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Internet influencer OAP in China

XIANGXI: Peng Guofei, 75, is well-known as "Grandpa Fei" online. He was born and raised up in the remote Yangmu Village located deep in the Wuling mountains. With the help of local poverty relief officials, villagers get access to internet in recent year as the whole village embraces full 4G signal coverage. In the beginning of 2020, Peng took internet courses in the village to become an Internet influencer and was presented with a smart phone. Along with some post-90s, Peng built up a team in September to shoot short videos to sell agricultural products online. Their videos got lots of likes online because of the engaging content.

The world's first Christmas song for dogs is being released

The world’s first Christmas song for dogs has been released with the aim of creating a moment for all members of the family to enjoy, from parents to pets. Celebrating the supportive role our canine companions have provided this year, the track aims to give back to dogs and get their tails wagging this festive period. Raise the Woof! is available to stream now on Spotify & Amazon Music. Each note within the track - which has been created by tails.com - has been designed for the ears of dogs, based on scientific studies. From the up-beat-reggae style beat to whistles, human commands, door bells and high frequency sounds which run throughout the track to keep dogs engaged. Over the last two months, music producers have played over 500 sounds in a focus group of 25 dogs in order to compose the final version of Raise the Woof! Running at just under 2 minutes, and mastered at the world-famous Abbey Road, the catchy „waggae” (reggae designed to wag tails) track is expected to catch the attention of dog owners too.

Captain Sir Thomas Moore, Dominic Cummings and Marcus Rashford star in first ever 'Beano For Grown Ups'

Sir Thomas Moore, Marcus Rashford and Dominic Cummings are among the famous faces from 2020 that feature in the first ever Beano comic written specifically for grown-ups. Found inside the regular Beano, on sale today, the special edition, pull-out comic sees Dennis’ mum and dad looking back on the events of 2020, recounting Zoom quizzes, home schooling, delayed Bond films and toilet roll shortages. „BeanOLD” sees Dennis’ dad Mr Menace get a new job in the Elf Service having been let go from his job at Wilbur Brown’s factory. Captain Sir Thomas Moore and Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford visit Beanotown to receive honorary MBE’s (Member of the Beano Elf-service) for their efforts this year. Whilst in town they save Christmas by rumbling Wilbur Brown and Walter Softy’s plan to steal all of the Christmas presents. Boris Johnson then literally lands in town and helps Wilbur Brown getaway with some help from Dominic Cummings their getaway driver.

This heartwarming video shows the moment a husband and wife were reunited in a care home after more than two months apart

***EXCLUSIVE*** Harry Wilsden, 91, can be seen fighting back tears as wife Doreen, 87, greets him with a hug and asks: "is it really you?"  The couple have been married for 67 years but were separated when Harry caught covid after and was taken to hospital.  Doreen moved into the Grange Care Home in Darlington as their family had planned, but Harry was unable to move in until he received the all-clear from the hospital.  Family an staff were concerned the loving pair may never see each other again, but Harry was determined to avoid another day without his wife.  After being given the green light by medics, the former postman was moved into the home where staff reunited him with his beloved bride.

Maisie the baby chimp having a giggle while getting tickled from a zookeeper

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the adorable moment a baby chimp laughed for the first time while getting a tickle from her zookeeper carers. Little Maisie is only 11 weeks old, and just like a human baby is learning to interact and getting to grip with facial expressions. The female chimp was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo in late August, but moved to Maryland Zoo to be hand-reared after her birth mum rejected motherhood. She is due to be paired with a surrogate chimp mum - but for now is being given round the clock care by zoo keepers.