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Wikipedia's founder turbocharges Ministry of Funs virtual Santa Experience

***EXCLUSIVE*** A safer solution for the strangest Christmas on record. Santa HQ offers both a personalised digital Santa's Grotto & a magical 32-day interactive adventure for the whole family. Jimmy Wales, best known as the founder of Wikipedia, has joined forces with the Ministry of Fun and digital agency PRISM to launch Santa HQ, the ultimate live video call service and interactive festive adventure for kids who can’t see Santa in person this year due to coronavirus.

A triathlete has become the first person ever with Down's syndrome to complete a grueling Ironman event

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chris Nikic, 21, took 16 hours and 46 minutes to swim 2.4 miles, cycle the 112-mile bike ride and run an entire marathon. The recent high school graduate only took up the sport three years ago, after his dad Nik noticed he wasn't doing much physical exercise following surgery. His fitness regime started with a single push up - but on Saturday (7) he entered the record books as the first person with Down's syndrome to complete an Ironman.

Couple married for ten years invite another woman into their relationship and say raising FIVE kids together has made them happier than ever

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, USA: This married couple invited another woman into their relationship after meeting her on Facebook and now they live as a throuple with their FIVE KIDS. Veterinary technician Stephanie Alicea (31) and barber Hector Alicea (30) from Tampa Bay, Florida, USA, met as teenagers in 2008 and got married just two years later. Wanting to settle down into family life, the couple went on to have two children: Zoey (12) and Gabby (5). After ten years of marriage, the couple decided at the beginning of 2020 that they had too much love to share just for their family of four. They made the mutual decision to look for a third person to bring more joy and love into their already flourishing relationship. For them, polyamory is being able to share love and intimacy with a third person in a very real way. They believed that constricting their love to just themselves was acting selfishly. They began searching Facebook Dating for a suitable partner. The duo came across the profile of receptionist Carissa Barclay (30) from Florida who stated on her profile that she was very much open to joining a triad relationship so they decided to reach out to her. After a two hour initial meet up in Starbucks, the trio knew that the chemistry was there for something beautiful to flourish. Within a short few months, the trio had fallen deeply in love and Carissa and her three children - Gavin (9), Sawyer (6), and Hayden (3) - from her previous marriage moved in with Stephanie and Hector. The triad have been inseparable since. However, the new set up hasn’t been without its unique challenges. For Carissa, joining a ten year marriage has been the hardest part of adapting to her new lifestyle as Stephanie and Hector have a long shared history.

The world’s first biodegradable single use bottle has been created from recycled newspaper – and has nearly half the carbon footprint of a regular one

***EXCLUSIVE*** Businessman James Longcroft, 29, designed the eco-friendly containers which he uses to bottle hand soap, sanitiser and washing up liquid. James used to run a plastic water bottle company but gave it up to start his eco business, and said he sleeps better knowing he's not contributing to plastic pollution. His company CHOOSE, based in Edinburgh, developed the first prototype in 2018, and it has become the only commercially available paper bottle in the world to use no plastic.

A house made out of MUD that looks like it could be in The Hobbit is on the market for $220,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The distinctive one-bedroom home in Marshfield, Vermont, is built from polystyrene and coated with mud and cement. The unique property consists of a series of connected domes and arching vaults with frameless oval windows set directly into the walls and looks like it could be in J R R Tolkien's Middle Earth. The building was the brainchild of the late Bob Chappelle, an award-winning architect who was inspired by the mud huts he saw in Africa. Chapelle constructed the one-of-a-kind house in 1988 with a polystyrene core which he covered with a mud mix and then coated with two different waterproofing substances. But now those substances have begun to fail and some of the mud is crumbling as a result of water damage. Vermont preservationists hope the house, which has been known as the Vermont Mud Hut, will attract a buyer who could restore the structure without altering or damaging Chappelle's creation.

A Brit couple have spent months trapped in Mexico through the coronavirus pandemic - because they can't bear to abandon their rescue CAT

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lee Hodges, 33, and his partner, Willow Rolfe, 29 set off for America in August, 2019, and headed south to Mexico in February when their visas were nearing their end. While in Washington DC, the pair of teachers from Birmingham rescued a cat, Aimee, from an animal shelter, and spent the rest of their trip tending to their new pet. When the pandemic began to spread they wanted to return home but they couldn't bare to leave their cat behind, so decided to stay.

An incredibly rare 900-year-old coin unearthed by an amateur detectorist has sold for almost £30,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The silver penny of Baron Eustace Fitzjohn, a 12th century business magnate who was the Alan Sugar of his day, was dug up by Rob Brown. The 56-year-old was hunting for treasure on a stubble field near Pickering in North Yorkshire when he found the valuable piece. It was the first item he found that day and was buried just two inches below the ground. Mr Brown notified his local finds liaison officer about the discovery and then sent specialist auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb, of London, a photo of the coin. An excited expert immediately caught a train from London to Leeds to meet with him. The coin fetched double its estimate, with the buyer paying £29,760 including fees.

