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Meet the nudist mum who found work as a sex coach after losing her job to Covid – and she loves being naked so much she even goes HIKING in the buff

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, USA: Naturist Molly Spock (32) from Los Angeles, USA, grew up hating the feel of clothes on her skin and preferred to be naked when at home. She started to embrace public nudism in 2009 when she visited a nudist resort in Palm Springs, California, spending her days playing tennis and eating meals naked. Molly felt „sexy” and „empowered’. The self-confessed „exhibitionist” enjoyed being looked at and the freedom she felt without clothes - feeling more connected to herself and the environment around her while nude. Now, she often frequents nude beaches in Southern California and often hikes in the buff. She even had a naked photo shoot next to a motorway by Joshua Tree National Park – her most public nude appearance so far. She told her partner, Louis (34), early on in their relationship that she preferred to be naked, and he has now started to join her by getting nude himself at beaches, hot springs, and whilst out for nature walks. However, Molly’s three-year-old daughter Joey has proven to be her opposite so far enjoying getting dressed up and playing with make-up. Although she has never received negative attention beyond stares when she is publicly naked, Molly is so confident she even opens the front door naked, including a pizza delivery man who dropped the bag full of condiments. Molly, who also works as a yoga instructor, started sex coaching this year after losing her waitressing job due to Covid. She offers clients the freedom to express their erotic desires by practicing touch and role play with them. She „loves sex” and „loves talking about sex”, and aims to help others find their „sexual power” and „unleash the healing that intimacy involves”. Molly also started offering professional cuddling services at the same time, which involves intertwining legs and arms with clients. She believes there are many healing qualities to cuddling such as releasing oxytocin and relieving stress. Molly now encourages other people to try naturism by sharing pictures of herself on Instagram. She enjoys the attention and believes when other people see her naked, she is giving them permission to do the same.

Woman was so self-conscious about the way her leg looked after cancer that she opted to have it CUT OFF even though her friends and family BEGGED her not to

***EXCLUSIVE*** DUISBURG, GERMANY: Tattoo artist Lisa Scheer (29) from Duisburg, Germany, was diagnosed with bone cancer in her right leg at the age of 12. Doctors were fortunately able to remove the tumour and save her life, with over two years of chemotherapy giving her the all clear. However, Lisa’s bones in her right leg were left thin, weak and stiff due to the damage the cancer had caused and had to be rebuilt using titanium. For 14 years, Lisa struggled to walk and even had to use a cane. She found it difficult to sit properly in chairs due to the rigidity caused by the titanium poles. Lisa developed severe depression because of the ongoing pain her legs were causing her and knew that drastic action had to be taken to change her life for the better. After chatting with numerous amputees on social media, Lisa was convinced that having her leg cut off was the best option for her, despite the fact that it seemed like an incredibly drastic decision to her family and friends who tried to convince her not to. She even lost a close friendship who couldn’t understand why she was choosing to have her leg removed. In November 2016, Lisa underwent the three-hour surgery to have her right leg amputated above the knee. Despite suffering initially from phantom leg pain, a condition where the brain convinces the body that pain exists in the amputated limb, Lisa is convinced that having her leg removed was the best decision of her life, as it has taken away the chronic pain and depression she previously suffered from. Lisa was fitted with a new prosthetic leg and quickly had to learn how to walk again over the next 12 months. Whilst learning how to walk on a new leg was a challenge, Lisa was ecstatic to have her new limb and was more keen than ever to get back into the world of modelling. First modelling in 2014, after being touted for her unique tattooed look, Lisa was always self-conscious about her damaged right leg and would do her best to hide it during shoots. Her prosthesis has now given her a newfound confidence and she is keen to show it off in her sexy snaps. Lisa gets lots of attention from admirers on her Instagram telling her how beautiful, inspiring and sexy she is.

