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The world's smallest piece of art: Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' - along the edge of a RAZOR BLADE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Graham Short, 74, has painstakingly spent the last four months working over 100 hours engraving the iconic painting on a 0.12mm thick piece of steel. The world-renowned artist used ultra-fine needles to carve the stunning minuscule replica along the finest tip of a Wilkinson's Sword razor blade.  He took medication to lower his heart rate to around 25 beats per minute and worked between beats while using a super-strength microscope.  Graham's latest work is said to be worth around £50,000 and has proved his most challenging project to date. He got through 30 blades before finishing his masterpiece and cut his hands so badly that he had to stop working for several days while the wounds healed.  Graham, of Bournville, Birmingham, said: "I won't be doing another of these in a hurry because it has proved the most difficult piece I've ever attempted.

My hair fell out leaving me with a patchy bald head after having the contraceptive coil

***EXCLUSIVE*** WILTSHIRE, UK: This woman says her hair fell out, leaving her with a patchy bald head after she went on the contraceptive coil. Accounting assistant, Faith O'Kelly (35) from Wiltshire, UK, grew up with long, thick hair, but after giving birth to her second daughter Summer in 2008 she started to notice bald patches. She was devastated to be diagnosed with alopecia areata, which targets the scalp, and covered the patches with hats until her hair grew back within a year. But in 2017 her hair fell out again - this time in large patches, with Faith estimating 70 per cent of her hair falling out over the course of two years. She found the change upsetting and didn’t want to even leave the house and face stares in public, feeling unfeminine and unattractive. Her husband Paul (52) constantly told her she was beautiful, but her confidence took a knock and she felt down about herself. Faith took to Instagram in July 2020 to share a bald picture and was overwhelmed by the influx of supportive comments she received. Her confidence grew and she worried less about hiding her alopecia, buying a bright red wig to make a statement. Her family has embraced her condition too, with Summer (12), daughter Kyah (16) and stepson Fynn (15) even chopping off parts of her remaining hair. In late 2019, Faith read an article online linking hair loss with the contraceptive mirena coil - which she had implanted in December 2016.The hormonal contraceptive is a small plastic device that is put into the womb and releases the hormone progesterone. Her doctor confirmed the link, which only occurs in rare cases, and after removing the coil in August, Faith’s hair has grown back. Areas that had been completely bald for two years are now covered in small hairs, and her patches are shrinking dramatically. Although she hopes her hair will entirely grow back, Faith’s true triumph has been accepting her appearance - hair or no hair.

A 29-year-old single man adopted FIVE siblings because he didn't want them to be separated ever again

***EXCLUSIVE*** Robert Carter is now the loving father of Marionna ,10 , Robert Jr., 9, Makayla, 8, Giovanni, 5, and Kiontae, 4, after he adopted them on October 30. “I’ve always known I wanted to adopt because I grew up in foster care myself,” said Robert, who is a gay hair salon owner and stylist in Cincinnati, Ohio. “I knew about my sexuality very young, so I always figured I’d have to adopt if I wanted kids.” He began fostering Robert Jr., Giovanni, and Kiontae, in December 2018, later learning that they had been separated from their sisters Marionna and Makayla for six months.

Meet the woman who found out she was three months pregnant after waking up from a coma

***EXCLUSIVE*** When Gemma Holmes, 33, was involved in a terrifying road collision in September 2013 she was rushed to Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, and put in an induced coma.  Doctors told her worried parents she had a small chance of pulling through and then broke the news that she was also four weeks pregnant. Gemma had suffered horrific injuries including a broken back and she lost all memory of the last three years of her life - including who the father of her unborn child was.

A sex worker in Arizona is suing the state governor over the pandemic-led shutdown of legal brothels

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alice Little, 30, who is named as “the highest-earning courtesan at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel” alleges that sex workers have been unfairly singled out during the Covid-19 shutdowns in Arizona.  “If it’s safe for a customer to get a massage at a massage parlor, then it should be safe for a customer to visit a legal sex worker if Covid-19 precautions are taken,” Little said in a statement to announce the lawsuit.  “Sex workers like me are suffering financially and emotionally. We have minimal options for economic relief and limited alternative employment opportunities due to our stigmatized work history.

Amazing photos capture the fleeting moment the ISS passes in front of the Sun and the moon during its 17,000mph orbit

***EXCLUSIVE*** These incredible photos capture the clearest images ever taken of the International Space Station (ISS) moving in front of both the moon and the sun. The photos, taken within days of one another, were captured in the space of less than a second, as the space station could be clearly seen zooming across against the bright backdrops of both moon and sun. Photographer Andrew McCarthy, from California, USA, said the photo of the ISS in front of the sun, in broad daylight, was "one of my trickiest shots ever".

