the sunlight for two or three days so that the moisture from the grass evaporates. They are then shipped from Bogra, Bangladesh, to the likes of USA, Australia, Britain and elsewhere in Europe, usually selling for £10 to £20.

Giraffe stoops to drink from waterpool

***EXCLUSIVE*** GETTING DOWN WITH NATURE..... A pair of giraffes stoop low to be able to have a quick drink from a waterhole at the Zimanga Game Reserve in South Africa. The striking sight was captured by Alec Connah, 65, from Coalbrookdale, Shropshire. Alec said, "I was in a special custom built underground hide, which is constructed next to a waterhole. This means that, once in the hide, you are almost at eye level with the water surface and about 10ft from the far edge of the pool." "These were young giraffes, I would estimate no more than about 3 yrs of age, but still 16-20 ft tall. To drink, a giraffe must slowly spread it’s front legs and lower its face to the water. This is when the giraffe is most vulnerable to attack from predators so they only drink for a short time, in this case maybe 15 seconds maximum." "I had spent the whole night in the hide and was so relieved I had managed to stay awake long enough to get these memorable morning images."

Snail lifts mushroom up

***EXCLUSIVE*** A snail lifts a mushroom far larger than itself in the air. They are said to be able to lift and carry objects which weigh up to ten times as much as their body. Despite this, the snail couldn't bear the weight of the Marasmius oreades mushroom, which eventually caused it to topple and fall on its shell. The photographs were taken by professional photographer Romain Doucelin, in the garden of his home in the village of Clonas-sur-Varèze, southeastern France.