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Woman has had over TWO HUNDRED chemical peels to try and cure a rare form of acne so severe that it causes her face to BLEED - and it started at just SIX-YEARS-OLD

***EXCLUSIVE*** CARACAS, VENEZUELA: This woman has had over TWO HUNDRED chemical peels to try and cure a rare form of acne so severe that it causes her face to BLEED - and it started at just SIX-YEARS-OLD.  Student Constanza Concha (18), from Caracas, Venezuela, first noticed pimples on her face after she got her period in 2008. By the time she was nine, the spots started to bleed and became painful and larger. She was diagnosed with acne conglobata – a severe, inflammatory type of acne that usually doesn’t appear until the age of 18. Being so young, Constanza didn’t feel any different to the other children initially, and her mother, Jacqueline (52), helped apply creams to relieve any discomfort caused by the spots. She started weekly chemical peel treatments in 2014 and was also prescribed the drug Accutane, a form of treatment for severe acne, working with a dermatologist to try and combat her skin issues. Constanza would spend so much time at the dermatology clinic, she would often eat her meals and complete homework there, sometimes even spending up to 10 hours a day in the waiting room. When she turned 11, Constanza started to notice older children being cruel and treating her differently due to her appearance. The bullying soon turned physical, and Constanza was physically assaulted at school, with a group of boys strangling her and hitting her before teachers intervened. Other classmates would whisper about her and avoid her, with some even saying they would kill themselves if they had skin like hers and that she should „consider it”. Bullies have also told her she looks unclean and ugly. The Accutane helped clear Constanza’s skin for a period when she was 15, which helped increase her confidence and lessened the pain she felt, but her acne came back a year later. At 16, Constanza spent three months training to be a guide at a children’s camp, only to be told the day before she was due to start that her acne and scars were too severe and would be distracting to the children. Luckily, with her parents’ support, she has always accepted her skin and has only grown in confidence, despite treatments not being totally effective. In 2018, she started her Instagram page chronicling her journey with acne. It was the first time she had communicated with other people with acne conglobata, and she felt less alone. Now, she regularly shares inspirational quotes, as well as tips and tricks for dealing with acne on her skin positivity page, Skin No Shame.

A multi-million pound project to develop a museum of SMELLS has been launched

***EXCLUSIVE*** Researchers plan to recreate historic aromas dating back 500 years - such as perfumes, tobacco or the stench of industrialisation - using state of the art technology. They aim to create a "unique archive" of smells from as far back as the 16th Century from all over Europe. The historic whiffs would then be shared in a series of public events in museums across Britain and Europe, beginning next year. The £2.5 million ODEUROPA project will find references to smells in historic literature and paintings using artificial intelligence (AI), and then attempt to recreate them with the help of top chemists and perfumers.

Step inside this fully functioning ABANDONED hotel where the only thing missing is the guests

***EXCLUSIVE*** BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, USA: Step inside this fully functioning ABANDONED hotel where the only thing missing is the guests. In one image, working electric lights illuminated the cavernous lobby filled with sofas just longing to be used again. In another, sun loungers and parasols lay dotted around the outdoor pool which had turned dark-green due to a lack of use. Urban explorer, Brennen Evangelista (23) from Toronto, Canada, developed a passion for visiting abandoned locations after venturing inside a decrepit restaurant in his hometown in 2014. In the six years since, Brennen has been scouring the USA for the most interesting and unusual abandoned locations. He came across this hotel located near Baltimore in the state of Maryland which was abandoned just last year. Rumours suggest the hotel was seized after its owners failed to pay their taxes. With all the furniture left inside, the fully functioning hotel eerily lies dormant awaiting to welcome guests once more.

Student left with 'football-sized head' after painful allergic reaction to hair dye

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOFIA, BULGARIA: This woman was scared to look in the mirror after an allergic reaction to hair dye left her head looking like a FOOTBALL. On January 6, 2020, psychology student, Valentina Nikolova (20) from Sofia, Bulgaria, decided to dye her hair half black at a salon after having used temporary dyes and dying her hair purple with a permanent dye before with no problems. Within 24 hours of having her hair dyed, Valentina noticed her scalp had started to itch which got increasingly worse and made her feel like she was „in hell”. Her hairdresser had told her that it was normal for the scalp to itch after dying the hair, so she didn’t worry too much. The next day when she woke up, Valentina’s head had swollen into a ball shape and she struggled to open her eyes. Looking into the mirror was a scary experience for her and looking at her reflection was an anxiety inducing experience. Valentina went to an allergist where she was given a corticosteroid injection and prescribed antihistamines to take down the swelling. After four days, the swelling started to go down but Valentina still suffered from itching and the skin on her scalp started to peel off as the skin regenerated. Every time she showered, the itching on her head increased which was painful. Valentina wore hoodies and sunglasses to conceal her allergic reaction from other people. She did not do a patch test before she dyed her hair but is sharing her story to stress the importance of doing so - and says she will never dye her hair with permanent dyes containing PPD again.

Toobs the dog is attempting to swim the length of the English Channel

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dog that fell off a boat and miraculously survived by swimming to land is now set to complete her next challenge - to swim the equivalent of the English Channel.  Joanah the border collie, better known as 'toobs', became famous earlier this year when she fell from a boat and swam two and a half miles back to dry land. She then took shelter in a cave and her owner, Wayne Booth, from Falmouth, Cornwall, feared toobs had drowned - but she was found two weeks later by exploring kayakers. Now, inspired by her first adventure, Wayne, has decided to line up another - and now toobs will become the first dog to swimming the distance of the English Channel.

Nomads no more

Award winning photographer David Ryder who specializes in in-depth issue reporting: For millennia, pastoral herders have lived on the Mongolian steppe, moving with their livestock according to the seasons. Herding is a way of life for over a third of Mongolians, and of symbolic importance to the whole country. Thanks in part to rural-to-urban migration, it is now under threat. In Mongolia, as in other parts of the world, this century is proving to be an era of fast and furious change. Modernization, a new economic system, opportunities in mining, and the effects of overgrazing and climate change are nudging an ancient nomadic culture to adopt a more urban, settled lifestyle. Nomads now face a choice that will shape the future of their country: withstand new threats on the steppe, or give up herding in search of new opportunities.