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Real Life Rapunzel

***EXCLUSIVE*** TOKYO, JAPAN: Meet the stunning woman who calls herself Japan’s Rapunzel after going without a haircut for over FIFTEEN YEARS to grow out her FIVE-FOOT-TEN-INCH locks. Dancer and model Rin Kambe from Tokyo, Japan, grew up with strict parents and as a child, her hair was always cut short because she was on the girl’s football team. Rin started dancing and modelling when she was 20 years old and at the same time, she decided to grow her hair as a „weapon of expression”. After 15 years of growing her hair out, Rin’s hair hits the floor and is an incredible 5ft 10in long which is an incredible four-inches longer than her height of 5ft 6in. Rin calls herself Japan’s Rapunzel and says the secret to such luscious locks is eating foods that are rich in iron, having seven hours of sleep per night, and stretching and exercising daily. Rin has a whopping 25.9K followers on Instagram and is inundated with messages of admiration from her fans - who include men who say they love her silky hair. Despite receiving messages of admiration from men, Rin admits that for some, her hair is a turn off as they think it is a „monster”. Regardless of whether the reaction to her hair is good and bad, she’s flattered that people are interested enough in her to pass comment. It takes Rin about three hours to wash and dry her hair which she does every five to seven days to keep it in pristine shiny condition.

Baby and Golden Retriever are best friends

***EXCLUSIVE*** WASHINGTON, USA: This baby thinks she is part DOG and copies the family pooch by barking and putting toys in her mouth. Marketing manager Lauren Grob (27) from Washington, USA, adopted golden retriever Ryder in 2017 along with husband Gavin (28). Ryder immediately slotted into the family. Shortly after he turned two, Ryder became big brother to one-year-old Kari who was born in October 2019. The duo bonded immediately with Kari regularly napping on her furry friend and Ryder protecting the new addition to the family. As Kari became more mobile, the two started to play like real siblings with Kari even mimicking Ryder's barks and carrying toys in her mouth like a dog. While Kari thinks she is part-dog, sweet Ryder is patient with the tot - bringing her balls to throw and enjoying snuggles.

Four-year-old who suffered horrific burns on her face and body in a freak farming accident that MELTED her skin will now have to undergo TEN YEARS of costly reconstructive surgeries

***EXCLUSIVE*** A four-year-old girl who suffered excruciating burns in a tragic farming accident "never feels ugly."  Little Rawkee Hunt endured third degree burns when smoldering embers caught in the wind and blew onto her body on her father's ranch in Kanab, Utah. The youngster now faces a lengthy ten-year-long round of surgeries, including a procedure where medical balloons will be inserted underneath the surface of her skin, to fully recover. But mother Megan, 28, a hair salon owner, said that her daughter's upbeat attitude despite the devastating injuries has inspired the family to stay positive.  Rawkee was playing on a ranch on February 3 where her dad Shay, 29, a farmer, had just finished burning fence lines - a common farming practice to keep fences clear of weeds.

A Playboy model who jokingly listed her old 32C implants on eBay as "stress balls" was shocked when they sold - for £7,600

***EXCLUSIVE*** Glamour model Izunia Motyl, 25, recently upgraded her bra size from a 32C to a 32DD during lockdown - shelling out £3,200 for the op. She asked for her old implants to be sent back to her and half-jokingly listed them on eBay with a starting price of £89 plus £4.99 post and packaging fee.  Izunia - who has starred in Playboy Poland, FHM Netherlands and is a regular on adult channel Babestation - described implants she got in 2018 as "great stress balls"

Plans unveiled for amazing cave hotel in Saudi Arabian desert

Saudi Arabia: „The Sharaan by Jean Nouvel” Resort concept would be located in the AlUla area of outstanding natural and historical significance. The Royal Commission for AlUla for Saudi Arabia (RCU) say French architect Jean Nouvel’s design is „set to be completed by 2024”. It will include 40 guest suites and three resort villas, while a retreat summit centre near the resort will feature 14 private pavilions. Designs show Jean Nouvel's modern take on millennia-old Nabataean ways of living with monumental designs carved into the rocks that sustainably respect and preserve AlUla's landscape by drawing on concepts from the nearby Hegra, Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sharaan by Jean Nouvel Resort will be a key element of the RCU's strategy to develop AlUla as a global destination for culture, heritage, and eco-tourism. It is designed within The Charter of AlUla, a framework document that includes 12 guiding principles that commits The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) to long-term future development. It will also contribute to the region's diversified economy through a Retreat Summit Centre and restaurants. Amr AlMadani, CEO of RCU, said: ''These concepts, which showcase Jean Nouvel's masterly innovation in architecture, underscore our commitment to developing AlUla as a global tourism destination without compromising the history, heritage, and landscape of AlUla. We are a destination built by artists. Sharaan by Jean Nouvel will build on that legacy to become a timeless landscape-architecture that will last forever - a gift to the world.''

