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A man is attempting to cross the entire width of the United States on a mobility scooter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man is attempting to cross the entire width of the United States on a mobility scooter that only goes about 15 miles per hour. Thomas Stanniland set out from Los Angeles, California on November 16 and plans to end his almost 3,000 mile journey in New York City in about a month. “I’ve always wanted to cross America, so I thought I’d do it in style,” joked Thomas, 30, who comes from Worksop in the United Kingdom. “No one has ever crossed the whole country in a mobility scooter before, so I hope to be the first.”

World’s first complete T-Rex skeleton to go on show after being buried for 67million years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Each of the 67-million-year-old remains are among the best ever found and have only been seen by a select few people since they were discovered in 2006. The pair - nicknamed the 'Dueling Dinosaurs' - are preserved together in what is thought to be a predator-prey encounter, where both fought to the death. Entombed in sediment in Montana, they were discovered by professional fossil hunters - a cattle rancher cowboy and two pals. Incredibly, their body outlines, skin impressions, and injuries - including tyrannosaur teeth stuck in the triceratops body - can still be seen.

Unique festive decoration - baubles filled with cremated human remains

***EXCLUSIVE*** Baubles filled with cremated human remains are on sale this holiday season. The macabre decorations come via Eric Ross, a famous sideshow performer and magician who also collects oddities from around the world.  “I bought a storage unit in Philadelphia and it had an urn filled with human ashes in it,” said Eric, 31, who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “The ashes come from a woman named Cynthia Hall, that’s all I know about her, just her name.

A yacht that is king of the seas, The Prodigium

***EXCLUSIVE*** A team of designers have revealed their incredible new £450 million mega-yacht concept inspired by Roman architecture. The 501ft (153m) long 'Prodigium' has pools on three different levels and on the top deck the lounge area is surrounded by impressive marble columns. The palatial vessel combines the civilised ancient design with modern 'toys' and luxuries and has room for three helicopters and eight jet skis. With its 34 meter width the unique and stylish yacht is also the widest boat ever conceived but is still capable of reaching a crushing speed of around 22 knots.

Woman met her husband on an online dating app after believing her love life was DOOMED because of the patchy skin covering her body

***EXCLUSIVE*** PENNSYLVANIA, USA: Director of accounting, Tiffany Taylor from Pennsylvania, USA, developed the rare skin condition vitiligo when she was just 14 years old. Those affected by vitiligo have a lack of a pigment called melanin in their skin causing white patches to appear in affected areas. Growing up, Tiffany would do everything in her power to hide her vitiligo, worried at how strangers and friends would react. She would cover her pigment-free patches of skin in copious amounts of makeup to avoid people noticing her ever-spreading condition. Uncomfortable in her skin and low on confidence, Tiffany’s love life was unsuccessful as she believed that she was not attractive enough to find love. She met compliments directed towards her with scepticism as she thought these could not be genuine. In the relationships she did have, Tiffany would always seek approval from her partners due to a lack of confidence - something she now realises must have been difficult for boyfriends to hear time and time again. It wasn’t until autumn 2017 that Tiffany finally decided to show the world and more importantly herself that her vitiligo was part of her identity and should no longer be hidden. Inspired by photos of other people with vitiligo online, Tiffany had professional photos taken of her skin without makeup which quickly gained attention on social media. The positive feedback she received from numerous strangers gave her a huge boost in confidence. By the time Tiffany met web developer, Randolphe Jacques on a dating app in summer 2018, her confidence in herself was at an all-time high. For Randolphe, Tiffany’s vitiligo was no issue, and he was immediately drawn to her sophistication and ambition. In September 2019, the couple got engaged and they were married in July 2020. Tiffany does receive occasional negative comments, with some people bluntly asking what is wrong with her skin and others staring at her when she goes out. Luckily, these insensitive comments are dwarfed by the positivity she receives.

Wife gets the blues when husband waits for her to go on trip before secretly painting their house all the colours of the rainbow as a 'surprise'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wife was shocked when her husband painted their house all the colours of the rainbow as a 'surprise' while she was away on holiday. Karen Goldsmith, 59, lives with her husband, Mike, who has wanted to paint their house ever since a holiday to Albufeira, Portugal. He loved the colourful buildings near the water, and wanted to do the same to his house in Plymouth, Devon - but Karen wouldn't let him. They one day she went on a city break to London with her daughter - and when she returned her house was painted all the colours of the rainbow.

