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Transgender teenager who was born with male genitalia and raised as a boy is now four months pregnant after discovering she has functioning female reproductive organs

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teen who was born with male genitalia and raised as a boy has become pregnant after finding out last year that she also has working ovaries, a uterus, cervix and fallopian tubes. Mikey Chanel, 18, was raised as a boy, but always felt extremely different from his male peers. In fact, tests done on Mikey when he was in his mother’s womb had revealed him to be a girl, so when he was born with male genitalia his family and their doctors were surprised.  “It was obvious to everyone that I was different right from the start,” said Mikey, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Meet the real-life Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit – an international chess master who has struggled against her male competitors to reach the top of her game

***EXCLUSIVE*** Anna Rudolf, 32, from Hungary, has been playing chess since she was four years old, earning her International Master and Woman Grandmaster titles in 2007. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, online chess has had a massive boom in popularity, with millions of players signing up for online chess memberships and Twitch streamers switching from their video games of choice to the classic board game.  As a result, Rudolf has been thrust into the limelight of e-celebrity, using her burgeoning platform to promote both educational and entertaining chess content.

Meet Frankie the adventurous goat who has traveled over 60,000 miles across the US with her owners in their colorful airstream trailer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cate Battles and her husband Chad moved from their house into a trailer in 2016 and they’ve been traveling to beauty spots with Frankie ever since.  “She’s an awesome travel companion,” said Cate, a 34-year-old artist/travel writer from Grants Pass, Oregon. “She’s visited all kinds of scenery with us; lakes, beaches, mountains and caves. We’ve covered dozens of states and national parks together. “At this point she’s probably been about 60,000 miles all around the country, all the way from the east to the west coast. She must have been to over 20 states already.

Europe’s first electric-powered buggy made from recycled plastic and built on a 3D printer

***EXCLUSIVE*** British boffins have unveiled Europe’s first electric-powered Mario Kart-style buggy made from recycled plastic and built on a 3D printer.  The Chameleon, which weighs 150kg (23 stone), has a top speed of 45mph and could revolutionise commuter travel and cut pollution.  The battery-powered buggy produces no emissions and is around a third of the size of an average car.  It was built using a chassis made from a super-strength recycled plastic and built on a 3D printer.  Swindon-based engineering company Scaled built the vehicle in just three months over lockdown. They believe their vehicle - which cost £10,000 to make - would be ideal to take commuters and shoppers on short journeys in towns and cities.

A bald woman who lost her hair at just 14 due to alopecia has gained almost 4,000 Instagram followers in just six months - after using her social media to speak out about the condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Laura Mathias, 29, began to lose her hair when she was just 12 - and by 14 was almost totally bald, and began to wear wigs or hats to cover her bare head. The anxious teen missed months of school as she could not bring herself to go in, and used to hide behind the sofa to avoid answering the door to the postman or delivery drivers.

Bear with me! Collection of childhood toys could fetch up to £120,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** They include one of the earliest teddys, a rare Strunz Jester bear made in 1904, which is valued at £3,000. A rare Steiff white mohair bear from 1908 carries the same estimate. The childhood collection of Anne Parson, the Countess of Ross, includes 14 dolls which belonged to her grandmother Anne Messel, Princess Margaret's mother in law. Daniel Agnew, teddy bear and doll specialist at Special Auction Services, said the sale, one of the largest they have held, could make up to £120,000.

A miracle baby whose parents were told to "seriously consider" termination is home and thriving after having life-saving brain surgery at just three days old

***EXCLUSIVE*** First time mum Megan Taylor, 26, was told at her 20 week scan her daughter Phoebe Jane Campbell had hydrocephalus - excess fluid on the brain - and may not survive pregnancy. Medics were so worried about the condition that around 20 doctors, nurses and surgeons were on hand when Megan had a C-section on October 12. However the tot "proved everybody wrong" and entered the world with a loud cry before she had even left the womb at a weighing a healthy 8lb 10oz. She needed emergency surgery to insert a shunt to drain some of the fluid from her brain. But despite consultants' concerns that she may not have a great quality of life, Megan and partner Andrew Campbell, 31, were able to take her home. Megan, who works for a travel agency, said: "We didn't have anything ready - we were thinking that in the best case scenario, she'd be in intensive care until Christmas.

Remarkable single owner collection of 140 vintage posters has emerged for sale for £400,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable single owner collection of 140 vintage posters has emerged for sale for £400,000. They celebrate the golden age of motorsport and travel, including a group of stylish 1920s and 30s ski posters. The collection was put together over the past 30 years by a London based entrepreneur who is now selling them with Onslows Auctioneers, of Stourpaine, Dorset. A 1932 poster of the famous Flying Scotsman is tipped to sell for £20,000, while a 1928 poster of the Forth Bridge is expected to fetch £15,000.

No Mr Bond I expect you to buy... 007 posters and memorabilia expected to fetch £60k

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vast collection of James Bond posters and memorabilia has emerged for sale at auction for close to £60,000. The spectacular treasure trove has been consigned from numerous collectors and includes some of the rarest pieces in the world. The sale has been timed to coincide with the time that the character of 007 would be turning 100 years old. John Pearson's official fictional biography of the agent gives his date of birth as November 11, 1920 - making this his centenary year.