These are the mind-blowing, gravity-defying stunts performed by a daredevil acrobat on a suspended slack line

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ian Eisenberg performs all manner of flips and tricks and appears to be glued to the impossibly thin slackline. He films himself at highline hotspots all over Europe, including his home spot of Porto Cristo, Mallorca, Spain. Ian demonstrates all manner of stunts from 'Rocket Mount', where he hangs below the line with both hands, and then pull yourself up onto his feet - in one fluid motion.

Newlyweds combine their surnames to become Mr and Mrs White-Christmas

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British couple have got married to become the world's only husband and wife - called Mr and Mrs White-Christmas. Kieran White, 20, and Tilly Christmas, 20, tied the knot in a Covid-secure ceremony with just a handful of guests. The couple got engaged during the Christmas holidays in 2018 and have officially become the world's first Mr and Mrs White-Christmas. They married at the Roman Baths in Bath, Somerset.

A woman who released a birthday balloon in memory of loved ones was amazed when it was discovered a month later nearly 300 miles away on a balcony in Germany

***EXCLUSIVE*** The pink star-shaped balloon, which included a heartwarming handwritten message, was found by a man and his dog Otto in Gummersbach, near Cologne. Andreas Marcel picked up the balloon, which had drifted onto his balcony, and launched a global appeal to track down the sender. Eleanor Richardson, 29, had released the balloon in the UK on her birthday as part of a yearly tradition to remember her nan and her dad who passed away. It was sent into the sky in Sheerness, Kent, on September 27 along with Eleanor's handwritten note which read "I'll send a part of my birthday to you." The mum-of-two said: "I was mind-blown, I still cannot believe it went so far. The world is mainly water so how the hell it landed on a balcony in Germany, I will never know.

Meet adorable little dog who loves to ride on the back of his big brother, especially while swimming

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tim the 4-year-old Chihuahua has been best friends with 11-year-old Lab/Great Pyrenees mix Ben ever since Tim was adopted in 2016. Adorable footage shows how Tim will climb onto his big brother and perch himself on his back and head. The pair have especially been known to do this whilst swimming with Ben swimming in the waters of their home town of Crystal Lake, IL and Tim taking point on Ben’s back like the proud rider of a noble steed. Doting owner Jenny Leech, 53 a Marketing Manager at the Crystal Lake Park District.

Women were hunters as well as gatherers in ancient societies, reveals grave of teenage female warrior who died 9,000 years ago in the Andes

***EXCLUSIVE*** The first big game hunters in South America were real life Amazonian warrior WOMEN, reveals a new study. For centuries, historians and scientists mostly agreed that when early human groups sought food, men hunted and women gathered. But a 9,000-year-old female hunter found buried in the Andes Mountains reveals a different story, according to new research. Study lead author Dr Randy Haas said: "An archaeological discovery and analysis of early burial practices overturns the long-held 'man-the-hunter' hypothesis."

Oh no! Shocked looking hare has a clean

***EXCLUSIVE*** Oh no!  A hare looks shocked as it holds a paw up to it's mouth in the Evenlode Valley, within the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. With these brown hares being Britain's quickest land mammals, reaching speeds of up to 45 mph this one was actually cleaning it's paws, but events manager Richard Ellis, 52, managed to picture it at exactly the right moment to create this comical pose. Mr Ellis said "Hares always keep their shoes clean so to speak.  This one was cleaning its paws, as they need the best grip for a quick get away." "To me it looks like the hare has suddenly remembered it's forgotten something - like when youíve forgotten your mask on the way to the shops!"

Workers harvest waterlillies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourfully dressed women in conical hats harvest huge bunches of water lilies. The workers can be seen wading through the water to tend to the long-stemmed flowers. The flowers are the result of seasonal flooding and are sold as decorations at local markets and also used for tea and food. The water lily season along the Mekong River Delta, in the Long An province of Vietnam, usually lasts from September to mid-November.