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Sean Connery's gun in James Bond debut film ''Dr. No'' headlines auction

A Walther PP handgun used by Sean Connery as James Bond, 007, in the very first Bond film, Dr. No (EON Productions, 1962). Its estimate is $150,000 to $200,000. Connery uses this hero weapon throughout the film and helped to establish and define the character that has been featured in books, films and other media for the past nearly six decades. As the cinematic debut of the character of James Bond, the filmmakers and star had to capture the imagination of the public worldwide to create a film series dynamic enough to endure and persevere over time. James Bond has become one of only a handful of genre film franchises that has been a staple of popular culture generation after generation. The silhouette of the Walther PP and PPK has served as the key iconic image for the character of James Bond since the film franchise debuted with Dr. No, and this deactivated handgun was the first of all that followed. One of two employed in the film, this prop was identified by the original film armorer, BAPTY in the UK, who had it until the official BAPTY Archive auction in 2006. It has since been archived in the collection of that buyer for the past 14 years. The weapon is referred to in the film as a Walther PPK by M (Bernard Lee), but in actuality the production used this Walther PP .380 ACP. The weapon includes a Certificate of DeActivation and a letter of provenance from BAPTY.

Disney launches heart-warming Christmas advert in support of make-a-wish

Disney have announced the launch of its new Christmas advert, a three-minute animated short telling a touching story of a grandmother, her granddaughter and the family traditions that connect them through the years. As part of Disney’s festive retail campaign, „From Our Family To Yours”, the advert marks the 40-year partnership with children’s charity, Make-A-Wish, and will premiere at 00:01hrs GMT on Monday 9 November across TV and Digital plus Disney’s own channels in 26 countries in EMEA, as well as Australia, New Zealand, North America and parts of Asia. The heart-warming storyline is inspired by the themes of traditions, family togetherness and nostalgia, and introduces two new characters - a grandmother, Lola, and her granddaughter - alongside familiar friend Mickey Mouse who features as a much-loved toy, gifted to Lola as a young child by her father in 1940.

Civil servant, 40, who cut her weekly grocery bill from £50 to £10 by buying reduced yellow sticker items claims she's saved £19,000 nine years

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: This woman has saved more than twenty-thousand-pounds in nine years by eating reduced sticker foods - and she hasn’t spent a penny in two months. Civil servant Laura Gaga (40) from London, UK, has been scouring supermarkets for bargains for the past nine years after a colleague introduced her to reduced sticker groceries in 2011. As a student, Laura frittered money away on clothes and socialising, regularly being overdrawn and taking out loans to repay her credit card bills. She became more responsible in adulthood but was a fussy eater and would regularly spend £50 a week at the supermarket on plain meals like spaghetti Bolognese and shepherd’s pie. But once she discovered how to sniff out a bargain buy, shopping became a „huge high” and Laura was „giddy” with her success, experimenting more with vegetables and spices. Over the course of nine years, Laura estimates she has saved around £20,000 by drastically cutting back on her weekly shop, going from £50 a week to just £10. If she doesn’t know a shop’s schedule for reducing food, she keeps track of staff with the yellow sticker guns, keeps an eye on customers loitering in the aisle and asks staff members to ensure she doesn’t miss out on a bargain. Laura finds it easy to stay healthy with budget options and is more mindful of her nutrients after going vegan in January 2018. She is quick to snap up staples like pulses, legumes and nuts when they are reduced. One supermarket reduced haul of fruit, yoghurt, houmous, sausages, cakes, Pukka pies and more should have cost more than £50, but Laura paid just £13.29. She was down to spending just £10 per week on groceries but hasn’t spent a penny since September 2020 after rediscovering the Olio app which helps connect people to neighbours and shops so unwanted food doesn’t go to waste.

Woman, 24, who lost a whopping 140LBS in just eight months during the pandemic says her incredible weight loss helped her quick recovery after she caught COVID-19

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who spent COVID losing a whopping 140lbs [10st] in just eight months is convinced that her stunning weight loss helped her recover when she caught the virus. Angelina Toppi, 24, had gone from a massive 320lbs [22st 12lbs] to 180lbs [12st12lbs] when she tested positive with coronavirus in October. She said: "If I was as big as I had been, I think my symptoms and the length of them would have been far worse." Luckily Angelina, from Harper County, Maryland, did not have to go to hospital and recovered at home. She said: "My symptoms weren't that severe and I think it was because I am healthy and not obese anymore. "I lost my sense of smell, I had headaches and I was really tired but it only lasted three or four days. "I think if I was as heavy as I had been before, I would have had issues with my breathing." Angelina, who works in accounting at a car dealership, started losing weight in February, just three weeks before the US went into lockdown, after the breakdown of a relationship. 