A football team which plays in old Celtic tops and calls itself the Hoops is always 'the smartest team on the pitch' - in Uganda

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kiwafu Lions founder Paul Dronyi, 33, grew up in the 90s when Manchester United were dominating football under Alex Ferguson, and idolised Paul Scholes. Only the top five European leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France are shown on TV in Uganda, with the majority of people supporting either Man U or Arsenal. Paul was a dedicated fan of the Old Trafford club until 2006, when he watched them clash with Celtic who were playing at home.

Captain Sir Tom Moore has raised a further £21,500 for charity by selling more than 100 paintings and drawings he inspired artists to create

***EXCLUSIVE*** Captain Sir Tom Moore has raised another £21,000 for charity by selling more than 100 paintings and drawings he inspired artists to create. The record-breaking fundraiser was inundated with artwork that mostly depicted him doing the 100 laps of his garden that generated £38.9m for NHS charities. The offerings ranged from sweet sketches by schoolchildren to larger portrait works by professional artists.

300-yr-old Chinese 'wine cooler' tipped to sell for £60k

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lost Chinese punchbowl that is a missing part of a matching set owned by the Royal Family has sold for almost £120,000. The 300-year-old porcelain monteith bowl was found on a shelf in the sitting room of a house in Wiltshire.

Residents living on the Falkland Islands rushed to the beaches over the weekend to celebrate their home finally being declared free of mines

***EXCLUSIVE*** Almost four decades after the Falklands War, the final mines left by Argentine forces on Gypsy Cove and Yorke Bay have been detonated, making the Islands officially mine-free. Hundreds of locals raced to the beaches to celebrate being free to explore some of the Islands' most beautiful areas that had been off-limits since 1982. These incredible photos from local man Simon Benjamin show families enjoying themselves at Yorke Bay on Saturday afternoon [November 14] after the final minefield danger signs and fences were removed. Car sales manager Simon, 37, said: "It was an emotional day for a lot of people as they never expected to see the day when they could set foot on the beach again.

Pretty waterfront home with spectacular views on the market for £5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pretty waterfront home with spectacular views in a hugely sought after area on the market for £5m. The beautiful Grade II listed Old Town Hall is in Bosham, near Chichester Harbour, and sits right on the edge of the water overlooking the harbour. The William and Mary house dates back to 1694 but has been beautifully restored to incorporate the comforts of contemporary living with the old timbers and period charm. The waters of the harbour lap against the walls of the Old Town Hall's garden and all the reception rooms and bedrooms have lovely views across the water of Bosham Creek.

Porcelain bowl its owner used as a plant pot for years has sold for almost £30K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare porcelain bowl its owner used as a plant pot for years has sold for almost £30,000. The owner was unaware the yellow bowl had been made for a Chinese emperor over 200 years ago. He initially tried to sell it on eBay for £200 bit withdrew the listing after being inundated with offers to buy it outright. He subsequently took the 8ins diameter bowl, which has been in the same British military family for 50 years, to auctioneers Sworders, of Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex. He even supplied them with an old photo of it being used as a plant pot on a side table in their lounge.

Incredibly rare minutes of a board meeting held in the wake of the Titanic disaster come to light

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rare documents revealing how the shameless owners of the Titanic portrayed themselves as the victims and lauded their chairman who controversially survived the disaster have sold for £12,500. The minutes for a special board meeting held in the wake of the tragedy show how bosses of White Star Line were more concerned with themselves than the victims. They were particularly worried about the psychological effect the ordeal would have on Bruce Ismay, who became known as the 'coward of the Titanic'. Mr Ismay, the chairman of White Star Line, survived the tragedy by deserting the liner and taking a place in a lifeboat. In James Cemeron's 1997 blockbuster movie, Ismay was portrayed as bullying the crew to go faster only to sneak into a lifeboat as the ship went down after it hit an iceberg. The minutes were part of an archive which went under the hammer with auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son, of Devizes, Wilts.

Heavenly home - beautiful converted church with a 100ft spire is on the market for £600K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beautiful converted church with a 100ft spire is on the market for £600,000. All Saints Church in the village of Haywood, South Yorkshire, can be seen for miles around thanks to its towering spire and hosted a congregation of more than 100 before it was turned into a quirky home in the 1990s. Grady Holmes and Arabella Rosevear-Holmes upgraded the Grade II listed property after they bought it ten years ago. The couple added a new biomass heating system with underfloor heating and have brought it up to modern standards while retaining period features.

80’s hot-hatch has emerged for sale for £22,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eighties 'hot-hatch' car Only Fools and Horses star Sir David Jason once bought for his late partner has sold for £26,000. The legendary actor's purchase of the 1987 Volkswagen Golf GTi mimics the storyline in the hit sitcom when Del Boy bought a Ford Capri for his 'significant other' Raquel. In another episode Del also used a play on the term 'GTi' to call dodgy car dealer friend Boycie a 'git'. Sir David bought the white convertible Golf as a gift for his late partner Myfanwy Talog in 1988, during the height of Only Fools and Horses. It was sold by a car collector with Silverstone Auctions of Ashorne, Warwicks.