Ethiopian tribe decorate their faces and wear vegetation on their heads

***EXCLUSIVE*** This series of portraits gives an insight into the fascinating life of an Ethiopian tribe who decorate their faces and wear plants on their heads. The tribesmen and women can be seen posing for the camera with their heads adorned with different vegetation, berries and flowers which they have found in the wild. The Suri tribe, which lives near the south Sudan border in Ethiopia, decorate their bodies like this for special occasions. Its people are known to inflict long-lasting scars on their bodies, which are considered beautiful in the tribe, and its women put large clay plates in their lower lip to be considered desirable.

Breathtaking underwater images have captured a free diver swimming into beams of sunlight

***EXCLUSIVE*** MENORCA, SPAIN: Breathtaking underwater images have captured a free diver swimming into beams of sunlight up to eighty-five-foot below the surface. The stunning series of pictures showed a diver facing the water’s surface whilst encapsulated by the sun’s rays - reminiscent of an alien abduction. Another appeared to reveal a diver standing on rocks on the ocean floor ready to be „taken away” by the beam. The images and video footage were taken off the coast of Menorca, Spain, by photographer Victor de Valles Ibañez (32) from Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain. Victor used a Sony a7ii with SeaFrogs housing for the shoot. Victor is both the model and photographer for each shoot and holds his breath for approximately two-and-a-half minutes at a time when on his diving shoots and dives to a depth of 85-feet.

You could save endangered orangutans and restore dwindling rainforests simply by purchasing this CALENDAR

***EXCLUSIVE*** BORNEO: Borneo Orangutan Survival UK (BOS-UK) have launched their 2021 calendar to raise funds in what has been a turbulent year for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation located in Indonesia. The foundation looks after over 400 orphaned orangutans across two rescue centres and manages the restoration and preservation of over 1.1 million acres of Bornean rainforest. As orangutans share 97 per cent of their DNA with humans, Covid-19 is almost assuredly transmissible to them which has challenged the foundation to find new ways to care for their orangutans. Only essential staff are permitted on site and protocols were put in place immediately at the onset of the pandemic such as more rigorous PPE, daily temperature checks, and work bubbles. Even with these challenges, the foundation is as determined as ever to provide orangutans with the care and rehabilitation they need to be released back into the wild, where they belong. The orangutan is Asia's only great ape and can be found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. The population has plummeted by half over the past 15 years due to habitat loss, and there are thought to be only between 70,000 and 100,000 individuals remaining.The photographs for the calendar were selected via a public vote.

A US silver dollar coin carried by Wallis Simpson in her handbag as a 'good luck charm' is to be sold

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 1.5in piece, expected to fetch up to £1,000 at auction next week (12/11), is thought to have been given to the Duchess of Windsor by her parents or grandparents. The 1885 coin ended up with the current owner after it was gifted by Sydney Johnson, the butler to Simpson's husband - Edward VIII. The former king famously shocked the world and abdicated the British throne after his relationship with the divorcée threatened a constitutional crisis. Then a prince, Edward and socialite Simpson met in 1934 and embarked on a whirlwind romance. But her status as a two-time divorced woman made her a huge problem for the traditional Royal family - especially when the couple announced plans to marry. Made king in early 1936, Edward still pushed forward with his proposal to Simpson - eventually causing his abdication at the end of the year. Wallis' lucky coin is being sold by Bristol-based auction house Paul Frase Collectibles and is open for bidding online.

A retired nurse was arrested after she tried to take her dementia-suffering 97-year-old mother from a care home to be looked after by her family

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ylenia D'angeli, aged 73, was detained by officers and taken to Hull Police station after attempting to take her 97-year-old mum who she had not seen for nine months to her home. Last night she was 'de-arrested' and released from custody. Earlier her daughter Leandra Ashton, 42, posted footage of the arrest of her mother - who has not been named - on Facebook.

The process of making string sacks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of workers spend their day making thousands of string bags to transport rice, wheat and flour. Aerial photos show them working in shifts, sitting part on tarpaulin sheets outside due to Coronavirus restrictions. Over the course of a day 1,200 workers will produce around 13,000 bags. They can each hold up to 90kg, and are made from around 800 grams of string.

Gull takes wrapper off boiled sweet and eats it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A seagull manages to unwrap a discarded boiled sweet and swallow it whole. Onlookers were shocked to see the gull pecking away at sweets which had been dropped on the beach and even managing to get one out of it's wrapping using its beak. Amateur photographer Michelle Coyle, who had travelled to Chanonry Point, near Fortrose, Scotland, to take photos of dolphins, captured pictures of the sweet-toothed gull at work. The 57 year old was on holiday with her husband when they spotted its antics.