Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A mum who made the agonising decision to delay cancer treatment when she found it could harm an unborn baby has given birth and been given the all-clear

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ellie Whittaker, 21, was diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin's Lymphoma in October 2019 when she was 16 weeks pregnant with her little girl, Connie Marriott, now eight months.  Having previously suffered a miscarriage, Ellie was determined to carry on with the pregnancy - despite being advised to undergo an abortion.  Medics told her it wasn't safe for her to undergo chemotherapy whilst she was expecting - as the treatment could harm her unborn child. But rather than terminate her little girl, Ellie decided to continue with the pregnancy and give birth before she started chemotherapy - giving the disease the opportunity to develop and get worse. Her daughter, Connie, arrived by c-section on 18th March 2020, weighing 6lbs 12oz, at Jessops Wing, Sheffield, and a week later a scan revealed that Ellie’s cancer had progressed to stage three.

A family have beat one in 66,000 odds after THREE generations were born on the same date

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Jaxon Owen was born nearly a week before his due date so he shares a birthday with mum Amy, 38, and grandmother Wendy, 55. The youngest member of the family was supposed to arrive on October 3 but instead came into the world on September 27 - his mum's 38th birthday. And Amy arrived on her mum Wendy's 17th birthday, back in 1982.

Woman, 22, claims her pooch saved her life by 'sniffing out' her life-threatening sepsis caused by third-degree burns due to a bad reaction to hair dye

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman believes her dog saved her life by 'sniffing out' sepsis after she developed the life-threatening condition from third-degree burns due to a bad reaction to hair dye. Levi Carter, 22, from Lincolnshire, booked herself into a hair salon in February 2018 to get her hair professionally bleached to go from brunette to blonde. Within minutes of the peroxide bleach being applied, she claims her scalp started to burn and it was 'smoking' - before the stylist quickly washed it off. The burns became more painful and Levi returned to hospital after she believed her Yorkshire terrier - called Chico - 'sensed' her infection. The support worker was diagnosed with sepsis and was treated 'just in time' - however she has been left with permanent bald spots nearly three years later. Levi is hoping to warn others around the importance of doing a patch test before using hair dye.

An incredible telephone recording reveals the moment a three-year-old girl "saved her mum’s life" by raising the alarm after she suffered an epileptic seizure at home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Eva Walker was hailed a "hero" by her mum Emma after the youngster had the incredible presence of mind press an emergency button around her wrist. The toddler then stayed calm as she told a handler on the other end: "My mum she... she got very sick". Emma, a part-time cleaner, had taken ill last month at her home in Whitby, North Yorks., in front of the tot. Eva, described as "cheeky" and "mischievous", can be heard saying, "she's not getting up" and "mummy, wake up, wake up, she's waking up". Thanks to the call made by the little girl an emergency worker rushed to the property in Whitby, East Yorks., and had Emma, 25, taken to hospital.

This trucker, who sleeps in his truck five nights a week, never goes anywhere without his trusty companion, an adorable cat who lives with him on the road

***EXCLUSIVE*** Muninn Myrkvi, 32, became a truck driver in 2018, but he found the first year and a half of his job very lonely. When he changed trucking companies to one that allowed pets, he jumped at the opportunity and bought Pickles, a seven-year-old Maine Coon, in August of 2019. “He helps me a lot, to feel less lonely on the road and to have a little less anxiety,” the Markle, Indiana native said of his feline friend.

A pair of ice skates which once belonged to Prince Phillip up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare piece of royal memorabilia is being sold at auction - a pair of Prince Philip's ICE SKATES. The black leather boots are expected to fetch up to £500 at auction next week (12/11) and are said to be 'sumptuously lined'. The skates were manufactured in Bristol and measure 29.5cm in length - equivalent to a men's size 11, They were worn by the Duke of Edinburgh before being gifted to a chauffeur who lived at the royal residence Clarence House in the 1950s.

Two loved-up paramedics have been forced to cancel their dream wedding FOUR times because of coronavirus restrictions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rob Stewart, 30, and fiancée Bethany Griffin, 25, got engaged in 2018 and planned to tie the knot this year.  But they were forced to cancel their original wedding date of March 25 as a result of the first lockdown.  They rescheduled their big day for the same date next year but scrapped that because they did not believe restrictions would allow them to have the large party they wanted. Their third attempted wedding date was pencilled in for November 28 this year and they planned a small ceremony with a handful of guests. When the second lockdown was announced they hastily brought forward their wedding to November 4 – just hours before the second lockdown.  But the couple’s dreams were dashed again when officials said they had not given the council the 28 days’ legal notice of the marriage.  The couple, who both work for West Midlands Ambulance Service and live in Malvern, Worcs., now hope to marry sometime next year.