Meet Willow an incredibly smart dog with the ability to recognise shapes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Willow is a two and a half year old Cockapoo who lives with her owners in Bradford West Yorkshire. The clever canine has demonstrated abilities to follow commands and recognise words ever since she was a puppy. Charlotte Price, willows owner decided to utilise the time in self isolation to teach her dog some new skills. Using Willow’s favourite treat as an incentive she was able to teach the pawsome pet how to recognise and Identify 2D shapes.

„Colour” photo competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** These vivid photographs celebrate bright bursts of colour - as a photography magazine has revealed the winners of its 'colour' competition. The rainbow of photos showcases the best and brightest colour photography from 11 different countries around the world - from vibrant reds and yellows, to pastel pinks and monochromatic mountain scenes. 'All About Photo' magazine has selected the 25 best photographers who entered its 'Colours' competition - and has displayed their works in its latest, 14th edition, out this month.

Double Fantasy LP John Lennon autographed for his killer goes on sale for $30,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Double Fantasy was the last album John Lennon released with his wife and collaborator Yoko Ono before he was murdered by Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980. The copy of the album up for auction was signed on its release date, November 17, 1980, and includes an inscription which reads: "For Allan, love, John Lennon" and "Yoko Ono.”  Following Lennon and Ono’s signing, its recipient, Soho weekly news photographer Allan Tannenbaum, snapped a few shots of John Lennon in Soho, New York City.  To this day, this is one of only two signed copies of Double Fantasy that includes photographic evidence of Lennon signing the album.  The other copy was signed to his eventual killer. Following Lennon’s death, the album won Album of the Year at the 1981 24th Annual Grammy Awards.  The record is being sold as part of RR Auctions’ Marvels of Modern Music auction.

This is the amazing video that shows a pair of friends attempting to break the world record of riding the UK’s fastest rollercoaster 100 times in one day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rhys Simmons, 24 and Jamie Kamaz, 24 travelled to Thorpe Park in Surrey with one simple goal: to ride ‘Stealth’ the UK’s fastest rollercoaster as many times as possible in one day with the hope’s of setting a new world record. Stealth launches brave thrill seekers from 0 to 80 miles per hour in less than 2 seconds. Jamie and Rhys begin the challenge jacked on adrenaline as they are exhilarated by their first handful of rides on the coaster, however fatigue soon sets in as the intense roller coaster ride begins to take it’s toll on their body and mind becoming unbearable by the end of the day.

A mother-of-nine contracted coronavirus TWICE within four months and she is still suffering the effects of the second bout of the virus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ida Norton, 49, tested positive for COVID-19 in May and was horrified when she tested positive again in September along with 11 members of her family - including her two-year-old granddaughter. Ida, of Anchorage, Alaska, feared for her life when she first caught the virus. She said: "Given my age, I didn't think I would survive. "I'm obese, I weigh 220lbs and I'm 5ft 4in." Ida, who works for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and is tested once a week as part of her job, did not suffer extensive physical symptoms the first time but added that it took a toll on her mental health.

A man who suffered horrific burns in a gas explosion has claimed justice has not been served - after a surveyor was cleared of breaching health and safety laws

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kyle Roe, then 19, was almost killed in the blast and still lives with daily pain - both physical and mental. He had just returned to his newly-refurbished flat in Chippenham, Wilts., from his job at supermarket when the bang took place in 2017. Kyle suffered 87 per cent burns and was placed in an induced coma after being rushed to a specialist unit at a hospital in Swansea, Wales.

A gym owner already fined £67,000 for breaking coronavirus rules and opening during lockdown has been ordered to close his doors and pay another £9,000 in legal costs


***EXCLUSIVE*** Andreas Michli refused to stop operating his body-building gym in Wood Green, north London, and was shut down by more than 30 police officers last week.  The 34-year-old had previously vowed on social media to flout the Government's coronavirus lockdown rules announced by Boris Johnson two weeks ago and remained open despite warnings from the council and the risk of arrest and a massive fine. As a result dozens of police officers descended to close the work-out facilities at the Zone Gym and stop customers from exercising during two raids - one last Tuesday evening and another the following morning.