Mother-of-two who was left with a gaping hole in her nose after being diagnosed with skin cancer admits she was terrified her young daughters would be scared to look at her

***EXCLUSIVE*** TWIN LAKE, MICHIGAN, USA: This mum was petrified of scaring her KIDS when a spot that turned out to be SKIN CANCER left her with a GAPING HOLE on her nose. In February 2020, health, wellness and empowerment coach Stacy Bowen (45) from Twin Lake, Michigan, USA, first noticed a small scab on the side of her nose whilst staying with family in Florida for the month. The scab appeared to heal over but fell off whenever Stacy touched it causing her concern so she got it checked out as soon as she was home. In May, three months after she first noticed the spot on her nose, Stacy was referred to a dermatologist where she was officially diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (BCC) - a type of non-melanoma skin cancer - after a biopsy. Whilst Stacy was relieved that the skin cancer she had wasn’t malignant, she was worried about how her two children, Presley (10) and Priya (9), would react to her after she had undergone surgery to remove the affected skin on her nose. In September, Stacy underwent Mohs surgery - a surgical technique used to remove affected skin cells without causing too much damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. Stacy was told by the specialist that she would lose half of her right nostril and that the hole that was left would need to be built back up using tissue from her cheek. The surgery has left her with no sensation in the affected area of her face. The mum of two has never been a „sun worshipper” nor has she ever dedicated her time to topping up her tan but she admits she never went over the top wearing sun hats, sun cream, or clothes to protect her skin when she was enjoying outdoor activities like hiking or trips to the beach - and she was never told by doctors that her fair skin would mean she had a higher risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

MG Metro car is tipped to sell for a staggering £550,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A souped-up MG Metro car is tipped to sell for a staggering £550,000 - more than double the price of a brand new Ferrari. The 1986 motor was the MG work's rallying version of the humble hatchback. The MG 6R4 forms part of a private collection of five 'hot hatches' that are valued at a combined £1.7m.

UK’s 1st ROBOT delivery van takes supplies from pharmacy to London care home in debut ride

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kar-go, a state-of-the-art self-driving delivery bot built by Academy of Robotics, uses artificial intelligence and a specially developed package management system to provide contact-free delivery. Thanks to its unique vision system, the electric vehicle is capable of delivering in both city-centres and suburban and rural locations. Capable of covering 60 miles - more than the average daily delivery round - fully loaded on a single charge this type of electric delivery bot could dramatically reduce the environmental impact of parcel deliveries.

A 91-year-old who was hours from death after fall told how she survived by eating her pot plant – including the SOIL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rosemary Frank, 91, managed to stay alive by eating soil from her Madagascan Dragon Tree after she was left stranded on her bedroom floor for 48 hours. Doctors told her she was only six more hours from death before she was saved by a volunteer driver who found her at her home in Kempsey, Worcs., on October 13.  Derek Cowdry, who works for community transport service Worcester Wheels, said he decided to check on Rosemary after she missed her regular trip to the hair salon. He discovered her semi-conscious on the floor with soil around her mouth and dialled 999 before paramedics rushed her to Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Gran-of-two Rosemary was severely dehydrated and had fractured her wrist in three places and medics told Derek he had undoubtedly saved her life.  Following a 10-day stay in hospital, she is now recovering at home with the help of carers and her 60-year-old son Richard.  Retired physiotherapist Rosemary said she remembered waking up face down in a pile of dirt with soil around her mouth.

No holds barred letter from an irate John Lennon slamming 'Jesus Freaks' has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A no holds barred letter from an irate John Lennon slamming 'Jesus Freaks' has emerged for sale for £28,000. The Beatle unleashes a tirade against religion in his letter to a Tom Bonfield who wrote to him following the release of his album 'Imagine' in 1971. Mr Bonfield told him he felt the world was not as 'negative' as Lennon made out and included a spiritual notebook he could consult for guidance. In response, Lennon, clearly aggravated, said Christians should 'get off peoples backs' and described his correspondence as 'neurotic'.

Gifts that Queen Victoria gave to her godchildren have sold at auction for nearly £30,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gifts that Queen Victoria gave to her godchildren have sold at auction for nearly £30,000. The long-standing monarch was godmother to Lady Victoria Scott as well as her daughter Victoria Kerr. The queen was an old friend of Lady Scott's mother, Charlotte Montagu Douglas Scott, Duchess of Buccleuch.

This stunning footage shows daredevils climbing an incredible 'winter wonderland' inside an ice cave

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tim Howell, 31, scaled the crystal cave near the village of Zinal, Switzerland. Tim, from Martock, Somerset, said: “Ice caves like this are called moulins. They are made by melting water. We found this one on a glacier near the mountain town of Zinal. “They can only be climbed certain times of the year when it's dry so they aren't flowing with water. "But there isn't too much snow they are covered. Really unnerving going in there hearing the ice moving around and cracking and knowing the only way out is up!” He shot the footage in November 2020.