First passengers travel safely on Virgin Hyperloop

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Transportation history was made today in the Nevada desert, where Virgin Hyperloop tested human travel in a hyperloop pod for the first time. „For the past few years, the Virgin Hyperloop team has been working on turning its ground breaking technology into reality” said Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group”With today’s successful test, we have shown that this spirit of innovation will in fact change the way people everywhere live, work, and travel in the years to come.” Josh Giegel, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, and Sara Luchian, Director of Passenger Experience, were the first people in the world to ride on this new form of transportation. The test took place at Virgin Hyperloop’s 500 meter DevLoop test site in Las Vegas, where the company has previously run over 400 un-occupied tests. „When we started in a garage over 6 years ago, the goal was simple - to transform the way people move” said Josh Giegel, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Virgin Hyperloop. „Today, we took one giant leap toward that ultimate dream, not only for me, but for all of us who are looking towards a moonshot right here on Earth.” The occupants made their maiden voyage on the newly-unveiled XP-2 vehicle, designed by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group and Kilo Design, which was custom-built with occupant safety and comfort in mind. While the production vehicle will be larger and seat up to 28 passengers, this 2-seater XP-2 vehicle was built to demonstrate that passengers can in fact safely travel in a hyperloop vehicle.

A bowl and a set of cutlery used by Mahatma Gandhi is expected to sell for between £60,0000-£80,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bowl and some cutlery used by Mahatma Gandhi whilst in prison is set to sell at auction in Bristol for sixty thousand pounds. The items were used daily by Gandhi whilst he was under ‘house arrest’ at the Aga Kahn Palace in 1942. His time there represents an important part of his history, as it was whilst imprisoned in the palace that his wife sadly passed away. He was released in 1944 and immediately stayed with his friend Sumati Morarjee at The Palm Bun House in Mumbai. The bowl was retained by Morarjee and sold to the current vendor some years ago.

A kindly couple in Indiana are currently caring for 450 animals with special needs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alex Hernly, 31, and her partner Jason run the Pipsqueakery, a Bloomington non-profit rodent and rabbit rescue that focuses on small animals with special medical needs. Animals include Theodore, a rabbit with a head tilt so bad that his shoulder fur became matted to his cheek fur and Juliet, a rabbit who came to them paralyzed with a mass on her chest.  They also care for hamsters, rats, squirrels, guinea pigs, degus, chinchillas, gerbils, capybaras, Patagonian cavies, prairie dogs, ducks and groundhogs suffering from seizures, paralysis, neurological issues, dental diseases, heart conditions, diabetes and missing limbs.

Workers at a metal recycling centre were stunned when they stumbled across a brass box – stuffed with CASH

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers at a metal recycling centre were stunned when they stumbled across a brass box – stuffed with CASH. A handwritten note which was stuck on the lid read, “For The Sick Kids”, suggesting the money had been collected for charity by a kind wellwisher. It was found buried under ten tonnes of scrapped brass which was being sorted at HW Taroni recycling centre in Birmingham on Saturday (7/11). Bosses at the family-run company have launched an appeal to find the owner of the box which was crammed with crisp new £5, £10 and £20 notes.

Family of six left homeless after neighbour ‘knocked down 20ft wall sparking landslide’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family of six were left homeless during lockdown after a nightmare neighbour knocked down a 20ft retaining - undermining their home which was then condemned by the council. Reba (corr) Chapman-Guest, 47, lives with her husband, 54-year-old Fergus, and her four children in Redruth, Cornwall, in a quaint bungalow with views overlooking St Ives. But during lockdown they were all forced to move out of the family home as a building project undertaken by their neighbour, Jason Gartrell, left their home unsafe to live in. He knocked down a retaining wall on June 11 and caused a landslide, and after an inspection Cornwall Council gave Reba's house a Dangerous Structure Notice - meaning they all had to move out. Reba, a pilates instructor and doula, said: "The past few months have been a nightmare, I haven't even paused to consider it because it has been so full on. "We ended up in temporary accommodation and lived in two different places, Carnon Downs and Falmouth, which we had to pay for out of our own pocked. "It all started because our neighbour bought some land next to our property and decided to develop it, but he only got permission in the first place because he lied to the council about his plans. "When work began he undermined the wall next to our new extension and caused a landslide, half of our garden just fell away - I was watching as the wall collapsed." Reba has lived in the property on Sea View Terrace for the past seven years and her husband, Fergus, has lived there for three years before that.