Looking like modern art, these are craters made by asteroids and comets published in the world's first atlas of the extraterrestrial collisions

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 600 page tome presents more than 200 collision sites on earth in high-resolution topographic maps and satellite images.  It includes detailed geological descriptions and photographs of the breathtaking rocky landscapes.  Titled 'Terrestrial impact Structures', the two-volumes include 'essential details' about each impact crater, including ones which have now vanished from view.  This is because most craters only last a few thousand years before being filled or eroded, and can then only be identified by unique changes in the ground’s minerals from the shock wave created upon impact.

A haul of rare gold coins unearthed in a field by a metal detectorist could be one of the earliest depictions of the English people

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of the roughly 1,500-year-old Anglo-Saxon pennies shows a figure brandishing what appears to be a trident.  It is thought the minted gold image could be one of the earliest representations of the founding fathers of what would later become England.  Dated from around 640AD, the two coins feature an archaic Christian cross on one side and one has a warrior wearing a studded collar and holding what looks like a pronged weapon.  Chris Kutler, who discovered the ancient gold pieces three years ago, believes this could be an image of an ancestor of the elite rulers who created the coin as a way to enforce their authority on their Celtic subjects.  The 57-year-old also found two similar other coins in the same field near Chelmsford in Essex nearly 20 years earlier in 1999.

Ants carrying fruit

***EXCLUSIVE*** FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR..... Tiny ants carry fruits five times the size of them back to their nest. The small colony seem impossibly strong as they transport the small chillies, which seem huge in comparison. The weaver ants even managed to carry the red fruit while hanging from a thin branch. Amateur photographer Adhi Prayoga, 49, captured these shots in a garden in Mataram City, Indonesia.

Cheetah stares at it's kill

***EXCLUSIVE*** DEATH STARE.... A cheetah looks transfixed on an impala, its latest kill, at the Zimanga Game Reserve, Mkuze, South Africa. The scene was captured by Alec Connah, 65, from Coalbrookdale, Shropshire. Alec said, "We were out on a game drive just after sunrise and had seen a cheetah run past us a few minutes earlier in pursuit of something. The driver turned the Landrover around and followed the big cat at a distance and then into dense bush." "We emerged into a clearing and saw that the cheetah had just chased and caught an Impala. It had pulled it to the ground and had it by the throat. The Impala was still struggling when we pulled up. I picked up my camera and slowly walked a few paces towards the scene. I then knelt down and pointed my lens at the drama unfolding about 20ft in front of me. The Impala had just expired, and the cheetah sat up and looked it in its still bright eye before relaxing and settling down prior to consuming its breakfast." "It had been extra special to be on foot when taking this shot!"

Oh deer..... Its beHIND you!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer is blissfully unaware of a magnificent stag just feet away from him while he is engross in taking photos in the distance. Roger Clark, 75, who took these images, spent his last day before the second national lockdown with his wife in Bushy Park, London on Wednesday. Both keen wildlife photographers, Roger said, "We hadn’t covered the Red Deer breeding season this year and with rutting continuing we through we would try our luck." "We spotted a man with a camera mounted on a tripod intently focussed on some deer activity in the ferns infront of him unaware of the large animal behind him. " "Given the angle I was positioned it looked like the stag was nuzzled up to pick a pocket from his jeans so I took a photo as it looked comical but quite bizarre that a wild animal would be so close without being noticed." "A few seconds later the Deer backed off and with those large beautiful shiny eyes seemed to look at the photographer and say ‘your model is right behind you…. am I not good enough for you?'" "He never did realise the opportunity he missed and the Red Deer and I collectively gave and wandered off in different directions."

Protective mother cheetah has a watchful eye out to protect her cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** A protective cheetah mother keeps a watchful eye over her young cubs, scanning for potential threats such as lions, leopards and hyenas. Once she knew it was safe, she dropped them at the edge of a pool to drink, remaining a reassuring presence over them. Despite being the fastest animal on land, capable of reaching speeds of up to 130 kilometres an hour, the big cat is an endangered species. These photographs were taken by wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley at the Onguma Game Reserve in Namibia, southwestern Africa.

Fishermen on the Quang Lang, Thai Binh, Vietnam Beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** Good morning Vietnam - fishermen on bamboo stilts try to make a catch with nets against a glorious sunrise. They are around ten kilometres from shore and use their hand-made nets, made with two longer bamboo sticks, to scoop up fish and shrimp from the shallow water. The stillness of the surface of the water gives it a serene, mirror-like appearance. These photographs were taken by Nguyen Quy on Quang Lang Beach, in the province of Thai Binh, Vietnam.

Traditional farming methods on floating islands

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers grow their crops on long, thin vegetable gardens which float on a river. Each strip of land is between 200ft and 300ft long, and farmers cultivate up to 300 types of vegetable, navigating the channels between them by boat. The gardens rise and fall with the swelling waters of nearby rivers, which restrict the time that crops can be grown and make land a precious commodity for local residents. The area in Pirojpur, Bangladesh covering 400 hectares, shows the extraordinary array of crops include beans, beet, pumpkins, okra, aubergine, cucumber, red amaranths, gourds, turnip, cauliflowers, turmeric and chillies.