That was a narrow squeak! Images show dormouse stuck in a bird feeder after he ate so much he got too fat to escape

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hungry dormouse thought it had hit the jackpot after managing to get into a bird feeder - before it dozed off and got stuck inside. The chubby creature had crawled into the hanging feeder to fatten up before it went into hibernation. The Hampshire Dormouse Group advised the Isle of Wight resident who spotted the adorable nocturnal animal to ease it out and release it into a hedgerow.  Catherine Hadler, a member of the group, and National Trust Ranger said: "This time of year they are normally fattening up for hibernation.

Woman was left bed-bound with oozing, cracked and burnt skin for a MONTH after ditching steroids

***EXCLUSIVE*** MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Dance teacher Lucy McDermott (27), from Melbourne, Australia, suffered from mild eczema as a child, but by 18 it became more severe and she was prescribed steroid cream. The medicated cream helped soothe her skin for a short period of time, but it would eventually worsen again and Lucy was put on stronger creams. Eventually, in 2011 a dermatologist prescribed her oral steroids that helped clear her skin. But whenever she came off the medication, her skin would be worse than ever, with patches of red, flaky skin on her face and body. Lucy was even hospitalised in both 2018 and 2019 due to worsening symptoms and each time she was given more steroids - both topical and oral. She wasn’t made aware of any potential side effects, and says doctors urged her to continuously increase the amount she was using. By 2015, Lucy was using a whole tube of steroid cream on her body daily in a bid to fight her inflamed and irritated skin. Whenever she cut down on her steroid usage, she noticed her skin becoming more cracked and sorer than ever. Earlier this year, she found other people on Instagram showing the same symptoms as her. They had a diagnosis of topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), which causes burning, stinging and bright red skin for long-term users of topical steroids after they stop the use. Lucy knew she needed to stop using the steroids for once and for all and went cold turkey in June 2020 after joining online support groups to help her through the process. The first month of withdrawal was „horrific”, and Lucy spent it bed-bound with oozing, cracked and burnt skin, extreme fatigue and „bone-deep itch”. Although she had anticipated a rough recovery, the experience has made Lucy „very depressed” and self-conscious, often opting to not leave the house for fear of staring and discomfort. The itching is „unbearable” and means Lucy has ice packs strapped to her skin day and night. Despite her debilitating condition, Lucy has been open with her struggle both on social media and in real life, sharing what she is going through with her dance students so she doesn’t have to completely avoid working. Her fiance, Shaun (27), and family have been supportive throughout the process – which Lucy believes will take bbetween one and four years. Luckily, five months into withdrawal and the skin on her face is finally healing. Now, Lucy is sharing her journey on social media in a bid to raise awareness of the risks associated with steroid use, and said it was a „huge weight off her shoulders” to be open about her struggle. Her doctors believe that she is suffering with extreme eczema.

A disabled Doctor Who superfan cruises around in style by making a custom wheelchair modelled after Davros- the creator of the iconic Daleks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andy Ingram from Benfleet Essex was inspired to build the one of a kind wheelchair after meeting Terry Molloy who portrayed Davros at the MCM Comic Con. Andy In his wife downloaded some plans from the internet and got to work using MDF and Plywood, After a month the chair was completed and the end result shows a working contraption that would make the creator of Doctor Who’s most iconic villain proud. Andy, 52 said “After I met Terry Molloy the actor that played Davros at a Comic Con I Thought about building a Davros chariot, then I remembered that my wife worked on the bumper cars when she was younger and put the 2 together.”

Two headed one eyed mandarin duck

***EXCLUSIVE*** TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE... Two colourful mandarin ducks stand side by side creating a love heart with their heads and body shapes. In another image a mallard duck stands out as it swims through a group of colourful mandarin ducks. The male mandarin ducks although native to Japan, are migratory birds spending the winter months in this area between November to March and they are joined here by females which are brown in colour. Sagar Thapa, 27, captured these images on the Toyo River is a river in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Sagar managed to capture a pair of the male ducks getting so close together the pair look to be like a piece of modern artwork. Sagar said, "I actually wanted to take a picture of two ducks flapping their wings but in the end the pair of ducks came so close together it looked like two birds form one before they flew off." "The mass gathering of the ducks happened when a man had left food out for them. The ducks are easily scared that there is a hide for members of the public to see them, but if they see any movement inside the hide or see any predatory birds they all fly off."

Kingfisher swallows goldfish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young kingfisher swallows a large goldfish whole despite its prey being almost as large as it is. The impressive meal was brought to the youngster by one of its parents as it sat on the branch of a dead tree. These photographs were taken by Chris Schlaf, at a lake in the garden of his home in the village of Romeo, Michigan, in the United States.