Incredible footage of base jumper being suspended from a slack line over a gauge - before free falling to the ground below

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the vertigo-inducing moment a BASE jumper hangs from a slackline suspended over a sheer drop of almost 1,000 FEET. Antony Newton, 30, and his companion PêPê, perform the 'cliffhanger', where holds onto his partner's hand over the chasm, before freefalling to the ground below. Antony, who shot the footage in Verdon, France, said: “In this footage I'm doing what I call a cliffhanger stunt.  "The guy is holding my hand, then I try to hold as long as possible and let go. After a few seconds I pull my parachute.

A dedicated daughter has got a job in a care home so she can keep seeing her dad through the pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nina Ambrose, 49, was devastated when lockdown rules meant she couldn't visit her father Roger, 77, who moved into a care home in January. So when she was furloughed from her job, the former Butlins Redcoat applied to volunteer as an activities and events coordinator at her dad's care home. Since April she has been doing around three shifts a week at the Chelmsford care home, and after each one she gets to visit her dad, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Hanging by a thread

'HANGING BY A THREAD' from ZUMA Press award winning photographer Anas Alkharboutli of DPA who won the 27th Prix Bayeux Calvados-Normandy War Correspondents Award 2020 for his work in Syria: Since the Syrian Civil War erupted in March 2011, the conflict has brought unprecedented devastation and displacement. Renewed violence has undermined an already shaky cease-fire that aimed to quell military operations in the rebel-held enclave. Relations between Russia and Turkey, who negotiated the cease-fire, show signs of strain. Russia is a main supporter of Syrian President Bashar Assad's government, while Turkey has long supported the rebels. The airstrike on a rebel training camp near the border with Turkey killed more than 50 Turkish-backed fighters, in one of the heaviest blows to the opposition's strongest groups. The temporary peace deal now hangs by a thread.

Cousin of the new first lady Jill Biden

Caterina Giacoppo cousin of the new first lady Jill Biden, with her niece Cettina in her house in Gesso in the province of Messina. the ellis island register that marks the landing of the Giacoppos and some memories of the community of hammond with a strong presence of natives of the chalk apese. Plaster in the province of Messina, the place of origin of his grandfather, and where the relatives of the new American first lady, Jill Biden.

The Duet: Porsche and Embraer offer matching limited-edition private jet and supercar

United States: If you buy a private jet, you may as well buy a matching Porsche at the same time. That is the deal now luxury companies Embraer and Porsche have collaborated to create Duet, a limited-edition, limited-quantity Embraer Phenom 300E aircraft and Porsche 911 Turbo S car pairing. Embraer and Porsche will produce just ten pairs of business jets and sports cars, providing „a truly seamless experience from road to sky, for the first time in history.” The uniquely designed jet and car both feature a customised interior and paint scheme inspired by one another. The Duet package is expected to have a starting price of $10.9 million, further to any customisation requirements. Deliveries will begin in 2021. Duet customers will also receive a custom Duet logo luggage set with a pilot’s bag and two weekenders, as well as a special edition Porsche Design 1919 Globe timer UTC titanium-case watch inspired by the aircraft’s cockpit.

Coffee making in Malaysia

Tan Loon Chuan, 63, is the third generation heir to the coffee-making family business. For years, he has been sticking to the traditional way by using charcoal to fuel the roasting process of coffee beans, for he believes it gives the coffee a much unique aroma and flavour which is lacking in beans processed in modern methods. Getting nice and silky coffee powder requires the bean to go through multiple stages. The process of roasting, frying and mixing coffee beans with sugar and butter, requires Tan to pay full attention to details, with his expertise in time and temperature control. Although the homestyle coffee roasting production could not compete with mass factory production, online marketing has given this traditional brand and its star product, charcoal roasted "Kopi O" powder new vitality. And for Tan Loon Chuan, despite the smoky working environment, he still works hard to ensure that the special taste of charcoal roasted "Kopi O" never fades over time.

The last producers of Brown Tobacco in Lot et Garonne

In France, outbreaks on tobacco have mainly been observed in the Southwest, specifically in the Lot-et-Garonne region. Those outbreaks were reported on a few crops with large number of diseased plants that caused significant losses (figure 1). Only the sub-species Globodera tabacum sensu stricto was reported to be associated with those outbreaks.