Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A woman is desperate to find the pet squirrel she hand-reared - taking it for walks and keeping it warm in her cleavage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daveene McCallion, 52, is offering £50 to anyone who can help return Sandy, her beloved rodent. She took the animal in after it came under attack from magpies in her garden near Downend, Glos., a few months ago. The mum-of-three decided to nurture Sandy back to health, creating a special room in her house - and even keeping it warm in her bosom.

Mum spent over £1K transforming her daughters’ bedroom into a compact princess paradise after an unexpected addition to the family left her strapped for space

***EXCLUSIVE*** NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, UK: When student nurse Nicki Draycott (35) and her husband project coordinator Paul (36) from Nottinghamshire, UK, found out they were expecting a third daughter in 2019, they knew that their girls would have to share a bedroom. To save space, Nicki immediately started looking for a triple bunk bed that would incorporate storage and an area for her daughters - Ava (5), Arla (3), and Evie (11 months) - to sleep and play. Since then, Nicki and Paul have transformed their daughters? bedroom, with the help of son Coen (5), from a blank canvas into a stunning floral pink paradise that is fit for a princess - after the girls requested a flowery room. Nicki took inspiration for the stunning transformation from Pinterest and found a company called Steps2Bed Ltd who were able to build the bespoke bed for just Ł950. It took Nicki and Paul just two months to put the finishing touches on the room which they started in September 2020. The project cost approximately Ł1,600 in total including the price of the bed. Nicki saved money by making many of the finishing touches like the name hoops and picture on the wall herself - the materials for which cost a bargain Ł20 and Ł16, respectively. The flower wall panels were a gift from Nicki’s parents and the family owned the television already which helped them save some pennies.

Desert roads covered by sand

***EXCLUSIVE*** Desert roads lie almost completely hidden - as aerial images show them being swallowed up wind-blown sand. Just a single car can be seen trying to cross the tarmac near Dubai as the surrounding dunes threaten to cover them up entirely. The striking photos were captured by Polish airline worker Iwona Deren who had travelled to the United Arab Emirates to practice off road driving in the desert.

Mum keeps her newborn dry

***EXCLUSIVE*** A newborn otter pup is carried by its swimming mother on her front. The pup is only a few hours old and is unable to swim - forcing its mother to hug it on her front. Sea otters learn to swim as young as four weeks old, and learn to dive at around six weeks. Over 90 per cent of the world's sea otter population is located off the coast of Alaska, in the United States, where these photos were taken near Kodiak I.

Collect waterlilies

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young boy playfully raises two water lilies in the air and sprays water in the shape of a heart. The nine year old, Krishna, is part of a group of boys helping his older brother collect the vibrant pink flowers. His brother Atik, 20, sailed him and the others to pick the lilies which they will later sell at a local market. The photographs were taken by Rezwan Rahman, on a lake in Kalir Bazar, Bangladesh.