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Schoolboy, 7, creates festive stuffing-flavoured Christmas Ketchup

***EXCLUSIVE*** A seven-year-old boy is set to be a star in the culinary world – after seeing the stuffing-flavour KETCHUP he designed go on sale ahead of Christmas. Berty Stephenson came up with the idea of a tomato ketchup flavoured with onions, sage and parsley to give the taste of a festive stuffing. It also has a sprinkling of breadcrumbs for a touch of classic stuffing texture. His product, called ‘Berty’s Stuffing Ketchup’, is being sold in a festive red, white, and black bottle, designed to replicate Father Christmas’s iconic coat.

Moustache makes Afghan tailor a celebrity

Afghanistan, Kabul: The Afghan tailor Shere Khan shows his 60 centimeter long moustache. His beard brings him no income, but celebrity, says Khan.

Builder raffles off the tiny £20k trailer home he built – for just £3 per ticket

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man who built Britain's smallest home is raffling it for £3 a ticket - and it comes on wheels so can be moved anywhere. George Rose was forced to find somewhere else to live during lockdown so decided to undertake his £20,000 project. George spent the first coronavirus lockdown building a house worth £20,000 out of a trailer. He started the project after he was forced to find somewhere else to live. He has now found accommodation and is raffling off the tiny home. He used his skills as a qualified builder to refurbish a trailer he had bought, which measures just 6.6m by 2.55m.  George, 29, has now found somewhere else to live so decided to sell the tiny home - which is so small is does not need planning permission.

Mum with incurable cancer desperately fundraising for drug not available on the NHS – so she can stay alive long enough for her daughter to remember her

***EXCLUSIVE*** A newlywed West Yorkshire Police officer suffering from incurable cancer is fundraising to pay for a drug treatment she hopes will give her more time to make  memories with her five-year-old daughter Isabella. Tammi Morrell-Knapton , 40, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer of the bone marrow in February. Tammi, who married partner Nick Snaith, 45, last month, has launched a crowdfunding appeal to pay for treatment not available on the NHS which she hopes will give her more time with her family. Fighting back tears, Tammi, from Pontefract, said: "For me it's huge - it's time with my daughter and husband.

A mum-of-three from Johnstone, Renfrewshire looks set to have a truly fantastic Christmas after her postman husband ‘delivered’ a £300,000 win on a National Lottery Scratchcard

***EXCLUSIVE*** After being unable to book a table at a local Italian restaurant for lunch for her husband’s birthday, Sandra Devine, 36, sent Martin, 54, to the local shop to pick up a few necessities – plus a couple of ‘wee scratchys’ (Scratchcards), as the couple call them. Sandra was sitting at the bottom of the stairs at home with one of the Scratchcards Martin had bought when she learned the amazing news of her win, after matching 12 words on the Cashword Bonus Scratchcard. While there was initially a bit of confusion, with Sandra believing she had won £100 and Martin thinking it was £1,000, they were both left screaming when they learned on their call to Camelot that they had in fact won the whopping £300,000 top prize. Speaking of how she found out, Sandra said, “To begin with we weren’t sure how much we’d won so Martin popped up to the local post office to check how much they could pay out. We then called Camelot who told us the news.

Mum cheats death after falling off ladder and impaling herself on metal rod

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman has told of her lucky escape after falling from ladder on to metal rod. Friends and neighbours have been rallying round a Scarborough woman impaled on a rod that narrowly missed puncturing her heart. Sharon Stone was decorating at her home on Rothbury Street last Wednesday when she fell from a ladder onto a box of poles from a dismantled shoe rack. One of the rods plunged 20 cm deep into her chest, missing her heart by just a couple of inches. “I’m very grateful that it didn’t go through any of my major organs,” said the 51-year-old.

Dad diagnosed with tongue cancer after doctors mistook it for dog hair allergy

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dad-of-two has survived tongue cancer after a bungling doctor mistook his symptoms as an allergy to DOG HAIR. Kevin Parnham, 52, went to his GP after noticing he started to need to clear his throat constantly and suffered acid reflux. His local doctors initially said he was probably allergic to hair from his Boxer dog Ottis and prescribed him antihistamines. Kevin’s symptoms persisted so he was referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who discovered he had a lump at the back of his tongue.

Spy gadgets disguised as everyday items that were used during WWII

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hansons’ militaria expert Adrian Stevenson has been cataloguing a host of gadgets designed for use by special agents during the Second World War. And though the objects have been around for 80 years or so they are still perfectly functional.  The large private collection of WW2 spy gadgets, gathered by a private collector over 40 years, is set to go under the hammer in Hansons’ Militaria Auction on November 20 - and they’re fascinating. The ingenuity of the British can’t be faulted when it comes to thwarting the enemy.  The items include an incendiary device disguised as a matchbox (below), hidden compasses galore, a camera in a ‘matchbox’ and a multi-purpose knife containing razor-sharp cutting blades. The utility knife is equipped with three small hacksaw blades, a tyre slasher blade and a wire cutter tool.  Compasses were essential tools to direct agents parachuted into enemy territory during conflict. Consequently, hidden compasses are found in all manner of everyday items in the collection. They are tucked away in pencils and hidden in collar studs and buttons. In fact, we have a full set of battledress compass buttons in their original stores box (below). Escape compasses could become part of a serviceman’s uniform. Compasses were even hidden in pipes, as another example in the collection demonstrates.

Traces of some of the oldest life forms on earth from more than half a billion-years ago have been discovered, shedding a light on our earliest ancestors

***EXCLUSIVE*** A variety of microfossils, discovered in Northern Greenland are thought to be embryos or eggs from some of the first animals to walk the earth, according to a new study. The incredibly well preserved 570 million-year-old fossils reveal life must have been more complex than previously thought and our ancient ancestors were dispersed throughout the world. An evolutionary event dubbed the “Cambrian Explosion”, when most major animal groups first appeared around 540 million years ago, took place around the same time these organisms swam the seas.