'Extremely rare' WW2 austerity poppy discovered

A rare austerity poppy produced nearly 80 years ago during the Second World War has been discovered - flame-red proof that good emerges in the darkest times. Restrictions and shortage of materials meant producing poppies to mark the fallen was not a straightforward task during the 1939-45 conflict. However, in 1942 the British Austerity issue Haig Fund Poppy was born using cardboard and red fabric to save on materials. Its centre displays the words „Haig’s Fund”, a charity set up in 1921 by Field Marshal Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig, to assist ex-servicemen. The austerity poppy is due to be sold on November 20 in Hansons’ Auctioneers’ Militaria Auction with a guide price of £100-£150. Adrian Stevenson, militaria expert at Hansons, said: „These poppies are extremely rare because most would have been lost or thrown away decades ago. This one’s in superb condition given its age. It’s around 78 years old. I understand it was owned by the seller’s father. It’s a poignant reminder of our annual Remembrance Day service, a simple sign of hope, respect and endurance that means so much.” Poppies are regarded as a sign of hope as the flowers rose in their thousands out of muddy fields devasted by conflict in Flanders, a region of North France and Belgium, during the First World War, which lasted from 1914-18. The moving sight of floral abundance emerging from scenes of conflict was captured in a poem entitled In Flanders Fields. It was written in 1915 by Canadian doctor Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae who lost a friend at Ypres during the Great War.

Hundreds of Hindus pray in candle light

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of worshippers pray by candlelight outside a Hindu temple. The devotees sit for almost six hours outside the Shri Shri Loknath Brahmachari Ashram temple in Barodi, Bangladesh. They have all gathered for the Rakher Upobash religious festival pay their respects to an 18th Century Hindu saint and philosopher, Baba Loknath. They fast and pray in earnest to the gods for their favours during this traditional ritual which is known as Kartik Brati.

Britain's richest vicar has put one of his country homes on the market for Ł1.25m

***EXCLUSIVE*** The man who was dubbed Britain‚Äôs richest vicar has put one of his country homes on the market for £1.25m. Reverend Robert Parker became Britain‚Äôs richest cleric, with possessions said to include a holiday home with a golf course in France, a 2,000-acre estate in Shropshire and four hotels, including three in Northumberland and one in Edinburgh. He made his money by selling a chain of care homes in 2006 for a reported £43m, before acquiring the other properties. The house for sale, at Guyzance near Acklington in Northumberland, is a detached country house with panoramic views 20 miles west over the Cheviot Hills. The house, which was once part of a larger estate Rev Parker owned, has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and even a dog room.

The shameless owners of the Titanic portrayed themselves as the victims and lauded their chairman who controversially survived the disaster, newly emerged documents reveal

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare copy of the minutes for a special board meeting held in the wake of the disaster show how bosses of White Star Line were more concerned with themselves than the victims. They were particularly worried about the psychological effect the ordeal would have on Bruce Ismay, who became known as the 'coward of the Titanic'. Mr Ismay, the chairman of White Star Line, survived the tragedy by deserting the liner and taking a place in a lifeboat.

Lost calf is protected by herd of horses

***EXCLUSIVE*** The adorable images were captured by professional equine photographer Sandy Sharkey in countryside near Ottowa, Canada. Sandy said, "I was driving when I noticed three horses in a shady area way off in the distance. They caught my eye because they were all gathered around something on the ground. Through my telephoto lens, I could see the focus of their attention: a newborn baby calf. There were cows in the same field, but not close by and no obvious mother for this little calf." "I watched as the horses gently licked and nudged the baby until he finally struggled to stand. The mother cow then appeared from behind some trees and began to bond with her hours-old calf. The unfolding of this little story made my day".

Divers explore seals underwater world

***EXCLUSIVE*** A diver explores a seals' underwater world and discovers one asleep on the seabed. The grey seal dozes in its sandy sleeping place surrounded by dense kelp forests. Seals usually rest for just 15 to 30 minutes at a time between fishing and chasing each other through the murky waters. Wildlife photographer Brian Matthews took the unique pictures while diving near the Farne Islands, just off the coast of Northumberland.

Documents revealing a disastrous experiment to run a colonial island without slaves sell for £28,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating documents that reveal a disastrous British experiment to run a colonial island without slave labour 41 years before it was outlawed have sold for £28,000. The papers belonged to Captain Philip Beaver who was part of a group of 275 Christian men, women and children who colonised the island of Bulama near Sierra Leone in west Africa in 1792. They sparked a bidding war after being rediscovered in a tin box in the attic of a descendant earlier this year.

Fog in Dubai

***EXCLUSIVE*** A blanket of fog sweeps over Dubai marina at sunrise in Dubai, UAE. These spectacular photos show the world's tallest building piercing through a blanket of fog towards the sky. The 2,722ft Burj Khalifa in Dubai can be seen shrouded in clouds and mist in the stunning pictures. Photographer Zohaib Anjum, 34, captured the shots from the 88th floor of a nearby skyscraper.